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ISIS Needs To Be Physically Eradicated From The Face Of The Earth

And ditto to those who join them from Western nations or any nation. I just read that they are beheading children, selling them as sex slaves (which I already wrote about) with price tags on them in the market place … Continue reading

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Praise Jesus!!! The Women and Children Will Be Helped!

It’s amazing! The original goal to rescue those poor women and children from the evil of ISIS in Iraq was $150,000. In the first 24 hours $355,000 was raised! Now, today, I read that over $500,000 has been raised and … Continue reading

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There Are Not Enough Hells for ISIS

I got a blog post from Ann Voskamp that enraged me so much that I think ISIS should be bombed out of existence…all of them, every single one, with NO mercy. http://www.aholyexperience.com/2015/05/into-iraq-2-what-the-news-isnt-telling-you-why-we-cant-afford-to-pretend-its-not-happening-sozans-impossible-choice-and-our-very-possible-one/?utm_source=email+marketing&utm_campaign=daily-newsletter&utm_medium=email There is a scarcity of 9 year old … Continue reading

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So…Cornell University Would Allow An ISIS Terrorist To Hold A Training Camp On Its Campus

For those who don’t know, Cornell University is located in New York. I got a newsletter from Natural News about this and after reading that article I went to the source which is Project Veritas. Project Truth. I scrolled down … Continue reading

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One Thought Leads To Another

I’m often amazed at how a totally unrelated article will end up triggering a memory I had forgotten about. The other day I was looking at article headings on Yahoo. I often just read some beauty article and that leads … Continue reading

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In delving more into the rise of pure evil, I began to see things I didn’t see before. I know a lot of people don’t believe in the devil and maybe because Hollywood has But the fact is, Satan is … Continue reading

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First I need to say “Thank you, Heavenly Father for protecting us!” Second, I am half way through the book on “The Rise of ISIS” by Jay Sekulow and my reactions thus far have been vacillating between hyperventilating at the … Continue reading

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