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Time To Revisit An Old Post

While spending time with God, He pressed upon me that this particular post needs to be revisited. He saw the concerns of my heart and so here it is: Back in 2017, I had read a book by Anne Graham … Continue reading

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Addiction and the Holy Spirit

This is another one that has been in my head and nagging me to write about. First of all, the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with addiction, in case you misunderstand the title. It is the answer to addiction. … Continue reading

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Rule of Mob Instead of Rule of Law

First: let me state that I do NOT belong to any political party. (for those who want to lump me into one, forget it!) It has become increasingly apparent that humanity is taking a nose dive into the toilet of … Continue reading

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World War II and The Devil

I had recently watched the longest documentary on WWII that I had ever seen. It’s on Netflix and it’s called The War; a documentary by Ken Burns. The first episode was over 2 hours long and each subsequent episode was … Continue reading

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From time to time when things are quiet in the house, I think of what it will be like to be changed from mortal to immortal. For some reason, there are people out there that believe we will have our … Continue reading

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