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Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Calderas

Well, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything. Many things have been flying into my head and I’m not sure which one to tackle first, so I don’t do anything. Well, I think I should write something before … Continue reading

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When Cow Chips Hit The Fan

Many are currently watching Hurricane Irma as it barrels toward Florida as a category 5 hurricane. It’s already demolished several islands in its path. This comes on the tail of Hurricane Harvey which beat the crap out of Houston and … Continue reading

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I’m Done With It All….

I’m not going to write about what someone else did or didn’t do or said, anymore. I’m tired of it and it effects me too deeply when I see something that is not right. Not to turn a blind eye … Continue reading

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Fukushima AGAIN

Natural News just published an article about the continuing pollution of the Pacific Ocean by the Fukushima power plant. More marine animals are washing up on the California coast and, instead of investigating how much radioactive material is in the … Continue reading

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Ghidorah and Rodan Will Be Joining the Mix

The latest as reported by Yahoo is that nearly all the fuel rods have melted to the bottom of the first reactor. http://news.yahoo.com/nearly-fuel-fukushima-reactor-melted-says-tepco-152528950.html Three reactors were heavily damaged. TEPCO does not have any way of seeing the exact location of … Continue reading

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Godzilla And Mothra Should Be Arriving Soon

In case anyone has forgotten, Fukushima is still going full blast in its contamination of the planet. TEPCO is trying its best to convince everyone that its not that bad. They had a sudden unexplained rise in radiation that was … Continue reading

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I’ve been gone. From writing here, that is. Well it all started last year after the last post. I had two ideas I wanted to write about. I could not make up my mind which one to start next, so … Continue reading

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