And God Saw That The Wickedness Of Man Was Great In The Earth, And Every Imagination Of The Thoughts Of His Heart Was Only Evil Continually. Genesis 6:5 KJV

That’s pretty much where we are now and it will be worse than before the flood. Now infantcide is a new law in New York. The demonically evil Cuomo has signed it into being. There is no conscience with people like him and all who support this bill. How can anyone justify killing a baby because it is an inconvenience of the moment? There is no humanity left in such people and they are consigned to the flames of hell. Make no mistake. God will judge them harshly. But they don’t care because they don’t believe in God anyway, or hate Him so much that doing this gives them pleasure. People supporting this can now be classified as serial killers. They are murderers. I do not support abortion and view it as murder. But this trumps everything. This is killing another human outside the womb even so many days after birth. They cannot justify this barbaric behavior no matter what line of crap they give the public. Cuomo is kissing the backside of feminists so he can run in 2020 by agreeing to infanticide. I don’t even know what to call those women do engage in this murder. Murderers seems to be too light of a term. Demonic, vile, filth would be more like it. I don’t care what they say about me. Their opinion is worth nothing. Just go to hell and stay there.

Natural News ran an article, “If Babies were Born with Guns, They Could Shoot the Abortionist in Self-Defense”.

If you read the Book of Revelation and marvel at the wrath of God in the end times, it should not surprise you in the least. Worse horrors are on the horizon and this is only the beginning. Mankind is long overdue for a can of whoop-butt as evil marches across the planet with impunity. Christians will be slaughtered in mass for standing up for what is right and refusing to go along with the tide. Mankind has NO idea WHO God is. They haven’t a clue and have no idea what is coming their way.

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Addiction and the Holy Spirit

This is another one that has been in my head and nagging me to write about. First of all, the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with addiction, in case you misunderstand the title. It is the answer to addiction. Addictions come in various forms. There is alcohol, drugs, sex which includes porn, cigarettes, social media and a lot more I can’t think of right now. Many of these are escalating as the devil ensnares more of humanity. Unable to cope with crisis, many resort to drugs and alcohol as a form of escape as well as sex and porn. My pastor one time gave a whole sermon on porn which would scrap your soul bare if you were guilty of that. In fact, he did a lot of research and it was amazing to hear that a lot of pastors are addicted to it. Not my pastor, though. He’s totally against it. He said 50% were. He also cited a periodical in which it states that the brain shrinks from too much porn viewing. In other words, satan has effectively captured the minds of many by using sex and pornography, which is the easiest trap for humans to fall into and keeps them there while dumbing down their minds. In essence, a person will become as useful as a bag of carrots.

The devil doesn’t even have to work hard to get his human target ensnared. Sex, being so pleasurable is the easiest tool in his arsenal and the more the hapless person views this filth the deeper entrenched the devil becomes in his mind. Here is a sentence and link directly from the pastor’s notes:
FACT: 70% of men ages 18 to 34 visit a porn site in a typical month.
2014 study in the journal JAMA Psychiatry found. Men who regularly consumed porn had smaller brain volume and fewer connections in the striatum, a brain region tied to reward processing, compared with those who didn’t view porn.

Women are not left out either: FACT: 1 out of 6 women struggle with porn addiction 33% watch at least one time per year.
A 2015 study by the Journal of Sex Research demonstrated that “constant novelty and primacy of sexual stimuli as particularly strong natural rewards make internet pornography a unique activator of the brain’s reward system” and “novelty is compelling because it triggers bursts of dopamine in regions of the brain strongly associated with reward and goal-directed behavior.” (2015) Journal of Sex Research

I have not had a problem with porn. There was no desire for it. I did have a smoking addiction which went the way of the dinosaur in 2004 and that I could not accomplish without the help of the Holy Spirit. I had made many attempts at quitting, even wearing one of those patches but I smoked even with the patch on! It was one day in 2004 when I got so fed up that while I was before God in prayer I vehemently vowed not to smoke another cigarette while pounding my fist on my bed. (I was kneeling with my arms resting on the bed while in prayer.) Now I did have a patch on at the time. BUT…I had no desire to smoke while it was on. A week later, I took the patch off and much to my amazement the addiction was gone! I had not smoked since. Oh there were times in certain stress situations where I had the desire but it passed and I never smoked.

Whatever the addiction is it affects the chemical makeup of the brain and gets etched in there. The devil keeps you pretty stupid. Yes, those without God’s Spirit can quit addictions but it is better when you partner with God to get that filth out of your life once and for all. When He cleans house, He cleans it for good! But you have to mean it. God can tell when you are doing in halfheartedly. He can read every intention of your heart and mind like a book with large print.

If the devil can keep the Christian ensnared, he effectively causes a wedge between the person and God with that person’s permission to do it. Because the addiction is more important than the relationship with the Creator. And don’t fool yourself into believing the devil’s lie of “well you can always repent later. Just indulge a little now.” Don’t even try to make a fool out of God. You don’t know Who you are dealing with.

The entire planet is evil and vile and the devil has only a little time left. He keeps you distracted so you will never know how much of a vile cesspool you are living in.

When Christ returns the Kingdom of God will be so radically different than the world we live in now that it will blow your mind and take your breath away. Don’t throw away the precious gift of salvation on such meaningless trash. The Holy Spirit is very powerful and will help you overcome whatever it is you are trapped in. You need to be diligent and sincere in your desire to get sin out of your life and to NEVER return to it. All that crap does not exist in the Kingdom of God. Whatever He says is sin won’t be there…a note to all you liberals who are busy rewriting the Bible to include your current filth that you are engaging in and making it appear as good. Then, likewise, making what God says is good as evil. Don’t mock God because in the end you will never succeed.

Keep in mind your resistance is lower at night which is a weapon the devil uses, too. He trained Hitler very well which is why Hitler had many of his rallies at night. Lighting, music and any kind of special effect was also used.

If you get closer to God the less likely you are to backslide. Yes, you have to spend some serious time with Him. If you are truly devoted then you know you have been living with Him all along. I can talk to Him all day long especially since I am now housebound with two sprains in my right foot. No driving for me! I realized I now have total uninterrupted time with Him. I can speak with Him while I am writing this as He is here with me, too. If anyone told me that God doesn’t exist, I’d tell them they were full of crap because I just spoke to Him a little while ago.

Right now the world is a very dark place and will be getting darker. This post is going to lead into another one on a much broader aspect.

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Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Calderas

Well, it’s been a long time since I wrote anything. Many things have been flying into my head and I’m not sure which one to tackle first, so I don’t do anything. Well, I think I should write something before the year’s end. Here’s a whole new subject I’ve been following for awhile on Mary Greeley’s YouTube channel.

I can’t even remember when or how I got onto her channel but it is so fascinating that I kept it up and also viewed a few more from other sources. She is pretty concise in her information and gives you charts and diagrams from the USGS which she explains so you’re not in the dark as to what you are viewing. Her primary focus is the Yellowstone caldera. A caldera is a depression made from a mega huge volcanic eruption that took place way before this land was inhabited as it is now. The ground collapses and the result is a caldera which in essence is a giant volcanic cone, but recessed instead of above ground. That’s the best way I can describe it. Before they knew how big that caldera was they built the visitor center, the parking lot and walk-ways right on top of a geothermal area. It’s massive and it had made the news last summer when there were a lot of quakes. Well, nothing has been in the news recently but there are still thousands of quakes in that area of various intensities. Recently, Steamboat geyser blew for the 32nd time which is a record breaker. In this video she talks about how there are similarities in the events happening at Yellowstone that were exactly like those which preceded Mount St. Helen’s massive eruption. And yes, there does not have to be any great warning before it blows.

In addition to the Yellowstone caldera there is also one east of it called the New Madrid caldera and one out in California, of course, and one in New Mexico. There has been activity in those areas but nothing gets reported because the main interest in the powers that be (and it does NOT matter who the president is) is $$$$. If they knew when Yellowstone would blow you would not hear about it because it would cause wide spread panic and people could not get out in time anyway. The caldera covers several states and the devastation would be of Biblical proportions. I read the comments below her videos and one guy said he had been following her for years and noticed there is a definite increase in earthquake activity. And Mary says that a lot of activity is not reported, either by the USGS.

There has been a lot of volcanic and earthquake activity world wide. You won’t hear about it unless it is devastating like the one in Indonesia. There was also one recently in Sicily and it’s been reported that Mt. Etna is behaving like Mt. Vesuvius before it blew. It has been reported that geologists say that Etna is so unstable that it might slide into the Mediterranean which would cause a massive tsunami that would effect the entire Mediterranean region as far as Israel.

And just so you know….Fukushima is still pumping radioactivity into the ocean and the air. We do NOT live in some sort of protective bubble over here in the United States. Check this out:
While everyone is distracted by whatever drama is going on in the news, other things are taking place on this planet that will eventually catch everyone unawares. Most will ignore all this as it does not interest them or they think it will never happen or life goes on as usual, or more important things occupy their minds.

But in case y’all forgot, there is a God who is paying a lot of attention to the degradation of the human race and the satanic influences growing with every passing minute and have no doubts that He will do something about it. But a lot think that’s way off in the future somewhere. I don’t think so. This world has become so evil and so accepting of evil that it celebrates it. Make no mistake…God will not be mocked nor stand for this accelerated evil. Cow chips will be hitting the fan and it will happen so fast it will suck the oxygen out of your lungs.

Keep in mind, the devil will distract you with high drama and political nonsense while he is busy doing his massive evil somewhere else. If he can keep you focused over here, you won’t see what is going on over there. Be watchful, be vigilant and don’t be asleep like the five virgins.

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The Devil Attacks On All Sides

Now is the time for all Christians to take their calling seriously and straighten up and fly right. Over the course of time, I’ve seen all sorts of outlandish material float before my eyes. There is always, it seems, some new wave of Christianity. The latest is something called “modalism” in which Jesus and the Holy Spirit are dispensed with to be replaced by One God. Well, there are three People in the Godhead, whether you like it or not and the Bible supports it, too.

But, the devil, who hates God, all Christians and humanity in general, is working on deceiving as many as possible. In order to usher in his own one-god in which he will take the throne on (albeit, a very tiny throne), he has to alter the very word of God. The Bible. So many new translations are coming out and most are erroneous. Sins that are blatantly listed in the King James Version are omitted in other versions. This way, the sinner, who wants to continue to hold onto his sin, can hold up his new age bible and say, “See…it’s not in the bible. I am not sinning.” I had used an NIV for many years until I discovered that there were errors in it. I watched an YouTube video on the comparison of the NIV and the KJV. I got my NIV and my KJ and followed along with the speaker as he went verse by verse as to how the NIV totally changed and, in some cases, stated the exact opposite in the KJV. The King James is the most reliable translation we have but I am not going into the how’s and why’s of it here.

The One that the devil hates the most out of the trinity is Jesus Christ because Jesus defeated him on the cross. Although, it could be said that he hates all three equally, but I would not be surprised if he does not have a particular loathing of Jesus. You will notice that atheists will attack primarily Christians because of Jesus, but you won’t hear them shouting about Muslims, Hindus or any other religion. Nope, it’s Jesus they are aiming at.

Now is the time to put aside laziness and to spend more time in prayer and Bible study no matter what you have to do to make it happen, because you are fair game for the devil and he will have no problem leading you astray at the first opportunity. It’s time to clean up your act and repent of your sins. God is not a person to be fooled around with. Humanity has no idea what is coming their way. Jesus is not the one you see in Renaissance paintings. He something entirely different. A Being that can create an entire universe by just speaking it into existence is not to be fooled around with.

So, stop even the “little sins” you think are so little, like cursing and drinking to excess, complaining (God hates constant complaining. Read Exodus if you don’t believe me), backbiting, arguing, holding grudges, etc. We must be holy as God is Holy. (1 Peter 1:16) Don’t give the devil a chance; not one millimeter of foothold in your mind. Be vigilant!

It is time for real, heartfelt repentance and cleaning up one’s act. Because you see, as the devil increases evil on this planet, if you are not doing your job and allowing the Holy Spirit to clean you up and instruct you, you will be easy prey and can fall away. The very last thing you ever want to hear is Jesus telling you He does not know you. (Matthew 7: 21-23)- “Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in Heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy Name? and in Thy Name have cast out devils? And in Thy Name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity.” This is in the parable about false prophets. But it is also present in parable of the ten virgins. (Matthew 25:1-13)

Don’t think you are covered just because you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you are still living your old lifestyle or you got sprinkled at birth and are still living a life that is the opposite of what God wants. You have to repent, be baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit because without the Holy Spirit you can’t do anything to please God. You may as well be in the field with Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4. God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit so that as long as we yield to His instruction we will overcome and grow in the Grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is so we cannot claim the work as our own. It is God’s work within us because we are way too egotistical to be allowed to claim anything as our own except our sins.

You must yield and submit to His authority and stop trying to do it all on your own because that is pure arrogance which is of the devil. You’re basically telling God He is not powerful enough to do the job and you can do it better. To continue on in your own way is flat out rebellion and we all know God’s stance on that! The devil and all his angels are examples of what happens.
“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might. (Eph. 6:10) In fact the entire book of Ephesians is a good ground-work book for all Christians as as is the rest of the Bible. Over and over, Paul and the other writers emphasize change. “This I saw therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind.” (Eph. 4:17)

I write this because I care about my brothers and sisters in Christ and I see dangerous things on the horizon and revolting satanic influences that have crept into the Body of Christ. Let us be of One Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and like good soldiers fight the good fight. “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Eph. 6:11)

I’ve had many of my own battles and attacks from the devil. It got to the point where my signature on one of my emails is now: “Tossed by the waves but not sunk. (author unknown)” I’m still standing.

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If It Does Not Further The Kingdom of God, I Will Not Dwell On It.

I used to have a sign on my bedroom wall that read: “This Does Not Exist In The Kingdom Of God.” I put that up so whatever bad or stressful situation I was in at the time, it was a reminder that it won’t exist in God’s Kingdom. All that will be gone, permanently.

Things are getting tough. People need to see God is the Ark of Salvation that they need to run to. I think we need to become extremely focused. People will become more frightened as Satan unleashes more evil into the world and the planet descends into deep darkness. Those of us who are being trained to be stalwart soldiers of Christ must stand against the evil and be beacons of Jesus’ Light to others. We must train them to be strong in the faith. Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might! (Eph.6:10)

We need to cut all unnecessary concerns from our life and have a laser-like focus on the Lord and His instructions. How did Jesus conduct Himself? When Jesus spoke in a derogatory manner, He was either addressing the Pharisees, the scribes, and/or Sadducees, who knew exactly who He was. (John 3:2) He knew what was in their heart and He knew they hated His presence because they didn’t want to give up their positions, nor give up the adoration of others. Their pride reached Luciferean heights. Matthew 23:1-39 says it all. But you will notice He says it to their face because back in Matthew 22 verse 41 it states that they were there. Since they also wanted to keep tabs on Him and what He was talking about, you can bet they sent spies in among the crowds to listen to what He said and to report back. So, on other occasions, you will read of Jesus deriding the Pharisees because He knew that their spies were there. Jesus was firm but did not flail or stomp around. The only time He let loose was when He overturned the tables at the temple. But He had good reason. There were practices going on there that brought dishonor to the Name of God and Jesus was having none of it.

But how did He speak to the rest of the crowd? Lovingly, He instructed them in the way they must go. Starting in Matthew 5 we see examples of this. So what do we need now? We need Hope for the future. When the world comes crashing down, you need to know Who you can count on beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Bible must be the one book we all go to. We don’t act wildly or irrationally because that is not of the Spirit of God. We are calm and God-centered because we have Christ dwelling within us and you shall know us by our fruits. Fruits of the Spirit being love, joy, peach, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. (Gal. 5:22) You can be strong in the faith and firm without losing control of yourself. You don’t have to shout and scream like a wild banshee. It would turn most off, anyway.

As the world becomes increasingly dark, we will stand out even more and we will be persecuted for belonging to Christ. But look up for the return of Jesus Christ is coming. This world will cease to exist as the Kingdom of God takes over. Everything will come to a grinding halt. The Kingdom of God is eternal. Satan’s world is very temporary and he knows he is running out of time. “Be strong and of good courage…” (Joshua 1:6) “Only be thou strong and very courageous..” (Joshua 1: 7) “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither thou be dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” (Joshua 1:9) You can put your name right in there. In my case God would be saying, “Have I not commanded you, Christine? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be dismayed, Christine; for the Lord thy God is thee, whithersoever thou goest.” The same goes for you.

So I have to contain my thoughts and not get pulled aside by things not of God. God says that those who put the Kingdom of God first will have all those other things added. (Matt 6:33) Meaning, whatever you are concerned or worried about He will handle. God is really good at His job. We are to focus on Him because the devil wants to pull us down by having us focus on the problem and, thereby, lose faith in God.

“Fight the good fight of faith,lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” (1 Tim6:12)

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God Is THE Judge

We are instructed in Romans 12:18-“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” And in Mark 7:3 and Luke 6:41 it says- “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

Lately I have seen and read about churches pointing the fingers at other churches and members criticizing other members for a variety of reasons and most of the time it is doctrinal. Some are leaving churches because the pastor does not address current event issues enough. I actually read that in the news. Jesus never said to do that. And realize that the church is the Body of Christ. HE is the Head of the church. Yes, there are cults out there masquerading as Christian; heretical ones that don’t even preach the gospel of Christ and we should stay away from them. But be careful what you say. Even if the person is not doing what you think they should be doing doctrinally, be careful not to pass harsh judgement on that individual or on the entire church. Because you do not know when that person might repent. And you might not even hear about it. So here you go, keeping your judgement passing, resentment and, in some cases, outright hostility against another while they have completely changed and have been forgiven by God but you won’t know it. So, this puts you in a lot of danger because God will judge you just as harshly as you did that individual. If you don’t like that person now, what are you going to do when you find out they are in Heaven or have been changed in the blink of an eye when Jesus returns? [Keep in mind if you refuse to repent you might not be there at all.] Yes, if a brother is committing a grievous sin we are to go to him, humbly with gentleness and bring it to his attention because you might help him to stop sinning and thus saved him. Matt 18:15-“Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.”

We are COMMANDED to love one another. It was not a suggestion Jesus made depending on your personal beliefs or whims. He died for EVERYONE, not a chosen few. If you are harboring resentment and hostility you are clearly not loving. This can fester and lead to a greater sin: hate. And that can quench the Spirit. Well any sin grieves the Holy Spirit.

And you can’t do this by yourself. You first must take your unholy attitude to God and repent of it and ask Him to help you to love all others and see them as He does. This does NOT mean we embrace things that are clearly an abomination to God. If He says it is wrong, it is wrong. No amount of howling from our current abominable and heathen society, which wants Christians to be conformed to them, not Christ, will change that. And we must stand firm on that.

When you see strife, the devil has made his way onto the scene. There should be NO strife. It’s not going to exist in the Kingdom of God so why should it exist in any of us? Satan wants nothing more than to destroy the church and he will work on individuals to make sure it gets done. He knows you all too well and has studied you a long time. He knows exactly what traps to lay to ensnare you. He knows what appeals to your ego.

I have learned recently that even if I personally don’t agree with a particular doctrine of a particular church, I am to love them anyway and harbor NO ill feelings or judgement against them. Who am I to judge? God does not have a problem with laying my own sins bare and He will have no problem doing it to you. Anne Graham Lotz had a Bible study not too long ago on the Book of Daniel. In the back of the workbook that went along with the videos, she listed a whole bunch of sins that we need to take a look at. I even wrote about it in one of my posts and listed them, too. She did it because God would NOT go forward with her on a job she had to do UNTIL she did as He requested and took a look at her sins. When she began to write them down, she realized (with the Holy Spirit telling her which ones they were) how many she had to repent of. We need to do the same. We need to do a “Spring Cleaning” of ourselves, especially with the Holy Day coming upon us which celebrates Jesus Christ’s sacrifice upon the cross for all of mankind and His resurrection which has enabled us to be called sons/daughters of God. John 3:16

I have come to really love peace. I love God’s way of living and feel bad for those who reject Him. I hate strife. It does no one any good under any circumstances and does more damage than good. It is definitely NOT approved of by God. You do not want to be guilty of doing irreparable damage or bringing dishonor to another. I learned that from Beth Moore’s study on the Patriarchs. She asked, at one point, about bad experiences we have had and to write about it as long as it did not bring dishonor to another. That really stayed with me and I learned a lot from her that had nothing to do with the actual study. (I’m now going through her study on the Book of Daniel.) How often do we bring dishonor on another in our judgement passing and finger pointing? What does God think of all that? I may not know His exact thoughts but I can tell you He would see us as immature and wrong in our attitude.

You do NOT want to face God with a lot of garbage and sin on your heart that you have been harboring. I have a healthy fear of the Lord and don’t want to do anything that displeases Him and saddens Him.

So let us take our calling seriously and get rid of all the garbage we’ve been dragging around. Go to our Father, confess your sins and be forgiven. Start fresh and free of the crippling burden of sin. Have a joyous Resurrection Sunday! Be blessed in all you do.

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I never had a relationship with anyone like I do with Him. We have been through a lot together over the years. He’s seen me through a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes I think it was more down than up but that’s from my perspective, not His. I don’t think anyone has consumed me like He does or has captured my heart like He has. There is no one who loves like He does. There is none like Him. I am still learning about Him and will probably never really know Him completely until we stand face-to-face.

I have not been without fear, worry or apprehension in my life; those things that rob the soul of joy and happiness. After all, I am still human and have to live in this shell until it is time for me to go home or Jesus returns. If anyone has seen the movie “The Polar Express” (which I had taken my granddaughter to when she was younger.) you will be familiar with this one scene. The train is flying across an icy lake and heading toward a mountain. The little boy is at the very front of the outside of the train, flattened against it by the speed of the train. His eyes are wide and he is clearly terrified but behind him is the conductor who is perfectly calm and smiling. I think the ice was cracking, as well. When I saw that I immediately saw myself as the little boy and the conductor as God. I totally identified with that one scene. [Note: I may be a little sketchy on the details of the movie since its been a long time since I’ve seen it.]

I had to be told to accept God’s love for me. Mainly because I grew up in a loveless and abusive household. I had no idea what it was like to have a loving family because mine was far from it. God separated me from them for thirty years in order to save me from them. When I saw them again, they were even more unloving than I remember. So, it happened when I was going to college and had taken an art class. One of the women in the class worked at a Christian retreat. Out of the blue, before class had started, she came up to me and said, “You have to accept God’s love”. I was floored. I knew she was delivering a message from Him and it was not the last time she delivered one, either. I wish I had the sense to get to know that woman at that time. It was right after that she said she had something for me. I went over to where she was sitting and she took a cross out of her handbag and gave it to me. It was a cross made of two nails. I had seen “The Passion of the Christ” when it had come out and had bought online a single nail on a leather cord. When that woman gave me the cross I took the nail off and intertwined the two pieces together and put it around my neck. My art teacher had asked me to take pictures of some of her work out in the parking lot and so off I went to do that. It was not until after I had finished taking those pictures that I realized what I had around my neck. All three nails.

Another time a church I was attending planned on going to a weekend retreat at the very same place that the woman worked. I had mentioned it to her one night in class. She looked at me and said quite seriously “God wants you there.” Again, I was taken aback. Yes, I did go and the church had to pay for me because I was too poor to afford it myself. So why did I have to be there? It was the weekend of Pentecost. Although nothing was remarkably learned from the pastor, (who later I discovered had some serious spiritual problems) there was something that happened that was very subtle. When I had gotten up on that Sunday morning (and after breakfast I had gone for a walk) I suddenly felt very different. I felt as if my entire past had been wiped clean and this was the beginning of something new. I didn’t appreciate it as fully as I do now but there was definitely a change.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time alone with God. I had driven up the mountain to be alone with Him off this logging trail. I would take my Bible, water and some food with me and sit on the tailgate of my truck and read. Then I would walk around among the towering pines and talk out loud to Him as if He was walking alongside me. I miss those times dearly as the mountain is now farther away. Or I would go to a nearby park and spend time with Him there. All those are precious memories to me now and the flowers and leaves I had picked are pressed into the back of a journal I used at the time.

I would say to anyone who feels they are too busy to talk to God (prayer) that you are missing out on one of the most important things you could possibly do. Nothing should come in the way of talking to Him and you will only get to know Him by spending time with Him. If you plan on spending eternity in Heaven, you need to be with the One who loved you so much He died for you. So what’s your excuse?

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