When Cow Chips Hit The Fan

Many are currently watching Hurricane Irma as it barrels toward Florida as a category 5 hurricane. It’s already demolished several islands in its path. This comes on the tail of Hurricane Harvey which beat the crap out of Houston and several other cities. It devastated Houston and what I didn’t know was it also caused havoc with the refineries on the coast. I had no idea there were so many refineries, included a chemical plant in another town that blew up a few times because the power failure caused the refrigeration to shut off. Refrigeration was needed to keep the chemicals stable. The emergency crew had to be evacuated before the explosions occurred sending black smoke into the air. Well, they said the smoke was not toxic but one police officer was sent to the hospital after accidentally inhaling the fumes. Sounds toxic to me.

It definitely seems like the world has gone mad with some of the recent clashes between groups of opposing views, although I have no sympathy for Neo-Nazis. I also noticed, and this was no surprise at all and, in fact, I was waiting for it, of the increase in thyroid cancer in women in the United States. This was reported by AARP news. One of the first places radiation likes to attack is the thyroid gland and women are more susceptible.

Fukushima is still dumping radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean and into the air. That situation is continually ongoing.

And speaking of anything nuclear, we have North Korea with the maniac-at-large running that country. I know many are poo-pooing the threats Kim Jong Un is making but I have been thinking about it recently and it does seem odd since nuclear power has been around since WWII. India set one off years ago. Having been around a long time and seen historic events come and go, I find it odd that North Korea is suddenly going off the wall with threats of war and shooting thermonuclear bombs our way. For those who don’t know, we are still at war, technically, with North Korea because there was NO peace treaty when the Korean War ended on July 27, 1953. There was only a truce. What occurred to me late last night…or rather the wee hours of Wednesday morning since I was suffering from insomnia, was that North Korea wasn’t in this alone. Yes, I know China would back N. Korea if we attacked it. But it’s not that. I had this odd feeling that Kim was being backed by some other power; like there was a silent partner in all this which would explain his outrageous arrogance. (Not that he needed much prodding. The guy is a psychopath if there ever was one.)But that is just me musing at some wee hour about it.

Another thing was mentioned in main stream news (MSN. But that news story, and there were several, have all disappeared from the Web except for a recent report from guy lying through his teeth to convince the public that N. Korea has no nuclear devices.) that Kim could take out a chunk of the U.S. power grid with an EMP blast by detonating a hydrogen bomb high in the atmosphere. I had read of this previously on Mike Adam’s Natural News. http://www.naturalnews.com/044731_EMP_weapon_North_Korea_American_infrastructure.html
Previous times North Korea sent missiles up but they did not reach our shores or that of Japan was not an entire failure if you consider that they were really testing to see if they could reach the proper altitude with the weapon. http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-11-three-myths-youre-being-told-about-north-koreas-ballistic-missile-tests-that-you-need-to-understand.html

It began to dawn on me how the United States, the most powerful nation on the planet, can be taken down with a couple of category 5 hurricanes, an EMP attack and….here’s the cherry on the frappe…the Yellowstone Caldera. For those who don’t know, there is a massive volcano under Yellowstone National Park. It’s huge and covers a good chunk of the central U.S. I had read that if it were to blow there is enough magma to fill the Grand Canyon eleven times!! It would be devastation beyond our wildest imaginations. The only reason I am mentioning it is that there have been an unusually high number of earthquakes in the caldera region. Like 1,000 in one month. http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-08-21-nasa-may-accidentally-set-off-the-yellowstone-supervolcano-in-a-risky-effort-to-prevent-it-from-blowing.html
All this makes one pause. It is very possible events, like the ones described above, could all happen together and it would set the stage for worse things. A perfect storm.I can conjecture that if the U.S. had its chronometers wiped clean (from one of the Star Trek movies. I think it was “The Undiscovered Country.”), that would immediately leave Israel defenseless and guess what the enemies of Israel will be cuing up to do? Israel plays a huge role in end time prophecy since Jesus will return and set His feet upon the Mount of Olives with a vast army of every angel in Heaven plus all the saints. And the Bible prophesied that Jerusalem would be surrounded just before Christ returns.

So, just keep all this in mind as you go about your daily lives. Things will happen very rapidly. We just need the Antichrist to step out of the shadows from wherever he is currently lurking or slithering.

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I had written about this subject back in 2012 but things have gotten worse over the past five years so I decided to review the subject again. I will have some of the post from 2012 here plus some new material. Because there is such apostasy and heretical compromise within the Body of Christ, it really needs to be addressed. People have become more consumed with social networking and the mire of this world more than they are of Christ. There is laxness and compromise among Christians with the ways of this world. If we all don’t wake up soon, God will clean house. He will separate the wheat from the chaff. But first, let’s take a look at the original post.

What are Tares? Jesus spoke of tares but no one has really investigated it. If Jesus mentions something then it is important to pay attention.

Tares are also called darnel wheat, depending on the translation. In Matthew 13:25 Jesus tells the story of a man who sowed good seeds in his field and while everyone slept the enemy came along and sowed tares. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads so did the darnel appear. The servants of the man who sowed the good seed asked if he wanted them to pull out the darnel or tares which he said the enemy sowed. He said not to because the good wheat would get pulled out, too.

Jesus’ disciples later ask Jesus to explain the parable. He tells them that the one who sowed the good seed is Himself and the seeds are us, the sons and daughters of the Kingdom. The darnel wheat are the offspring of the evil one. He tells them how His angels are going to sort out the real wheat from the darnel wheat and throw the darnel into the fire.

What is the difference between darnel wheat and real wheat? Darnel wheat is a type of rye. The seed or fruit of the darnel wheat is not like the seed of real wheat. (“You shall know them by their fruit.”) They look exactly alike but only on the inside are they different. On the inside, they are corrupted. When darnel matures, then you see the difference.
In John 8:44 Jesus condemned the religious leaders of the day and tells them, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.” So the religious leaders of the day back in Jesus’ time are an example of darnel wheat.

Okay now we come down to it. If the tares or darnel wheat are growing alongside the chosen of God, then it means that they are right there with us, blending in.

They are there to poison the flock and to defile the Body of Christ. And if one of them is disguised as a “minister of light” all the better because he has the potential to affect many. We live in very dangerous times. Darnel wheat is poisonous, too. It has a soporific poison. Soporific means to cause sleep, much like ten virgins that slept (Matt. 25). What lulled them? What darnel wheat were they partaking of that lulled them to sleep? Five woke up and trimmed their lamps while the others still dozed. Five realized they were in danger and got their act together. We live in extremely dangerous times and I cannot emphasize that enough.

If God says something is an abomination to Him and He wants us not to partake in it, why on earth are some Christians compromising themselves, wanting to be “politically correct” by accepting that which God says not to? They are afraid of the opinions of others in the world more than they are afraid of God.

Not too long ago, I was sitting with my son, David, in a Christian bookstore. Being a pastor he has access to more resource material than I am. He said to me that there are Christians who will accept the mark of the beast rather than suffer persecution. That is within this society because other devout Christians in other countries are suffering great persecution and being decapitated, raped and killed in the name of Jesus. His statement alarmed me because I then realized that the condition of the church was much worse than I thought. God is standing by watching this. They know better but still want to play in the mud, like errant children gone astray. Yet, at the same time, put on the cloak of respectability in front of others. Yes, we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. We must go to God in sincere repentance and want to change. It is never too late to get on track. Maybe this is where the Daniel Prayer becomes the most effective. Daniel was not just praying for himself but the entire nation of Israel. We, as Christians, need to be praying for the entire Body of Christ to wake up before it is too late. Yes, we also need to pray for those not converted but our first priority is our own brothers and sisters in the faith. Those who have been duped by satan and made weak must turn from their ways and seek God again.

We need a huge spiritual revival in this country and in any country in the free world. Put on the whole armor of God and take a stand. This is my prayer for my brethren; that they wake up, kick the devil out of their lives and become a fierce and unstoppable army in the Hands of our Almighty God. Then the Gospel of Jesus Christ will go forth like a wild fire; the likes of which would make the apostles stand up and cheer. Amen!

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One More Thing About The Daniel Prayer

As I am reading the book, The Daniel Prayer, it should be no surprise that there is a lot more to it than what is in the videos. But the videos are a good starting point, for sure.

I laughed at certain parts because she sounds so much like me. I am not a morning person, either, but Anne knew that she had to get up early to set aside time, to be focused on the commitment to meet God in prayer. She would have a hard time of it, giving God a variety of excuses why she didn’t get up. (She was up too late the night before, for instance.) Finally, God sent her a message while she was reading what Jesus said, in the beginning of the Book of Revelations, to the seven churches.

Now you will have to agree that Anne is a busy person. All the Grahams are. They are way busier than the women I see posting pictures of their overflowing laundry baskets on the web because they are “too busy” to do the laundry. (I would say they are too lazy. It takes more time to go take a picture of the dirty laundry, log onto their Facebook pages or whatever blog they are commenting on with their photo and upload the photo and type a comment, than it would be to just put the wash in the machine, add detergent and start the machine! I have two sons and when they were little, I still did the laundry, cleaned the house, made dinner. When they were a little older–ages 10 and 5—and I was working a full time job, I still did the same things. So these women have NO excuse.)

Back to what God revealed to Anne. She paraphrased what He said to her when she was reading about those seven churches. I will share it with you here so you know how God views your “too busy” excuses for your lack of prayer.

“Anne, I hold you in one hand and the Holy Spirit in the other hand, like balance scales. I’ve weighed your life against His and you don’t measure up. I know what you have been doing. You are in ministry, traveling around the world, telling other people about Me and getting them to listen to My voice, but you are not listening to Me yourself. You have a reputation of being alive—people regard you as an exemplary Christian—but from my perspective you are falling short—spiritually dying on the inside. The prayers of your prayer team are not a substitute for your own prayers. Wake up!… I have not found your deeds complete in My sight because you are prayerless. Remember, therefore, what I have told you and repent.” (emphasis mine)

Okay….I don’t need to say more. If God said that to me, I’d be up early the next morning! But that is what He is doing! And to everyone who has just read this. Needless to say, Anne went out to a gadget store at the mall and bought the loudest alarm clock they had. Well, it worked! She woke up as if shot out of a canon, blew her husband awake and he shouted, “What in the world is that?!” That’s not to say I don’t pray. I do, but I know there is always room for improvement and I know the Lord wants me to get up early to spend more time with Him.

So this concludes the posts on the Daniel Prayer for now. There may be more as I learn more. God bless you all.

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Prevailing in Prayer and Battling in Prayer

Like I’ve said before, I cannot recommend this study enough! The online version of this is over now and I can watch the videos till the 29th. I do have the DVD now but I loaned it to my son and his wife. I think I will be buying another DVD so that David can keep that one to share with others. It is worth buying the DVD and the study guide on Barnes and Noble’s site for example. You can get it through other sites, as well. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-daniel-prayer-study-guide-with-dvd-anne-graham-lotz/1125156307?ean=9780310087175

You can also buy just the DVD if you want only that. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-daniel-prayer-anne-graham-lotz/1125156306?ean=9780310087168

I have also bought the book which I am reading now. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-daniel-prayer-anne-graham-lotz/1122239232?ean=9780310262909

Prevailing in prayer is not giving up when you pray. Keep praying until God answers. Pray specifically when you go to speak with Him. I know there are many studies out there but this one is so important. Your relationship with God depends on your prayer life, your contact with Him. You cannot possibly have a relationship with anyone unless you are speaking with them.

Prayer is not preparation for the battle. Prayer is the battle, according to Oswald Chambers. You are entering into battle in the invisible world with the devil and his legions when you start to pray. In this last segment, Anne Graham Lotz goes over Ephesians 6:10-18; putting on the armor of God. This keeps coming up. I had previously read a book called “The Armor of God” by Priscilla Shirer, which is a great book for all Christians. In the segment on Battling in Prayer, Anne goes over some of the tricks of the devil who is working hard to keep you from praying.

My prayer life has been greatly enriched through this study. Which means, my relationship with God has been enriched by it. It’s like opening up of new vistas. You know, nothing to me is more important than my relationship with God. Nothing. And nothing is as fulfilling as He is.

I’m greatly impressed with Anne Graham Lotz because she will come right out and tell you she’s not perfect, is still struggling with prayer (because she has gotten distracted.) and she’s still learning. And that’s coming from someone that grew up in a Christian household the likes of which I wish I had.

Anne spoke of a time when her mother was in England and was at a luncheon. She was sitting next to the head of Scotland Yard. To make conversation she said to him. “You must spend all your time studying counterfeits.” The head of Scotland Yard replied, “Oh no, Mrs. Graham, I spend all my time studying the genuine article so when a counterfeit comes across my desk, I will spot it right away.” The lesson in this, Anne says, is to study God’s word so completely that when Satan tries to speak lies in your ears you will recognize his lies immediately.

It is vital that you keep praying and keep seeking God because the world is going straight to hell. It’s going to be the worse time ever in human history and there will be no comparison. If you are not close to God though prayer and Bible study, you will be slaughtered by the enemy. If you are lax right now you are allowing him to build strongholds within you that if you don’t let God tear them down then you leave God no choice but to shipwreck you and whatever life you are clinging onto to get your attention. He doesn’t want to lose you. You are that important to Him.

So I pray that all of you take your prayer life seriously. Get the Daniel Prayer and watch the DVD. I guarantee you will be richly blessed by it.

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A Short Story

I had plans on writing about the fifth video session of the Daniel Prayer but first, this popped into my mind and I am going to digress a little today. I’m going to tell you a story about how God intervened on my behalf years ago. This was back in 2003. I was working in a casino in Arizona in the IT department. It was a horrendous job with only some monetary rewards. But what I had to put up with far out shadowed that. Sexual harassment from one of my co-workers was on the menu and he also had harassed other women, as well. Well I had gotten fed up and lodged a complaint. He got tossed out of the department and not by my boss who was his close friend. Needless to say, I suffered persecution from that point forward. None of the guys would talk to me. I was ostracized. In the meantime, I had been accepted to a local college and had put in my notice as I was going to start in January of 2004. I only had a few more months left in the IT department.

Anyway, one day I was downstairs, having done some work on a computer in another department, when one of the guys from HR came up to me and handed me a round coin-like pewter disk on which there was an angel in relief on one side and on the back was written the word, “Faith”. He gave it to me and told me to have faith. I thanked him and pondered this gift. It was sometime after that I was called down to the HR department by the head of HR. When I got to her office she told me to close the door and sit down. Of course, immediately I began to wonder what I did wrong. But what she did next blew me away.

She pulled out a badge from her drawer and slid it across her desk toward me, telling me that she worked really hard to do this and got it done in a week. She told me to turn in my IT badge right then and there and take the HR badge. I was now working for her. To say my mind went into vapor lock is an understatement. She then told me that my boss had been working behind my back with false allegations to get me fired! She took it upon herself to counter all his moves and move me out of the department entirely and into hers. On top of that, she said my rate of pay would be the same and I could not tell anyone that, either. I was in SHOCK! I did as she said and handed over my IT badge and took the HR one. I was then told to go back up to the IT department and collect my things and come back down to her department.

I was stunned as I returned to IT. I don’t even think I said a word to my boss but packed up my belongings and left. I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had gone to battle for me and worked behind the scenes so fast it made my head spin. Normally it takes way longer than a week to get transferred out of a department because it needed tribal approval first. God is a mighty God and have no doubts that He will fight battles for you. And to emphasize the Love of our Great God, I was not nearly as spiritually minded back then as I am now but I knew it was God all along. He did it because of His love for me and because God is always, always faithful.

Is He not awesome and deserving of our praise and worship?! I am telling you this so you can go forth with confidence that whatever you lay at His feet, He will take delight in answering that prayer. But the interesting thing in my case was that He worked this out for me and I never once prayed about it because I had NO idea what was going on behind my back to begin with. So how could I pray about it?

I stayed in the HR department until the time came for me to leave a few months later to start college. I actually had a pretty good time there and enjoyed working for that woman and all the others that worked there were really nice.

Oh and my boss? I was told much later that he was fired.

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The Daniel Prayer…Part III

This one is the last post on the fourth video. Tomorrow I will have access to the fifth one. So…what is the outcome of me taking my list of sins before the Lord in deep repentance? I was given a gift from Him that I had always desired but never attained. Joy. One of the fruits of the Spirit. Because of this, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of going before the Lord and confessing your sins and asking Him to reveal any sin that is hidden. It also has drawn me closer to Him.

Anne Graham Lotz brought out a good point in the fourth video. (Mind you,videos 1,2 and 3 are important but the 4th had the most impact on me so far.) In Daniel 9:4, Anne brought out the covenant relationship between Daniel and God. Daniel said, “And I prayed unto the Lord my God and made my confession…” Herein lies a wonderful truth. Daniel had God and God had Daniel. I didn’t realize the impact of this until I heard Anne speak about it in the 4th video. She emphasized the importance of this covenant relationship and the closeness of Daniel to God. Daniel was committed to God and God was committed to Him, as Anne has brought out. I felt it at that point. I felt the whole concept of having a really close relationship with Him and how glorious it is and I would not trade this for all the world. To experience this, you will have to get rid of any strongholds that satan has built up inside of you. Let me tell you, whatever you have to go through to have a good house-cleaning of your soul is well worth it. But it is better to go before the Lord voluntarily and have Him clean you out, then resist and leave Him no choice but to shipwreck you to get your attention. Whatever stupid, egotistical garbage you have been hoarding, get rid of it. Let Jesus scrub you clean.

You know, you have to realize that this is not real life. Real life is the life with Christ that will continue through all eternity. This life will pass away and won’t even be remembered. I have no idea what Heaven is like or what I will look like when the change comes and I will be like Him. To be a completely different being is unknown to me because I have not yet seen Him face to Face. But I am committed to God and He is committed to me. What a glorious thing! Praising Him endlessly for this! I get up in the morning and sit in my chair that I have set aside in my prayer corner and praise Him first thing. Even if I am not awake yet, I do this. Then I can wake up enough to get about my day but to also make sure I get my study time and more prayer in with Him. I try to do this every day, though I will admit to being in a fog this morning due to a bad night’s sleep and I didn’t do it right away but I did get to it, nonetheless. (my cat yakking blew me out of bed during some wee hour.)

So don’t cling onto your garbage. Go before the Lord. It will be well worth it. Whatever you need: healing, answered prayer, getting rescued, whatever your challenge is, go before the Lord. Get the Daniel Prayer workbook or even the actual book itself and begin a new journey with the Lord. God Bless you all.

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Daniel Prayer–Part II

Well, looks like there is a lot to write about in regards to the Daniel Prayer. I’m still in the fourth week. I had thought about writing out all the sins that Anne Graham Lotz wrote in the workbook. It will be a big task because it is not list a simple list. Each sin has an explanation included. I feel it is important enough to do this because I care about the spiritual welfare of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I want them to experience the release from the bondage of sins they might not be aware that they have and might be hindering their prayer life. Anne wrote an entire book on the Daniel Prayer. I’ve yet to get it and read what else she has written on the subject. I only have the workbook and videos to watch on the website.

Sin and disobedience to God is what got the Israelites in trouble and sent off to captivity and this is where Daniel’s prayer to God takes place. There is not one person who can say they are sinless on this entire planet. A spiritual housecleaning is needed in the Body of Christ. So..some or all of these sins will apply to you. You should go before God with this list because He will definitely point them out to you. I made my own list from this list and went before Him with it. I feel like my soul got Brillo-ed.

1) Ingratitude. Failure to thank God for the favors He has bestowed both before and after salvation. What blessings or answered prayer have you neglected to thank God for?
2) Losing Your Love for God. Loving people or things more than your love God. Have you lost your first love for Jesus?
3) Neglect of Bible Reading. Pushing daily Bible reading aside due to an over-full schedule or being preoccupied with other things as you read. How long has it been since reading you Bible was a delight? Do you remember what it says when you are finished?
4) Unbelief. Refusing to believe that God will give you what He has promised. (which is the same as accusing Him of lying.) What promise do you think He will not keep?
5) Neglect of Prayer. Offering prayer up to God as spiritual chatter, fantasy, wishful thinking, or daydreaming. Do you offer prayers without fervent, focused faith?
6) Lack of Concern for the Salvation of Others. Standing by and watching people on their way to hell without caring enough to warn them, pray for them, or admit that is where they are going. Have you become so politically correct that you don’t apply the gospel to those you know and love? Do you think it is someone else’s responsibility to tell them?
7) Neglect of Family. Putting yourself and your needs before those of your loved ones. What effort are you making, and what habits have you established, for your family’s spiritual good when it requires personal sacrifice?
8) Love of the World and Material Things. Thinking of your possessions as your own instead of blessings and gifts from God. Do you believe your money is yours and that you can spend it as you choose without asking God?
9) Pride. Over-concern about outward appearances and thinking you are better than someone else. Are you offended, or even irritated if others don’t notice certain things about you? How do you react when people say you are wrong?
10) Envy. Jealousy of those who seem to be more fruitful, gifted, or recognizable than you. Do you struggle with hearing somebody else praised?
11) A Critical Spirit. Speaking about others in a manner that is empty of grace and love. Do you find fault with others? Do you set standards for them?
12) Slander. Telling the truth about a person with the intention of causing people to think less of him or her. Whose faults, real or imagined, about others have you discussed behind their backs?
13) Lack of Seriousness toward God. Not showing God the honor and respect He is due. Do you show disrespect for God by sleeping through your prayer time or showing up late for church as though He doesn’t matter? Do you give God the leftovers of your emotions, time, thoughts, or money?
14) Lying. Saying anything that is contrary to the unvarnished truth. What have you said to impress someone that wasn’t the whole truth or was an exaggeration of the truth?
15) Cheating. Treating others in a way you wouldn’t want to be treated. Have you stopped short of treating others the way you would want to be treated? (I wondered about this one. I don’t know if Cheating is the correct word to use to fit the definition Anne has laid out. I wonder if I can find out from her.)
16) Hypocrisy. Pretending to be something you are not. Are you pretending to be anything you are not?
17) Robbing God. Wasting time on tings that have no eternal value or exercising your God-given gifts and talents for a fee. What are you not doing for God that you are willing to do for others–for a price?
18) Temper. Losing patience with a child, coworker, friend, spouse, staff member, or anyone else. What cross words have you spoken recently?
19) Bad Temper. Losing control of your emotions, thoughts, and words so that you abuse someone else verbally. Have you lost your temper recently?
20) Hindering Others. Taking other people’s time needlessly or destroying their confidence because you hold them to an unreasonably high standard. Have you done this?
21) Arrogance. Accepting God’s forgiveness while refusing to forgive yourself or somebody else. Have you been guilty of this lately?

Much prayers to you all. In Jesus’ Love…. Christine

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