The Dangers of Social Media

I never subscribed to Facebook and have no reason to. I did subscribe to YouTube channels and here is what I learned and why I don’t follow some of the channels anymore. When I first stated to subscribe to some of the prepper channels I thought it was a good idea to be prepared for anything. [some of these guys have enough food stored for a year and are armed to the teeth!] However, what I didn’t like was the foul language on one of them. I have since deleted one of my posts where this channel is mentioned. I had stayed with it because I thought I would learn something. What happened was that I slowly got sucked into a mindset that was not entirely Christian and it was not having a good influence on me. One day, I had a really bad day. In fact, I could say I was having a series of bad days, partially because of health issues but mostly because my beloved cat, who I had for ten years, died. She was 17 years old and had passed on November 1st. Well, in the townhouse next door to me someone was doing major renovations to the point my bedroom walls were vibrating and the noise was really loud. Being at the end of my tether with everything that was going on in my life, I complained about it on this one channel. What I got was a troll criticizing me. I didn’t see this person as a troll at first until I realized he was zeroing in on me pointing out my flaws in the rant about the guy next door and the noise. I had mentioned in another comment section that I was having a bad day. Well he came at me again and this time I totally lost it. I yelled at him telling him I had a bad day, I was only human and I had a death to deal with. I didn’t mention it was my cat because I knew I would be laughed at and ridiculed. After that, I unsubscribed from the channel.

What this taught me is that subscribing to some of these channels is not a good idea. In fact, it’s a lousy idea. Yes, I did talk about God quite often in the comment section and I am sure that was the fuel the troll was using to attack me. But the real bad part was that my deplorable human nature was rearing its ugly head. I also discovered that the channel was going in a direction that was the opposite of Christ where intellectual reasoning was coming to the fore and used as an explanation of what is wrong with the world. God is never mentioned. Nor the sin of mankind and his rejection of God as the real cause of the problems in this world. With channels like this, you develop sort of a “friendship” with some of the other people there. That in itself is not necessarily bad but this is the tool the devil uses to suck you in, especially if there are a few things you might like about the channel.

The brain forms connections and reinforces some patterns of behavior by the use of the hormones and chemical secretions in the brain. That is how seriously bad addictions are formed. I often wondered why people got so hooked onto Facebook and other media and why some kids committed suicide from the hate they received from the demonic trolls out there. Well I got a little taste of it. NO, I never became suicidal. That would be ridiculous considering my attachment to Christ. I think He used this whole episode to get me out of that channel because He could see the harm it was doing.

Yes, I am still subscribed to some YouTube channels but they are harmless; mainly makeup tutorials or cooking ones. I did subscribe to a guy who talks about earthquakes, my son’s channel, organizing your home, exercise, growing food in a garden, Smoothie the cat and other innocuous ones. I’ve weeded out ones that no longer are of any use.

The point of this whole post is for all of us to be very careful of what we put out or subscribe to on the Internet. And NEVER to become attached to any of them. Even in Christian ones you can be open to attack because you don’t know who Satan has stuck in there in sheep’s clothing. We all must be vigilant, watchful and, most importantly, prayerful.

In spite of all that with social media, I discovered how different God has made me through His Holy Spirit. It was really a sharp difference even with my backsliding into human nature. I totally do not think like the rest of humanity who still won’t obey God. He gets ALL the credit, of course, and I am so THANKFUL that He called me. There is no other place I’d rather be than with Him.

About warrriorforchrist

I am an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, whom I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it. I am fiercely devoted to Jesus Christ and don't care what lukewarm cupcakes have to say. Don't care what the world thinks and says, either.
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2 Responses to The Dangers of Social Media

  1. W says:

    You give wise counsel. Technology can be a great way to stay in touch or share your faith but there is no personal contact. Emoticons can help but I have also seen the dark side. We all know Satan himself can appear as an angel of light. Even easier for him in cyber space where he can be anything to anyone with the use of technology.

  2. I’ve had time to think about that one channel since I left. I concluded that I learned very little. I learned some basic stuff about storing food and having a bug-out bag and what to include in it. Other than that it was basically one person’s personal point of view on everything with a good majority of the people subscribing agreeing. I didn’t like all the foul language although that tapered off as time went on. I found myself getting frustrated because I just didn’t think the way most of them thought. But what is interesting is the power that one person’s opinion had in swaying others to his point of view. I didn’t agree with a lot of what he said. I felt like I really didn’t belong there and it took that one incident to cause me to explode and then leave. I don’t miss it.

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