And The Insanity Continues On….

In this issue, I’m going to throw out a few things I’ve been observing. First, to go back to previous post: get a load of this Catholic Cardinal who does not have the testicular fortitude and cannot stand up and fully condemn Cuomo, who is a Catholic, on the issue of that horrid abortion law verses whether Cuomo should be excommunicated or be denied the sacrament at mass. He hedges around the questions of excommunication and being denied the sacraments while blundering out a stupid answer. Cuomo has a lot more to worry about than some wafer and a goblet of wine on Sunday. Wait till the Lord gets a hold of him. Here is the news clip: I couldn’t even watch the entire video because I was so disgusted.

There is more wild stuff flying around and the world really looks crazier than ever when you stand back at observe from a distance. Natural News ran an article about prolific demon possession:

Very strange occurrences in other parts of the world like this one about dead fish clogging a harbor in Germany minus their heads and bladders. Not all the internal organs you would think would be gone if fishermen gutted the fish; only head and bladder.
And I apologize for any bizarre ad you might have to endure before the YouTube videos load. Some are real ghastly. Some are okay.

People are going to exhibit more irrational behavior which is, in my opinion, demonic in origin.

Jesus warned us that many things were going to take place at the end including earthquakes. While following Mary Greeley’s channel on the Yellowstone caldera, I discovered this guy who shows you all the earthquakes going on in the world that you never hear about. He has some software that shows them all at one time. The ones that appear high above the earth indicate that those are deep quakes. There are a lot of them as the earth is very active. Here is his channel:

And here is one of the recent Mary Greeley ones on the Yellowstone caldera recharging:

Then this one caught my attention. It brought to mind the “Star Wars” weapon that was supposed to be launched into space many years ago. It makes you wonder what’s really going on. You’ll see why.

There are many channels out there for those who are preppers and I’ve seen a few. Men are stockpiling food, supplies, water and munitions and also hiding the same in various places to be prepared when everything goes south. They expect full-on lawlessness and anarchy to reign on earth and believe they can ride it out by hunkering down or bugging out. They are expecting a big event like Armageddon to occur or a massive EMP attack. They are fully prepared to defend their turf and have banded together with other preppers so they form little communities. They say the ones that don’t prep will be killed off or die in some fashion right away. I prefer to leave that decision to God who can protect His own no matter what goes on in the world. If He wants me and my family to run, He’ll let us know. It would not be the first time I heard an audible voice say, “GET OUT!” when He didn’t want me somewhere. And let me tell you, my eyeballs practically shot out of my head that day. Yes, I got out right away. This guy caught my attention when he mentioned along with food stuffs that he was burying elsewhere, he was including a Bible. He also had a man by the name of Dane Wigington whom he interviewed by phone. Dane Wigington has videos up about geoengineering and what he had to say was very informative. Here is the link:

What the world does not understand is that God and the other spiritual world is not “out there somewhere” while we are here. No, we are in the thick of it. The spirit world surrounds us and a lot of those guys are demons wanting to get rid of God’s children. God has His angels assigned to us to protect us. Because demonic activity is on the rise, you will soon see it for yourself. I’ve seen possessed people and they know who I am. They know I belong to God. So you better be “Strong in the Lord and the Power of His might!” Demons love calling attention to themselves. As we get closer and closer to Jesus’ return, satan will become bolder and bolder and won’t be hiding under some rock or in a dark alley. (I don’t capitalize his name because he does not deserve any honor, even grammatical.) I’ve seen a news clip once of pro-choice women demonstrating against pro-life women yelling, “Hail satan! Hail satan!” Sick!

Here is an interesting one about the Russian “Dead Hand” which refers to an automated weapon system which can launch nuclear weapons without human involvement.
They also have an underwater drone that can cause tsunamis. It’s in this video from Mary Greeley:

There is more and this is only a smattering of what insanity there is in the world which is growing worse. I started out watching Mary Greeley’s channel because I found it fascinating and then was suddenly drawn to view others. Some I dismiss and others I will watch depending on content. I know I have a lot of links in this one. You can pick which ones might interest you to watch.

Till next time, God bless you all.

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I am an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, whom I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it. I am fiercely devoted to Jesus Christ and don't care what lukewarm cupcakes have to say. Don't care what the world thinks and says, either.
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1 Response to And The Insanity Continues On….

  1. W says:

    Regarding Cardinal Dolan, I have to agree with him that it would be pointless to ex-communicate Cuomo. All it would accomplish would be to elevate Cuomo even higher in the eyes of his loyal (sick) supporters. He would wear his ex-communication as a badge of honor and he would be seen as a hero. Would guarantee his re-election, although he probably has that already in hand. The Cuomos have become the dictators of New York.

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