Is There Hope?

I haven’t written in a while. Well, I think last year was my last post. I had intentions of starting off the new year with a post about God. But things got in the way and time flew by…. and here I am.
Things have certainly spiraled out of control recently as everyone who has a pulse knows. The shooting in Florida was horrendous, but what makes it even more horrific are two things: 1) The FBI and the local law enforcement had been repeatedly warned about this guy who did the shooting. REPEATEDLY. Local law enforcement had received 23 phone calls about him with the warning he was dangerous and could possibly shoot up a school! What does it take for those who are supposed to uphold the law to finally act on it? 2) Maybe we should ask the FOUR deputies who were outside the school while students were being slaughtered. Maybe we should ask them why they did NOTHING. If I was a parent of one of the kids that was shot, I’d be launching a protest rally in front of the police department and demand answers and also the local FBI field office. All of them should be fired. It just makes my blood boil to think they stood by and did nothing.

Chicago has the strictest gun laws but it is still a battle field because criminals don’t get their guns through legal channels. If every gun was confiscated from those who have licenses to carry, there would still be shootings.

The world being out of control is proof enough that man cannot govern himself. He never could and never will. He’s an epic failure. But there is One who is really good at governing man and that is the One the world rejects. But have no fear, He is returning. Things are going to get worse. The Bible states it will be so bad that no other time in history will compare to it. None. That includes the holocaust. Satan is ramming his agenda down everyone’s throat and if you do not have the Spirit of God, you will be held captive by him. While the army of darkness is marching across the planet there are those who are trying to tell people there is hope. There is a bright future but it’s not run by man…or satan. It’s run by the One who created the entire universe and everything in it.

People have no idea what life would really be like under Christ’s rule. They don’t know what real freedom is. They don’t know what real peace is. They can’t imagine a world where there is no fighting, no strife, no hunger, greed, poverty and all the other vile things we live with today. They can’t imagine it because they don’t know God. They haven’t a clue as to Who He is. Or What He is. He’s not a guy. He is a Being that is a self-sustaining life source the likes of which you can never imagine. He is Life. He is Power. He is magnificent and He is pure love. All the false gods of this world cannot compare to Him. It is ridiculous to compare a stone statue to Someone like Him. When He returns, people will FREAK OUT because they have never seen anything like this.(Plus He is returning with ALL His angels, too. It will be quite a sight, I promise you that!) They have no idea that Someone of this magnitude is headed their way. Jesus is not some skinny, long-haired guy. Look in the Book of Revelation for a description or even the first chapter of Ezekiel. Any of the prophets that encountered Him immediately fainted and had to be revived. Some could not even talk, like Ezekiel who was speechless for seven days afterwards. I think I’d be speechless, too. My mind would go into vapor lock and I’d probably faint, too, if He suddenly appeared right behind me while I was typing this. (When He really does return, I’d be changed in the blink of an eye into the same life form He is. Pure Spirit. Pure everything. I can’t wait.) I’m so sick of this world. Fed up with the whole lot.

On March 31st, 2018 Christians are going to go out in-mass soul winning across the globe to try and get people to see there is hope, that they have a chance of a new life with Jesus Christ and that they can live in a world the likes of which is beyond everyone’s imagination. Christians will be going out to tell others that God is extending to them a personal invitation and that Jesus paid for all their sins on the cross. They can be free, truly free. And they can experience a relationship with The One and Only who has my heart.

Remember this: He loves you. Satan doesn’t.


About warrriorforchrist

I am an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, whom I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it. I am fiercely devoted to Jesus Christ and don't care what lukewarm cupcakes have to say. Don't care what the world thinks and says, either.
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2 Responses to Is There Hope?

  1. The fruit of the righteous is the tree of life, he that winneth souls is wise.

  2. W says:

    No matter how bad things get people still cling to this life because it is all they know. It is really hard to give up your life for Christ, even though He is the only hope for mankind.

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