A Short Story

I had plans on writing about the fifth video session of the Daniel Prayer but first, this popped into my mind and I am going to digress a little today. I’m going to tell you a story about how God intervened on my behalf years ago. This was back in 2003. I was working in a casino in Arizona in the IT department. It was a horrendous job with only some monetary rewards. But what I had to put up with far out shadowed that. Sexual harassment from one of my co-workers was on the menu and he also had harassed other women, as well. Well I had gotten fed up and lodged a complaint. He got tossed out of the department and not by my boss who was his close friend. Needless to say, I suffered persecution from that point forward. None of the guys would talk to me. I was ostracized. In the meantime, I had been accepted to a local college and had put in my notice as I was going to start in January of 2004. I only had a few more months left in the IT department.

Anyway, one day I was downstairs, having done some work on a computer in another department, when one of the guys from HR came up to me and handed me a round coin-like pewter disk on which there was an angel in relief on one side and on the back was written the word, “Faith”. He gave it to me and told me to have faith. I thanked him and pondered this gift. It was sometime after that I was called down to the HR department by the head of HR. When I got to her office she told me to close the door and sit down. Of course, immediately I began to wonder what I did wrong. But what she did next blew me away.

She pulled out a badge from her drawer and slid it across her desk toward me, telling me that she worked really hard to do this and got it done in a week. She told me to turn in my IT badge right then and there and take the HR badge. I was now working for her. To say my mind went into vapor lock is an understatement. She then told me that my boss had been working behind my back with false allegations to get me fired! She took it upon herself to counter all his moves and move me out of the department entirely and into hers. On top of that, she said my rate of pay would be the same and I could not tell anyone that, either. I was in SHOCK! I did as she said and handed over my IT badge and took the HR one. I was then told to go back up to the IT department and collect my things and come back down to her department.

I was stunned as I returned to IT. I don’t even think I said a word to my boss but packed up my belongings and left. I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had gone to battle for me and worked behind the scenes so fast it made my head spin. Normally it takes way longer than a week to get transferred out of a department because it needed tribal approval first. God is a mighty God and have no doubts that He will fight battles for you. And to emphasize the Love of our Great God, I was not nearly as spiritually minded back then as I am now but I knew it was God all along. He did it because of His love for me and because God is always, always faithful.

Is He not awesome and deserving of our praise and worship?! I am telling you this so you can go forth with confidence that whatever you lay at His feet, He will take delight in answering that prayer. But the interesting thing in my case was that He worked this out for me and I never once prayed about it because I had NO idea what was going on behind my back to begin with. So how could I pray about it?

I stayed in the HR department until the time came for me to leave a few months later to start college. I actually had a pretty good time there and enjoyed working for that woman and all the others that worked there were really nice.

Oh and my boss? I was told much later that he was fired.


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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