Review of Coffee For Your Heart

I am very familiar with Holley Gerth through her blog, Coffee For Your Heart, which I receive emails from when she has written a new post. I do have another of her books, “What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days”, which is a series of encouraging devotionals that start with the name of God. (“God Is Thinking About You Today,” is one chapter heading.)

Well she has written a number of books and this one is actually named after her blog, “Coffee For Your Heart.” First of all, let me say that Holley has a wonderful gift of encouragement and humor. When her posts land in my inbox it always brings a smile because no matter what she is writing about, you can’t help but feel better after you’ve read it. “Coffee For Your Heart” is a book of 40 short devotionals that have areas for you to respond to her prompts or questions. This is under the heading of “Reflect”. Then she has a short prayer of response and then something to remember. She deals with a variety of topics, all aimed at encouraging the reader. Titles such as Accepted, Wonderfully Made, Forgiven, Loved are examples. This is all to let you know how much God loves you and in so many different ways. His love is constant and He never abandons or rejects us. But sometimes we feel in need of a Divine Hug and this is one of the ways God gives it to us.

I truly feel blessed by her writings and in our present day with all the negative things we have to deal with, our trials, warfare from our enemy the devil, and other problems it is nice to get some positive reinforcement from Christian ladies like Holley. She has a great sense of humor and I laughed out loud when I read how she was not a morning person (neither am I!) and that she had one time put a piece of chocolate on top of her alarm clock to bribe herself to get up. She woke up, ate the chocolate and went promptly back to sleep!

I highly recommend her books for anyone in need of a lift, a little encouragement and some humor to go with it. This book was also previously published under the title “God’s Heart For You.”

Also see review under user name Wildstar on Barnes and Noble:


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