Out The Other Side Part II

I had previously written a piece called Out The Other Side which spoke about going through a rough trial with my son and the wide expanse of grace once I was out the other side of it. First of all, the procedure on David’s heart was not successful. He did not meet the $3,000 highway-robbery deductible but hospital admissions let him in with just a down payment of $200 and they will bill him the rest. So for all of you out there who feel moved to help, please to go the GoFundMe page and donate whatever is in your heart. All donations will be greatly appreciated.  https://www.gofundme.com/help-our-ill-pastor

Now here is the part two to the post Out the Other Side. Once you go through something like this you might feel you have attained another “level” in your Christian growth and that’s very possible. BUT…with that comes a whole new ballgame of correction. Suddenly God has begun to show me even more garbage I have to get out of my life or fix. Now, grace be to God, it is truly the work of the Holy Spirit, lest any of us make a sorry attempt to boast. But we still have to acknowledge our sins and shortcomings, yield to God, and allow the Spirit to get to work. This is not as easy as it sounds, let me tell you. Here is where it gets tough and now I completely understand something Beth Moore said a long time ago. When a woman (and I am not sure if it was a friend of Beth’s, an associate, or someone just writing an article about her.) had asked Beth, upon looking at all the numerous books Beth had written, “How do you feel (or think) when you see all this?” (referring to the books she wrote all neatly arranged on her bookshelves in her office.) Beth replied, “One beatin’ after another.”
At first, I admired Beth for her honesty and I knew what she meant. However, now I understand her comment even more so.

Christians must withstand the correction of God which is for our own good, no matter how unpleasant it might be at the time. It is for our edification but also because we can’t be in the Kingdom of God with the mess we carry around. When we submit to His correction, it brings forth more fruit and also can bring forth more clarification of scripture that you have already read. The scripture does not necessarily have to do with being corrected, either. It can be on any topic that God wants to draw your attention to. And herein is the Pearl of Great Price. Well, more of it, that is.

You don’t want to lose the ground you have covered so it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you maintain your prayer life which is contact with God. Maintaining the position of constant prayer means just being in contact with him no matter what you are doing at the moment. You could be working on a household repair, grocery shopping, dealing with some difficulty or in regular prayer and Bible study.

Also, be warned that the enemy is now going to try more slithery forms of attack. They can be very subtle and he is not above using scripture against you. Keep your armor on! Ephesians 6:10-11 No matter what he throws at you, keep your eyes on the Lord who loves you more than you will ever know in this lifetime and who will never leave you. Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might.

Above all, don’t resist the Lord’s correction. You’ll only get yourself into deeper trouble. That includes making excuses, lying to yourself by denying the sin, lying to God by doing the same and pointing the finger at someone else as if their bad behavior is the cause of your sin. The serpent in the Garden only slithered around the tree and spoke to Eve. He didn’t pull out a .45 and hold it to her head. Or Adam’s, for that matter. Or…believing the devil’s lie that you have time to repent because Christ is not returning right now. That gets you into deep trouble on two counts. One: you don’t know when your last day on earth really is and two: you are allowing Satan to build a stronghold inside your mind and heart which will take strong action on God’s part to fix. In other words, expect a good spanking.

I want to take this opportunity to offer up prayers for others. My sons David and Derek, who is facing financial and housing difficulties, my granddaughter, Alex, my sister-in-Christ Lene (leneinjapan blog) and her daughter who, at age 10 is experiencing emotional difficulties, my other sister-in-Christ, Won (who is from Korea) and is suffering with Lupus and all other Christians who are being persecuted and suffering. May our Lord and Savior heal them and rescue those who need rescuing. Thank you, Father.


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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3 Responses to Out The Other Side Part II

  1. For Christ’s sake when I am weak then I am strong

  2. Walter says:

    Yes, stay in the Word. I did a quick search and the word “chasten”, with various endings, appears 9 times in the New Testament (KJV). Those verses should be memorized and studied, individually and as a group. Hebrews 12:7,8 should be a wake-up call. You will probably never hear those verses expounded by the prosperity preachers out there but they contain the true riches, praise His holy name.

  3. I agree. I am so fed up with dealing with my detestable human nature. Can’t wait for Christ’s return to dump this human body and all that goes with it once and for all. Just want to be Christ-like in all things.

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