The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

I had watched an episode of Twilight Zone with that above title. The scene opens on a Saturday in a normal American neighborhood in the 1950s. Everyone who is outside sees an unusual sight. It appeared to be a meteor falling to earth but they heard not a sound. A short time later, they began to experience electrical failure such as lights suddenly not turning on and cars not starting. In addition the phones, stoves and even transistor radios (those were portable radios back in the day.)stopped working which added to the general state of confusion. One guy, Pete Van Horn, walks off to the next block, Floral Street, to see if they have a problem. Two of the husbands decide to head into town but the car doesn’t start. They decide to walk but before they leave a young boy, named Tommy, tells them about a science fiction story he read describing how this is how it all starts. He proceeds to tell them about aliens that landed to earth and even stated that they had sent a team of four: a man, woman and 2 children, who look human but are not, ahead of the landing. Soon everyone is looking at each other with suspicion. One of men tells the others to get a grip and not to believe the imagination of some child.

However, soon more things go awry, like one man’s car, that didn’t start before, suddenly starts by itself and he was not even in it. The car suddenly stops. Mob mentality is beginning to take over as they walk toward the man, named Les. One guy, Steve, tries to reason with everyone but to no avail. Les begins to back away, afraid as they cast suspicion upon him; that he must be one of the aliens sent ahead of the landing. The car starts and stops. People start talking about seeing the guy looking out at the sky at night. Even though he explains he has trouble sleeping, he is not believed and the woman accusing him adds an unproven explanation based on little or no fact. “He was staring up at the sky as if he was waiting for something.” (an erroneous supposition on her part) Les tries to reason with them warning them they are starting something here that is not true and out of control. Steve tries again to reason with everyone, yelling at them at this point.

Once night descends, they are in total darkness and emotions run high and reason goes out the window. Steve still tries to reason with everyone but this one man, Charlie, is losing control fast. Everyone sees someone walking down the street in the dark and one of the guys runs to get a gun. Charlie grabs the gun and ends up shooting the person. Turns out it was Pete Van Horn who had left earlier to find out about the next block. Pete lays dead in the street and Charlie is wailing how was he supposed to know because it was dark. They chase Charlie back to his house and throw rocks at him. Charlie, in an attempt to cast suspicion onto someone else, names the child, Tommy, as the alien. Tommy runs for his life back to his house.

Soon the lights on various houses suddenly go back on, and then more, flashing on and off. Everyone is running amok in the street, totally out of their minds with fright and madness. Shots are fired, windows busted and everyone is screaming wildly.

Up on a hill, two aliens are watching this. Yes, they engineered the whole thing but there were no four people sent on ahead. Those on Maple Street were all human. The leader tells his subordinate that this all follows a pattern no matter what city they go to. They just disrupt electricity and every appliance and vehicle. Then after the humans are in darkness for a few hours they all react the same. He says, “They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find, which is themselves.” He says they go from one city to another and watch the people destroy themselves.

Does this sound familiar? The aliens in our case are satan and his demons. He’s been doing this for millennia. It is more apparent now because of our increased population and technology. But the game plan is the same. Turning man against each other is quite easy for him and humans, most of which don’t believe in God, go along with it.

I saw the news leading up to the present election and the inauguration. Hate on BOTH sides is very apparent. Yes, those who are shouting at President Trump about his “hatred”, they are engulfed in it, too. In fact, some of the things they are shouting about he did in the past and he apologized for and said that it was in the past. Well, that’s not good enough for those people and whatever he did in the past still sticks to him in the present. (I’m not defending him but using him to illustrate a point since the reaction to his election is so extreme. He got elected by the people of the United States. No, I don’t believe Russians had anything to do with it. That’s more Monsters on Maple Street. I don’t trust government agencies 100% to tell the truth, either. But you can apply this to anyone, really. If Clinton was elected, I’d be saying the same thing, though I’d have more to say because I definitely don’t support her. Once she said that Christians had to change what they believe to include those who are blatantly against the teachings in the Bible and want to remake God in their own image, I didn’t want anything to do with her even more so than before. If God says a particular behavior is wrong, then that’s it! God does NOT change.) It’s easy to point the finger at another. If the sins of all those finger-pointers were revealed for all to see, there would be very little said about another person. [You will note that the ones screaming about how the other guy is full of hate, do the most damage and destruction? The riot on election day is proof of that. In fact, the rioters, all dressed in black with black balaclavas and head scarves, remind me very much of ISIS fighters as they ran amok busting car and business windows.]

Yes, love does Trump hate but those who spout it don’t know what real love is. I’m definitely not a perfect example of it, either. But Jesus is. He gave His life for you, all of you. Not a select few. Everybody. When God says the whole world, He means it in its entirety. John 3:16.

When Christ returns, it’s all going to change rapidly. There won’t be any finger pointing or shouting about one’s own rights. God will tell you that you have no rights. Mankind is not capable of governing himself and history and current events have proved that over and over again.
True peace will reign under Jesus. There won’t be any hardships or evil in the world. It will all end.

As for me, I can’t wait. . .


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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