The Pearl of Great Price…

..Is your salvation. Guard it with your life. Do not slack off or become lazy as we live in very perilous times and it will get much worse. First, I have a disclaimer for all those who need to hear it. I didn’t vote. Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t. As for why…it was something really simple. I missed the cutoff date to register. I had so many other things occupying my mind that I completely forgot. I wasn’t 100% in favor of either candidate. I’m not really politically minded, anyway. When I booted my computer up the day after the election, I stared at the screen in disbelief that Trump got elected. I was shocked and suddenly things felt surreal. I knew if Hillary was elected, Christians would be facing serious persecution and I was getting my heart ready for that because that is who I thought would be elected. When I saw Trump’s name splashed across I realized that when I spoke to God the previous night, He actually clued me in. I don’t even remember what I was even praying about but there was a sudden peace that came over my heart when God let me know it was going to be Trump. I thought it was a bit odd when I felt it, too. My reaction was, “Nah it couldn’t be.” God is in ultimate control of everything, in spite of the fact that this planet is being run by Satan who is going full blast revving humanity up with more hatred. I had previously thought that God had washed His hands of the United States but when I felt that peace, I obviously jumped to the wrong conclusion. And when I saw the political map displaying which states were red and which ones were blue, it was a surprise at how many were red. For whatever reason, we now have Donald Trump as the next president. Trump is not 100% God-approved candidate but if you read your Bible, God has influenced even the most pagan kings to do His Will. (Like the Book of Daniel, for example. Joseph-coat-of-many-colors ended up in a very high position in Egypt all to accomplish God’s will.) I still thinks its all surreal and I can’t even begin to imagine what is going to take place next, which is why…

YOU MUST GUARD THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE. Yes, God protects us but you can’t slack off and be very, very careful of what another Christian writer has to say. I’m saying this because some have gotten really lax and, in some cases, downright dangerous to your salvation to read. I won’t mention any names right now but there is one writer whose books I have actually thrown out. Why? Because her writing was getting sensual and too “me” oriented. That’s why. If a writer is concentrating more on the self and not on getting closer to God through prayer and Bible study and allowing the Holy Spirit to take over, then that writer needs to be ignored. This particular writer whose books I threw out, is very, very popular. I don’t know why she posted pictures (twice) of her unmade bed in the bedroom she shares with her husband and references their active sex life. Yeah, I stopped subscribing to her post, too.

I one time walked into a church that was sensual and didn’t stay long. Too many disturbing things were taking place and it made my hair stand on end. When the pastor mentioned a reference during the sermon to his sexual fantasies and they also hold sex classes for couples, I knew I was in the wrong place. It took an encounter with an unbalanced individual to propel me out the door. All events were happening at the same time. So…this tells me that Satan, who flashes sex before our eyes with today’s marketing, has been working on the Body of Christ. It’s not just a case of the pastor running off with a choir member, it’s infiltrating the church as a whole. Unless, you put on the whole Armor of God. Unless you are getting that sin out of your life and not toying with it for years and taking the grace of God for granted, you will get your butt whooped by Jesus. Or you will have the door slammed in your face. Because you see, the longer it takes you to get your act together, the more time Satan has to build a stronghold in your mind and heart that will be difficult to take down. It will take a lot of prayer, fasting and talking to God to turn your life around.

I have a little prayer corner in my room. It’s just a straight back chair painted black that I picked up at Goodwill for $8. I put it by the window and I have a folding table that I use to put my Bible and notebook on. It’s one of those small ones that people use to put their food on when watching TV. But as soon as I sit in that chair, I feel peace come over me. It’s like sitting in the Throne room of God. So I can look up at the sky and the tops of pine trees and talk to Him about anything and everything. My day goes 100% better when I do it. You know, you don’t have to spend hours with Him to get any benefits. I would love to be able to spend longer times with Him and I have to work on that this year. You can pray anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a special corner. I just happen to have a tiny space I can fit a chair and little table into. img_20170106_132629556

There is going to be more escalated violence headed our way and it’s already begun. People are filled with so much hatred that they are controlled by it and can’t see beyond that.

Stay close to God. Compare whatever anyone says to what is in the Bible. Stay away from those who are too “me” oriented and not enough Jesus oriented. Time is short, folks. So, above all, work on being spiritually minded and put to death your carnal nature. Christians have no idea what it is like to be very spiritually minded. It’s a whole other realm of existence.

We are getting closer to the return of Christ as things go from bad to worse to worse than we can possibly imagine. I feel such an urgency to exhort my fellow Christian to beef up their life with God. Remember Who you belong to. Remember who the enemy is. You have a Power within you that slays Satan to the quick. Don’t let it burn out.


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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One Response to The Pearl of Great Price…

  1. Walter says:

    Well spoken. The best response I can think of is simply… Amen.

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