Eat More Good Fats

Okay I was going to continue working on a post I started last week having to do with Nehemiah and Ezra. I am holding off because I watched this amazing video by Dr. Mark Hyman which I got the link to from Dr. Perlmutter whose book “Grain Brain Cookbook” I bought and gave to my son. A lot of my current research is because my son, David, is sick.

Despite what the American people have been told fat is not your enemy but refined sugar and carbohydrates in the form of any grain, bread, pasta, white rice, etc. is the enemy. The average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar a year! This can include high fructose corn syrup which is a big contributor to obesity. So I watched this video and took notes which I am going to share with you right now because American obesity has gone through the roof and that is because people, including many doctors, have relied on OLD research which has since been proved wrong.
The good fats are organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, certain fish from which we get omega 3. That is NOT farmed salmon. Stay away from farmed fish and anything that says Atlantic salmon. It is full of antibiotics and other crap and is very low in Omega 3. Sardines are also a good source of omega 3 as is walnuts, chia seeds,flax, and pumpkin seeds.

Recent studies have shown that good fats can reverse diabetes. Yes you read that correctly. Dr. Hyman used to be of the group that prescribed low fat diets to his patients but they were not getting well. He then prescribed high fat, low carb and refined sugar to them and the results were amazing. His patients got better and LOST WEIGHT!

There is fat in all of the cells in your body and your brain is made of mostly fat! In fact, ingestion of the good fats and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) which is found in coconut oil can help to halt dementia and in some cases reverse it. Good fats can also help to get rid of inflammation. Most of the diseases are a form of inflammation in the body. What is needed is not to turn the fire on in the first place. You can wake up your brain with a high fat-very low carb diet. Now the low carbs would be your vegetables and some fruits. You really need to increase the veg consumption.
Recent studies have shown that fats are not linked to heart disease but refined sugar which gets stored as the bad fat in the body does contribute to it and so do carbs in the form of any grain and food items made from it: flour, bread, pasta, etc. Most people do not get the NMR lipid test and the cardio IQ test which really gives an accurate picture of what is going on.

Cholesterol is more complex than previously known. You need the good fats to beef up the good cholesterol which is the HDL one. And it lowers the bad one:LDL
Dr. Hyman did a study where he put a group of people on a high fat diet for 21 days. They lost an average of 7 pounds, although one person lost 46 pounds and all their symptoms disappeared!!

Fats will also make you feel less hungry and give you more energy. If you have a sluggish brain and brain fog, look at your diet. It’s probably all jacked up. Time for a change and onto the road to good health! The Original Manufacturer of the human body, God, knew what He was doing. He knows how the body works and what it needs and He has led me to learn all sorts of new and wonderful things that I can pass on to everyone else. There will be more posts as I learn more. Right now going through Suzy Cohen’s book on “Thyroid Healthy” which also supports findings I discovered with Dr. Hyman and Dr. Perlmutter.

What I do to add the good fats in aside from cooking with extra virgin (organic) olive oil is that I add a tablespoon of organic coconut oil to my shake which I make with Vega One protein. Vega works for me and has 20 grams of protein in it. It has NO grains, no soy, no dairy, no gluten, no corn which are the common allergens. It does have pea protein and a host of good organic veg, fruit, probiotics and maca root. I add a teaspoon of Nordic Natural omega 3 oil to it. Nordic Natural is pretty pure and uses third party lab to scan for any impurities. Then I take my other supplements with that like clean chlorella, D3, vitamin C, digestive enzymes, Gaia Herbs holy basil and Garden of Life probiotics but the one that is Dr. Formulated which does not have dairy in it. I take B complex and calcium/magnesium later due to the fact I am on levothyroxine and calcium can interfere with that if I take it in the morning. I will be adding Thyro Script from Suzy Cohen who is a pharmacist. Coconut oil also helps the thyroid gland.

You can get Dr. Hyman’s book “Eat Fat-Get Thin” from any book retailer like Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Dr. Perlmutter’s book is great, too. I want to get the actual book “Grain Brain” soon. I did buy the cookbook which has very interesting information in the first 30 pages but the book it’s based on contains more. He goes into how grains and things made from grains are the cause of obesity, attention deficit disorder and a host of other problems including diabetes and heart disease. Dr.Perlmutter is a neurologist. In other words, he is a brain doctor.
Go check out their websites: Dr. Perlmutter: and this one for Dr. Hyman which gives you access to the very same video I just watched!!


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