40 Days

From last Wednesday, February 10th, is the season of Lent. 40 days till Resurrection Sunday or Easter as the world knows it. When I was a child, everyone gave up something for Lent. For kids the thing we all gave up was candy so that when we got our much anticipated Easter basket it was a real treat. I think the act of giving something up sort of put us the mode for Easter because we all got new Easter clothes, shoes, hat, etc. But it is not really about the candy or coloring eggs (which me and my friends all did) or getting new clothes to wear on Easter Sunday. It’s about Jesus Christ. It’s about His sacrifice for all of mankind. It’s about the Love of God which there is no equal.

Personally I think this 40 day period should be about taking stock of ourselves and getting close to Jesus Christ. Spring clean ourselves and make ourselves ready for the King. We should be doing this all the time, mind you, but during this season we should really concentrate on it.

It is time to stop finding ridiculous excuses for not engaging in our relationship with God. It is time to kill all the “distractions” we claim are interfering with it. And if you are too easily distracted away from Christ you better seriously take a look at yourself and your conversion. This is our eternal life that I am talking about. Not about the super bowl, the hot babe (or guy) at the office, the mountain of bills at home, or any other distraction that Satan so effectively puts in front of your face because he knows it is so easy to get you off track. That makes for a poor warrior, if you are too easily distracted all the time and have let your prayer life become next to nil. And all those distractions won’t exist in the Kingdom of God. Nope. No super bowl, no lusting after whatever, no bills, no worries, no distractions. It will be a life the likes of which you cannot possibly imagine because in the blink of an eye, we will go from having a fleshly body to something way beyond our imagination. A Spirit body. And that is forever. For all eternity. What we have here on earth isn’t even life. It doesn’t even come close.

It’s not enough to read the Bible and quote scripture. The devil can do that, too. It’s in doing what Christ commands that is important and to maintain contact with Him always. Yes, you can be 24/7 in the Jesus Zone. You have to partner with Him in the development of the relationship. After all, isn’t He your first Love? He is the one who takes control. Not you. You have to let Him. You have to give up your stupid human nature and get on with it. Straighten up and fly right. Don’t let Satan reinforce the stronghold he already built inside your head. Take down the stronghold once and for all.

I cannot imagine my life without Him. I am SO THANKFUL for Him. And like I said in my previous post, you can pray anywhere at any time. I’ve told Him on a number of occasions to just burn the sin out of me because I don’t want it anymore.

It is so essential that you soldier-up right now. Things are going to get real scary in the future and Satan is working at full blast. Don’t allow “distractions” to get in the way. Fear not. Or as John Wayne put it once “Courage is being scared and saddling up anyway.” Things are going to get hair raising. Look to yourself, not what someone else is doing. Don’t compare yourself to others. God certainly isn’t.

But most of all make this 40 day period profitable. Study your Bible and pray. Pray always. If you are at a loss what do study this Lenten season you can go to sites like You Version for ideas and also MargaretFeinberg.com. She always has some Bible reading plan laid out for the 40 days. Here is the link for this current 40 days and she also has a bunch of others. http://margaretfeinberg.com/thank-you-for-subscribing-to-margaret-feinberg-com/

God bless you all.


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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3 Responses to 40 Days

  1. Constance Chapman says:

    Great post!

  2. W says:

    I confess I struggle with prayer. I don’t think I could survive a 40-day fast, as Jesus did, but I sometimes wonder what it would be like just to get completely alone with God for any period of time, even a few days. Perhaps we can, at least, savor the moments we do have, as well as realize we are always in His presence. If we really focused on that it might not be so hard to give things up. If we truly seek Him above all else, everything else will seem (and be) less important.

  3. Yes, being alone with Him is really nice. I’ve done it for only one day at a time when I lived in Cottonwood and Camp Verde. I came back renewed each time.

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