So…Cornell University Would Allow An ISIS Terrorist To Hold A Training Camp On Its Campus

For those who don’t know, Cornell University is located in New York. I got a newsletter from Natural News about this and after reading that article I went to the source which is Project Veritas. Project Truth. I scrolled down till I found the video where the assistant dean of students, Dean Scaffido, actually says it would be okay to have a member of ISIS come in and host a training camp for students and compared it to a coach training a sports team!! I often thought nothing could surprise me but this did. Here is the link to the actual site: Yep, just come on in and talk to over a thousand students and maybe recruit a good portion of them for the cause.

The part in the Natural News article about vaccinations was not mentioned in the video with the dean of students but Mike Adam’s might have gotten that from another source. Here is the Natural News article:

The Veritas reporter went in to talk to Scaffido posing as a student and asked Scaffido questions about having ISIS come and speak on the campus, maybe starting a humanitarian project for ISIS, like sending food and other stuff overseas. Hamas would be allowed to join in, too.The Veritas reporter does NOT support ISIS but went in there to do the interview as if he was. This was all on camera and so Scaffido knew he was being videoed. It is shocking to say the least but this is where liberal America is headed. And with our Failure-in-Chief in the White House doing nothing, I am sure that ISIS will take root here, too. Kiss your freedom goodbye.

P.S. I thought about this post some time after I wrote it. Having some experience with Adobe products I know it is very possible to put two entirely different videos together and make it seem like it is one video. It’s a very clever trick. I thought about this because I found it hard to believe that Scaffido is that dumb. We don’t see the interviewer. Just the interviewee. It taught me a lesson to let a post sit for awhile in the draft form and think about it before I post it. Of course, there is no way to prove anything really. Also, I highly doubt that Cornell University would hold any training camp for ISIS without the Feds appearing on their doorstep in a New York Minute.


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One Response to So…Cornell University Would Allow An ISIS Terrorist To Hold A Training Camp On Its Campus

  1. W says:

    This is quite simply beyond belief. If I didn’t know better I would swear this whole thing was made up. So sad to realize it wasn’t. I would call this Scaffido person naive but that does not even begin to describe his lack of discernment. He can’t possibly not know what ISIS has done, is doing, and will continue to do. I know we should avoid stereotyping people but this is typical liberal insanity. Yes, I mean, quite literally insanity. I bare him no ill will but I don’t apologize for using the term here. Look it up and see if you don’t agree. But of course he, like all liberals would say that I was just a typical, judgmental and narrow-minded conservative. “How dare I judge him, or ISIS?” I am sure he, like all liberals would swear that ISIS is just misunderstood. If ISIS is doing anything bad it must be someone else’s fault. Let’s blame the victims. Maybe these liberals, especially these academic types think they are immune to what is going on in the real world. They think they are safe in their ivory towers. The really sad thing is that he would probably look you straight in the eye and ask what you were talking about if you expressed these concerns. That is how far they are removed from reality. I think he would be singing a different tune if he was actually directly impacted by ISIS or their kind. I hope and pray that it does not come to that.

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