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All This Stuff Doesn’t Even Matter

Anything that distracts me from God does not even matter. I allowed myself to get hijacked and bogged down in stupid, mindless, twaddle crap that does not even matter. I’m also tired of the negativity and don’t want it in … Continue reading

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So…Cornell University Would Allow An ISIS Terrorist To Hold A Training Camp On Its Campus

For those who don’t know, Cornell University is located in New York. I got a newsletter from Natural News about this and after reading that article I went to the source which is Project Veritas. Project Truth. I scrolled down … Continue reading

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Ghidorah and Rodan Will Be Joining the Mix

The latest as reported by Yahoo is that nearly all the fuel rods have melted to the bottom of the first reactor. Three reactors were heavily damaged. TEPCO does not have any way of seeing the exact location of … Continue reading

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U.S Navy Sailors Exposed At Fukushima Are Disappearing

Now you see them. Now you don’t. I read an article today on Natural News’ website about the sailors who have been sick from the radiation exposure at Fukushima when they went on a rescue mission. And the government, not … Continue reading

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