New Creation Part II

Being a Christian, we are held to a higher standard which includes a higher form of behavior and thought than the rest of the world. Romans 6:1-20 Do we keep on sinning so that God can keep on forgiving? NO! We take on a NEW life, leaving behind the old. You cannot have a foot in God’s world and the other foot in the worldly culture. God considers all of you as being in the world. He does not compromise nor does He share you with the devil.

God creates us new: new mind, new character, new heart. The old way is dead. You are a slave to whatever or whomever you obey. Why are you accepting the world into your heart and mind that God has flat out prohibited?

The devil knows scripture very well. More than you do. He is not above using scripture against you. He is so unbelievably deceptive that he can convince you to go against God’s will and what God prohibits by using God’s love against you. In fact, he already has done that.

If you exclude anyone from your congregation, Satan will say, “Well, you are not showing the love of God.” Be very careful what you allow in your mind. Would a drug dealer walk into your congregation and say, “Well you don’t practice what you preach because you are excluding me.” Keep in mind, the drug dealer is saying, “I have no intention of changing. I cannot change because it is in my DNA and God created me that way.” (A lie.)
A pedophile would not walk into your church and expect to be accepted while NOT changing his perverted and demented behavior. When God says to change, it’s a command; not a suggestion. (Romans 1:26-28; 29-32)

We are commanded to love our fellow man but not to love the world, which is ruled by Satan. 1 John 2:15 Don’t just listen to the Word, do it. James 1:22

So why is one particular group pressuring Christians to accept them into the flock? Because they have no intention of changing. If they did, they would not make such a huge and vehement case for Christians to accept them as they are and even approve of their lifestyles regardless of what God says in His Word.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But we strive to overcome and to be holy as our Father in Heaven is Holy. We cannot do this by ourselves because humans have no power whatsoever. That is why He gives us His Holy Spirit and why Christ lives within us. The only way you can accomplish anything is by keeping in close contact with our Lord; by submitting to His will, not yours. NOT YOURS. What He says. Not what we say or the world says.

So how do we show love to another? Compassion for the sinner and allowing the light of Christ to show through. But don’t be deceived. If a person continues to blatantly sin and has no intention of changing, he is to be put out. Otherwise he contaminates the Body of Christ. We are to continue to show love and compassion to all because Jesus died for all, not a few. You can be a friend to the sinner but you still must uphold the standards that God has laid down. God does not compromise with what He says in the Bible so neither are we to. By submitting to the will of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to work, the sinner will see the Love of God through you. God will work through you to reach the sinner, whom He loves. But make no mistake, the sinner has to stop sinning. We have to stop sinning. God changes us to be like Him by the power of His Holy Spirit. Not an improved version of our old selves. But truly like Him. Satan hates this and has been on a rampage ever since he got the boot out of Heaven.

What the world does not understand is that once we are captured by Christ and repent and receive His Holy Spirit, we are no longer citizens of this world. We are citizens of Heaven. We are not attached to this world. We are attached to Heaven. We don’t obey the world. We obey God. We are no longer worldly. We are a completely new creation which the world does not understand, nor will they agree with any of us.

Set your sights on what is above. Not what is below. And above all, stay very close to Jesus. HE is the ONLY Way.


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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2 Responses to New Creation Part II

  1. W says:

    Responding to “New Creation” parts 1 and 2. I believe you are correct when you say that “liberal” ideology will not exist in Heaven. I think I would add that neither will there be any place for “conservative” ideology. Of course I am talking about political perspectives. I lean conservative on most issues but I have also come to realize that the church in America has become way too politicized. There are Christians on both extremes of the political spectrum. On the one hand you have the likes of the Westboro Baptists (whose homepage is “” – no kidding!) If they could get away with it they would stone all gays (and their friends) and all those that they consider apostate, which, of course, would include anyone, like you and me, that disagreed with their religion of hate. All this would be done in the name of God, of course. On the other extreme we have the “emerging church” where, it seems, perversion is the new normal, and the only sin, at least the only unforgivable sin, is intolerance. Of course they redefine the word tolerance so that anyone who would even dare to disagree with them, no matter how kind or gracious (or correct) they are, is labeled as a hypocrite or “hater”. This exposes their own hypocrisy and shows them to be just as intolerant as the Westboro Baptists. Christ was definitely a radical and if He was intolerant of anything it was religion. I struggle with sin every day and I hate myself for it. But I am learning what it means to follow Christ. There will be no politics in the Kingdom of God. The thought came to me once that only love can live in Heaven. It is not that God will throw you out of Heaven because He is angry. It is just that nothing but love can survive there. We think of Hell as fire but we are told that the fire of God will burn away all the dross, wood, hay and stubble in believers, leaving only pure gold. But the pure gold is not our “religion” or all of our rules, or the fact that we were “right” about the issues. The pure gold that is left will be love. If there is no love there will be nothing left to live in Heaven. So is it “loving” to tolerate blatant sin? I think not. But if we are to be followers of Christ we must love even our enemies. But as I type this I realize how impossible that is to do in the flesh. So we need Christ to show us what to do in every situation whether it is politically correct or not. We must be the light and it is up to others to accept or reject Christ. We must leave the world and its politics behind, and live above where Christ is.

  2. People tend to not view things as right or wrong, but as what political party you belong to. I found this out reading what others say in the comment area of news articles. If someone disagrees with what is said, they are labeled a liberal or a conservative or, more commonly, a Republican or Democrat. God does NOT favor either party. He’s not a politician. He’s God. Yeah you are right. Anyone who has a different opinion will be viewed as a hater. Probably soon find themselves shipped off to a camp (WWII again) for those who have different views from the collective.
    History is going to repeat itself in a very ugly way. I can’t imagine anything worse than Hitler but there will be. Thankfully, Christ is going to return and everything comes to a grinding and screeching halt.

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