So what’s with all these different versions of Heaven?

I recently read a short article on Beliefnet about this woman who died in the hospital and went to Heaven and came back again. I previously heard of two kids that had the same sort of experience, dying in whatever situation they found themselves in at the time, going to Heaven and coming back. All the versions were different. All different Heavens.

But…none of them corresponded with anything in the Bible. The Bible does speak of it and you get small glimmers of it or outrageous visions like the Apostle John had or what Ezekiel saw in the first chapter of Ezekiel. Now Ezekiel did not go to Heaven. Heaven came to him in the most outlandish manner. There he was, hanging out with his friends by the River Kebar, when the he saw lightening flashing in the clouds. Ezekiel then sees something that renders him completely speechless for a week. He sees God coming in the clouds on a sea of what appears to be glass or crystal, supported by four living creatures whose description defy our imagination. I still can’t figure out the wheel within a wheel. Lightening flashes between the creatures and they have six wings.

The Apostle John sees a lot of things that we don’t understand because he was very limited in his vocabulary. So everything is way out there. Although I think the locusts he saw that had women’s hair and stung people like a scorpion might be helicopters. Long ago I worked in a casino in the IT department. I went off to another department to do some repair work. Anyway, on the counter of the reception desk was a magazine article which featured a picture of a helicopter whose nose was painted with a lion’s face and a huge mane of hair flowing along the sides of the chopper. I then thought of the book of Revelations and it occurred to me that he might have seen choppers. After all, if you think of what a scorpion and a locust look like and then put a helicopter next to them, you can understand what John might have been trying to describe. Poor John. All they had was the wheel and here was God showing him technology so far into the future it just blew his mind. He didn’t know what he was looking at.

Okay aside from that, John saw Jesus on His throne in Heaven and…the elders around the throne of God. So, why didn’t any of the people who had near death experiences see anything that can be backed up by the Bible? I don’t know. The last one I read about did say she really felt the love of God and some of the things she said did make sense. But then…there was this nagging thing in the back of my mind about why haven’t any of the ones who said they were in Heaven, see the things of Bible?

I had a weird dream once that I was in Heaven. But that was a dream and it was strange. I did NOT go to Heaven in the dream.

The woman who had gone to Heaven and said she felt the love of God had a life changing experience. Some of the things she said about there being no time…well we all know that. That’s nothing new. There is no time in Heaven and everything is not linear. It’s not like here. I would have to read her book to find out more. Like I said, some things made sense and some things were missing. She said she didn’t have a body. But John saw creatures and even Christ with a body, although it is a spirit body.

I don’t have the answers really. She very well could have gone there and for whatever reason had that experience maybe because God does not want to reveal too much. I haven’t’ a clue. But she did say it would be like returning home. It was familiar. Ah, that I believe and I have long held that in my heart.

The one child who died and came back said he saw people there. They weren’t vaporous forms but had the form of a person with a face. I heard a pastor once describe Heaven which he had said he had a vision of and he said there were colors there that don’t exist on earth. I tried to imagine that in my mind but came up short. He also said there were a lot of flowers.

Anyway, I guess we will have to wait till we actually get there to find out what it is really like since there are so many versions of it. The woman did say it was very hard to describe and we don’t have the vocabulary to describe it. I guess that’s pretty much like John felt.

And I just re-edited my last edit again after talking via email to my son who is one of the pastors of Redeemed and Delivered Bikers. So here it is: Although we must always stick to the Bible and not get diverted down some rabbit hole, God may be allowing something like this to happen so that those who might be terrified of death see they have nothing to fear.

Okay, personally, I was kind of hoping we would be doing stuff in Heaven. I haven’t read the woman’s book and maybe there is that in it. I was hoping to sit on the Eagle’s Nebula and watch stars being born or just having a chat with Jesus. I know she said we know all things, according to her vision, when we get there. But I don’t believe that what she saw is Biblical doctrine. One of the kids that went to Heaven actually saw Jesus and talked with people there. SO….

Still I will add a word of warning, these visions or events are all individual and all different. Do not bank your salvation on them. Your salvation is in Christ and Christ alone. Stick to the Bible no matter what. If it eases the fear that some have about dying, then it served its purpose.


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I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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