One Thought Leads To Another

I’m often amazed at how a totally unrelated article will end up triggering a memory I had forgotten about. The other day I was looking at article headings on Yahoo. I often just read some beauty article and that leads to other makeup “how-tos”. And sometimes my eyes fall on other articles about Duchess Kate and her husband or her little boy. And I do read the news but often do that on But…the other day my eyes fell on an article that was disturbing. I don’t think anyone does not know who Kim Kardashian is. Her face and other parts have been splashed all over the place. The Kardashians have a TV series, too, for those who want to park their brains by the front door before entering. And it is a long running series, too! She has a huge following. But what made me stop was that the article said Kim was going to “break the Internet” with a photo of herself for Paper magazine of her naked from behind. The thumbnail photo had her posterior covered but she was only dressed in a pearl choker and black opera gloves and stilettos. (I think her feet might have been hidden but one assumes that is what she would wear since she wears them every day.) I thought nothing more of it as Kim is hungry for attention even if it is negative. But the following day there was another article. This time it said she did full frontal nudity for the magazine and Yahoo had the insanity to show the photo in thumbnail and, thus, if you clicked onto the article itself I assume you would most likely have seen a full frontal shot of Kim. Great! How many kids using the Internet saw the same thing. Nice going Yahoo!
The whole thing creeped me out because it was such a tasteless thing to do. It disturbed me that our society had fallen so far that a person like Kim, with little moral substance, would occupy center stage. I am sure that she fulfilled every masturbatory male fantasy with that shot. After all, her sole claim to fame had been a porn video. She has a little daughter and I wonder what that child will think when it is old enough to find out what her mother had been up to.

Now the odd thing is that the article about Kim triggered off a memory going back to just after September 11, 2001 occurred. Just prior to the article about Kim I had been seriously wondering how anyone who is a citizen of the United States can up and join ISIS. The first sentence in this paragraph ties to the second one and it was Kim who helped tie them together. When 9/11 first happened, it was in the news 24/7. I watched it for days on TV with my son, David, and I read about it on the web. Now back then I had AOL and back then on the left side of the screen were a variety of things to click onto. One was News. Expanding that folder I could pick from a variety of newspapers online. I saw one for European newspapers and clicked on that. Well down the rabbit hole I went. One article led to another and another and I read all sorts of interesting things that are not available anymore. In fact, some became unavailable soon after I found them. I must have found a back door because I was on websites that I should not have had access to. But I’m not going into what I read on those right now, although they were eye opening for sure. I am going to talk about an article that I believe was from a German newspaper and it spoke about how immigrants from Arab countries would seek each other out because they felt very alienated in Europe. Pretty much like a stranger in a strange land. They could not mingle socially with Europeans because they saw Europeans (or the West in general) as morally degraded and abhorrent. They did not want to soil themselves with the westerner. This was actually said in the article. It was moral decline that the Muslims hated. (I know terrorists are guilty of other things themselves but lets just stick with this one topic.)

As time went on I had completely forgotten about the article until now. After reading about ISIS and then finding out that there are a portion of the members of ISIS who had western passports, I was wondering what would make a person turn against their own country and join something as horrific as ISIS. It totally baffled me until Kim took off her clothes and then it came roaring back. Ah, the moral decline of the United States is pretty much wide spread now. There was another article today (and I didn’t read it, either) about some woman who walked around in public with her pants painted on. Yes, she was naked below the waist except for painted-on pants. It didn’t show her entire body in the thumbnail. Just the upper part. You see, people no longer have any morals at all and they don’t care. They don’t care what others think, they are only living out their lustful fantasies. And they have a following and they like what they are doing. Sick.

Then we have….50 Shades of Gray. Some trashy novel has been made into a movie and it is about a wealthy guy who is a sadist and likes to tie women up and inflict pain on them for sexual gratification. Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, plays the object of Gray’s desire. It’s been played up so much that sado-masochism will be the new trending thing.

The United States is now in its post Christian era. It has women who want abortion on demand screaming “Hail Satan.” Every moral and corruptible thing is going on in this country that once was founded on the principals in the Bible. The Muslim extremists and terrorists hate us because in their eyes we stand for every filth imaginable, which is displayed flagrantly in all forms of media. Fueled by their own demonic rage and hate, they want to take us down and rid the world of us. Satan is working both angles. He is corrupting humans and bringing them down to the lowest level of filth imaginable, while at the same time, he is fanning the flames of demonic hate and rage in his terrorists.

I am sure there are many other factors that would make an American male turn and join ISIS. Most likely you will find some traumatic injustice in his past like a choir boy that was sexually molested by a priest, as an example. That would be compounded by other events that we don’t know about. Hitler had a lot going on in his childhood and young adult years that formed the monster we all came to know about. Hitler was a little nothing that wanted to be important. He needed an arena to vent his own personal hatreds. He found it and those around him, also wanting to find an arena for their psychotic ideas, joined in. The demonic third Reich rose to power. Satan fueled Hitler’s egomaniacal thoughts by injecting his own; making Hitler feel that he was divinely led.

There are still good people within the United States that abhor what people like Kim Kardashian does, the overt corruption in our government and outright lawlessness. And some might not even be Christians.
But, we Christians absolutely must stand up for what is right and not allow ourselves to be defiled and polluted by this world. God says we must be pure and He was not joking. God is not blind. He sees it all and one day soon, He will take action that is going to catch the entire planet off guard. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE will see His return. Everything will come to a grinding halt in the blink of an eye. Mankind’s rule on this planet will end forever. And it will be long overdue.


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I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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One Response to One Thought Leads To Another

  1. W says:

    Yes, excellent point how Satan plays both angles. He loves duplicity of all sorts. It is also interesting how the mainstream media does not report much on the brutal things that ISIS does, like the savage be-headings and crucifixion of Christians. But if people of faith object to the rampant immorality that has come to define this very nation then everybody howls about the “Christian Taliban”. These morons have no clue what they are talking about. They should try living under the real Taliban for awhile. They would not last a week before they were either beheaded or crying to come back! As far as I’m concerned any US citizen that joins ISIS should be hanged. But people claiming the name of Christ had better get their houses in order. It is past time to wake up and smell the coffee. The coffee is all gone.

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