Descent Into Darkness–Part II

I did not follow the Zimmerman case as it unfolded in the courtroom. But I did once I read the verdict of not guilty. I began reading up on the case and watching videos. I mulled this over in my mind for a couple of days and the most outstanding fact is…if Zimmerman stayed in his truck or even listened to the police when he was told not to follow Trayvon, nothing would have happened. I am conservative being a Christian but that does not stop me from forming my own opinions on situations. It is not conservative vs. liberal in this case as some have played it up to be in various forums. It is looking at the situation calmly and realistically. I have no political sides at all because I believe they are all corrupt.

What stood out in my mind was this:

1) All Trayvon did was buy himself a drink and some candy. He was walking home to where his dad was staying in that same community where he was killed. It does not matter if Trayvon was a troubled youth or a Rhodes scholar, he did not instigate any of this. Zimmerman did. Trayvon was not doing anything but walking. He was not climbing in anyone’s window or smashing anyone’s property or hot-wiring anyone’s car. He was not doing anything that was suspicious except what was in Zimmerman’s mind.

2) Zimmerman, by his own admission, said he was tired of “them getting away with it.” I heard this in a audio replay. This supposedly took place while Zimmerman was following Trayvon, either on foot or in his truck. Hence…Zimmerman already had an agenda. Trayvon didn’t. And who exactly is “them” that Zimmerman was referring to?

3) At some point Trayvon suddenly realized he was being followed. Let me tell you, if I was walking in some neighborhood at night and suddenly realized a stranger was following me, I’d be nervous because I would not know what was going to happen next or why I was being followed.

4) Trayvon called his friend and told her he was being followed and yes, he called Zimmerman a bunch of names but anyone else would have probably called Zimmerman worse. Trayvon was now scared and he told her so.

5) Zimmerman says that Trayvon was up on someone’s lawn. I saw this in a video where Zimmerman was walking a detective around the crime scene and telling the detective what happened. I did find the story of Trayvon going back around and circling Zimmerman’s truck strange. That I definitely would question the validity of. I think Trayvon might have stood on someone’s lawn maybe to throw Zimmerman off and make Zimmerman think he belonged there. Trayvon might have looked at the house debating whether to ring the doorbell or not to tell someone he needed help because a stranger was following him. We’ll never know. I am thinking of things I would have done if I was in Trayvon’s shoes. I might have called the cops and told them that someone was following me. I think it would have been interesting if the cops did get a call like that while Zimmerman was on the phone with them. But Trayvon might have felt he would not have been believed.

6) At the time that Trayvon decided to confront Zimmerman, I wondered why Zimmerman didn’t tell Trayvon he was part of the neighborhood watch or say something to defuse the situation. I am wondering why, after getting punched in the nose, Zimmerman did not try to defend himself with his own hands. Even a woman, who is being raped by a man much stronger than herself, will be scratching, biting, punching, kicking… get the raptist off of her. She would have had defensive wounds on her body and his DNA under her nails.  If Zimmerman’s hands were free to reach for his gun, they were free to punch Trayvon and get Trayvon off of him and then he could have run to his truck.

7) I don’t believe Zimmerman didn’t know he had his gun on him and he “suddenly remembered it”. He could also have whacked Trayvon with the butt end of the gun and knocked him off without firing a shot. Trayvon might have backed off once he saw the gun and would have still been alive. Of course, this is conjecture and we don’t know what Trayvon might have done.

8) Zimmerman clearly could have prevented the death of Trayvon Martin a number of different ways.

9) I noticed that in the video where Zimmerman was walking the detective around that he had a band-aid on his nose and two on the back of his head. I was curious about that because it surely didn’t look like he had been bludgeoned almost to death. The scalp bleeds profusely when cut. Yes, Trayvon was banging his head into the cement sidewalk but not hard enough to knock him out and from the size of the band-aids it didn’t look like they were huge wounds.

10) The black community is angry because they expected Zimmerman to get charged with something…anything. But not get off with a not guilty verdict and be set free. I agree. Zimmerman should have been charged with something; some kind of negligence of some sort. He shot and killed an unarmed person.

11) Wearing a hoodie does not make you a criminal. Once I was staying with my brother-in-law when I first moved into the area until I got a job and a place to live. One night I went out for a walk and called one of my sons who lives in New York. I was intent on the conversation and was not entirely aware of where I was walking. I found myself in a nice neighborhood and stopped to admire someone’s garden or the architecture of the house itself. It was cold that night and guess what I was wearing? A navy blue pullover sweatshirt with a hood. At first glance, you would not be able to tell if I was male or female, black, white or brown.

12) The media definitely blew it up to be a racial issue and probably fanned the flames even more. Zimmerman went from being half Spanish to being totally white. His mother is from Peru. The media recently published an article about black pallbearers in Peru. Now why publish that? Ah, Zimmerman’s mother. We don’t need more hatred. We need justice and peace.

13) Trayvon came from a troubled background and a broken home. It is sad that he never had a shot at turning his life around. He already had anger issues and liked to fight, according to his Facebook page. BUT…none of that was known by Zimmerman when Zimmerman decided to follow Trayvon because he assumed Trayvon was “one of them” and wanted to make sure that Trayvon wasn’t going to break into someone’s house. All that based on NO evidence and pure conjecture inside the imagination of Zimmerman. Where your mind goes, the rest of you follows.

So what Satan has successfully pulled off is more hatred and a deeper racial divide. I stopped reading the comments after news articles because they were way too disturbing. Now we have people not thinking rationally but thinking and behaving irrationally. All that is accomplished in forums is showing more hate for more people and behaving like neanderthals with a lot of name-calling and finger pointing because people are reacting with their baser human emotions, which is what this world has evolved to. This whole thing is a huge nightmare that never had to happen. But I am afraid that this is not the end of it.

…to be continued…

(though I may take a one post break to write something different and then continue with this series)


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I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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4 Responses to Descent Into Darkness–Part II

  1. W says:

    I did not follow the case either but I heard some sound bites recently. What I heard was a lot of bias and conjecture, on both sides. I agree totally that Zimmerman caused the whole thing and no one had to die. I definitely lean conservative but I have also learned not to believe the propaganda, from either side. Conservatives claim to have a lock on the truth. Liberals deny there is anything such as truth, only “feelings”. Jesus is the way, the truth and life. Without Christ, liberals and conservatives will suffer the same judgement. Maybe they will learn to get along when they are frying in the same fire.

  2. Conservative or liberal, it’s all a mud slinging contest. Pointing fingers and accusations. Nothing is ever accomplished. Just more division, more hatred.
    Zimmerman is hiding out. I don’t know how he is going to live after this. He can’t show his face. Too many people hate him and there is way too much hostility. Plus his parents are suffering death threats, too. Their life is now hell. I wonder if at any one point in time has Zimmerman said to himself, “I should have kept my stupid butt in the truck, because now I’ve brought this all upon myself and my family.” Only God knows what is in Zimmerman’s heart. Well, if there is a book out in a year we’ll know.

  3. Margie Brown says:

    I did not follow the case either and came to the same conclusion as you. You nailed it on the head. Thank you

  4. Thanks for your comment. I noticed that Zimmerman suddenly appeared out of no where to rescue a family in an overturned vehicle. That’s nice but it will appear as “damage control” to many. And it will never change how the black community feels or soften the grief of Trayvon’s parents. Trayvon might have given his mama a hard time but he was still her baby. She will never get over it and neither will his dad.

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