Descent Into Darkness–Part I

First, I want to state that I truly enjoy writing about health subjects and gaining more information in that area. However, I have to deviate back to other subjects. Warrior for Christ is not entirely about being vegan. It’s about something else.

Second, I have not read, nor intend to read, any books that have to deal with Biblical apocalypse, tribulation forces or an antichrist whose name clearly states he is of Romanian descent. In other words, The Left Behind series. I stayed away from it because it is fiction and I don’t want anything to cloud my judgement as I observe world events. I don’t want to jump to wrong conclusions because something that happened in real life might resemble something in those books.

So….once upon a time…..

I know a lot of people look at events as they are unfolding and start adding them up to be End Time events, which will lead to the return of Jesus Christ. I thought it would be interesting to work backwards. Start with one major event and see how one could deduce how that event could take place. The event I am referring to is when massive armies surround Jerusalem.

If you look at what exists today and then wonder about that future event, one question should pop into your mind. Is the United States there, surrounding Jerusalem or has the devil finally gotten that country out of the way so he can whip up other nations’ armies to surround it and try to conquer it? What about the other cities like Tel Aviv? Is that one completely overrun? I know this is horrifying to think but it is part of Biblical prophecy.

The United States still is a strong ally of Israel. So, let’s conjecture that the armies of the U.S. are not there. What would have to happen to cause that? Also, what countries are surrounding Jerusalem? Well if the U.S. is not there to defend Israel you can pretty much bet the farm that terrorists would have a field day and the countries that hate Israel and have been pining away for her extinction are the ones most likely to be surrounding her.

How do you get the United States out of the way? Ah, let’s go back in time to the 15th century to that little Romanian (yes, Romanian!) prince called Vlad Tepes. One event I am going to zero in on is what he did to terrorize the Sultan and his army. I mentioned this one over a year ago in one of my other posts but it keeps resurfacing in my mind and most likely for a reason. Vlad, and his brother Radu, had been kidnapped as children by the Turks. Both were educated by the Turks during their captivity. They were being held as ransom, actually. Anyway, the Turks did a good job of educating them and Vlad grew up knowing everything about them. So when he wanted to sneak into the Sultan’s camp…(Sultan’s army was huge. Vlad’s army was small.) Vlad took some of his men, disguised them as Turks, and he led them into the Turkish camp. Because Vlad was fluent in the Turkish language and its customs, he had no problem gaining entry as a Turk. In the meantime, Vlad had the rest of his army hiding outside the Turkish camp waiting for Vlad’s signal. Vlad’s objective was to get the sultan. At the right time, Vlad gave the signal and the Turks were attacked from within and from the outside. Now you should keep that scenario in mind. Attacked from within and from the outside. Vlad didn’t get the Sultan. The Sultan escaped but the plan was a very good one and completely took the Turks by surprise.

But you can say the United States is too strong to fall for that. Yes, unless the country is weakened considerably. The devil knows exactly what he is doing and has had this planned for a very, very long time. And he has his “agents” already in key locations. Yeah I know this sounds like lunacy but just bear with me. Just sit with your cup of coffee and listen. Pretend you’re at a camp fire listening to someone weave a fantastic tale.

He also has his agents in locations you would not think were important, like the grocery store, your job, and even your church. The waitress at the restaurant you frequent might be one of them. (sounds wild. Right?) You have to get the image out of your head that Hollywood has planted in it of demons with horns and emerging from the fiery depths of hell with bat wings and a tale. No, they are really quite sophisticated. The ones that inhabit humans and make them appear as raving lunatics are doing their job to distract you because if they can get you to focus on the raving lunatic rendition, you will never even remotely notice the cold, calculating and calm ones. The ones that appear to be the nicest people on earth. Sociopaths do an excellent job of mimicking human emotions and even sorrow while feeling none themselves. Demons have raised that to an art form.
Okay if you don’t believe demons exist, fine! I’m not here to convince you of anything. I am here to relate an interesting story. If you are a Christian and don’t believe they exist, then you need to go back to the Bible that you claim to read. You may not know the demon but they surely know you. They know who I am. They are rude when I come along.

So…back to the topic at do you weaken a country from within? You have several horrendous events spaced apart so that the public focuses solely on that event and no other, while the devil is being doing his dirty work elsewhere. What he wants to do is take away freedom first. The Constitution has to be trashed. He has Christians as his primary target because he needs to make eunuchs out of those Christ-lovers that he hates so much. His second objective, which will run side by side with the number one objective, is to disable anyone who might go along with beliefs that Christians hold dear even if they are not Christians themselves. Like freedom, liberty, justice, etc. In order to get rid of those freedoms and thereby taking out two birds with one stone, he has to initiate events that result in the destruction of those freedoms. Like Sandy Hook.

To attack from within, he first has to destroy the family unit, which he has been doing a pretty good job of so far. You don’t need me to tell you that. You already know it.

Second, create financial instability. Yeah, that crisis a few years back. Have crooks wreak the country and then bail them out to the tune of trillions of dollars. Plus drive the stake in further by having the press (one of Satan’s best tools ever. The media just can make up stuff, distort the facts and people are stupid enough to believe it. ) publish the HUGE bonuses that the crooks get at the public’s expense while thousands are out of work. That really stirred up a lot of hatred among the people.

Third, have great injustices done and mass killing. Sandy Hook, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado. Have more random and senseless killings take place and make sure the press blows it up and runs with it. Have people stop thinking rationally and start pointing fingers in all directions. Have anti-gun groups go head to head with gun rights activists. But hide certain murders that the mainstream media does not want the public to know about. Like the beheading of two Coptic Christians by a Muslim terrorist in Pennsylvania. Yes, flipping Pennsylvania, U.S.A.! And there’s a reason it was hidden.

Now the devil is starting to get people to really turn on one another. They start ranting wildly and irrationally in forums.  Putting the blame on political parties, past presidents and each other. Name calling is rampant and common sense has taken a complete leave of absence. The devil is loving this. No one ever is told what was found on that kid’s computer who shot all those small children at Sandy Hook.  You don’t hear about the second guy. Yeah the second guy. I even heard it out of the mouth of one of the Sandy Hook children. I still can’t wrap my head around what happened there. No, the story suddenly dies.  Then the shooting in the movie theater takes place.  More wild, aberrant murders. But it will soon be replaced by something more heinous. The cherry on the frappe of insanity.

The Zimmerman case.

to be continued……


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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3 Responses to Descent Into Darkness–Part I

  1. W says:

    A lot said, all worth taking note of. Sometimes I wonder how much influence Satan has on the general public. I don’t dispute what you say at all but too many people are morally bankrupt and capable of any despicable act entirely on their own without any outside influence at all. Of course Satan is “cheering us on”. I am more concerned about Satan’s influence on the “church”, that is us good “Christian” folks who have no clue what is really going on. Not all televangelists are scam artists but I have to come to realize that most are preaching a false gospel, whether by design or by delusion. Thankfully some preachers have had the courage to speak the truth. The actual details of how the end times will unfold is almost irrelevent. The church in America is too caught up in the wrong things. We have a distorted view of what I call the the three ‘P’s; Politics, Prosperity and Prophecy, not necessarily in that order. I love America and I am grateful I was born in a free country but it is not going to be that way much longer. So as the church, the body of Christ, we have to ask ourselves, where are our priorities? As far as I am concerned the Anti-Christ already occupies the White House. He may not be “The Anti-Christ” the bible talks about but he is just as insideously evil. Almost half the country approves of him, including many gullible Christians. If that does not frighten you into sobriety, you need a check up from the neck, up. So what do we do? Try to vote him out of office? Will his successor be any better? Yes, America used to stand for something but that America is gone. So what do we, the body of Christ, do? Try to reform the country? Try to preserve “middle class values”? That is a losing strategy. Because even if we were to succeed somehow, we would be preserving something that is just going to be dissolved when Christ returns anyway. No, we better start focusing on what Christ told us to focus on. We don’t need books and movies like “Left Behind” or “How to Beat Wallstreet” (so you can tithe more, of course… please…) What we need to do is look at other Christians around the world that have no knowledge of “middle class values”. Saints that have laid their lives on the line simply by openly declaring their faith and “who have not loved their lives to to the end…” Korean and Chineese Christians who live in caves and are on their faces before God day and night. Not praying for “prosperity” but for the spread of the “true” gospel. No, I am not making this up, check out “Voice of the Martyrs”. I could go on (I have not even addressed the media bias) but will pause here. To be continued…

  2. W says:

    Correction/elaboration to previous comment. Just to be clear, I wanted to explain more fully what I meant where I said “Thankfully some preachers have had the courage to speak the truth.” What those preachers are saying is that it is often hard to distinguish between the “church” in America and the the rest of society. We (and I include myself) look, talk and act like everyone else (maybe we throw in a “praise the lord” once in awhile). But more than the outward appearance it is what is on the inside that really matters. Are we whited sepulchers, full of greed (the prosperity gospel) and lust (porn, etc.)? Or, more to the point, will we surrender our faith and convictions before we give up our Constitutional rights? I believe in the Constitution and the bill of rights, especially the first and second ammendments, which are the ones most under attack. But as much as we enjoy what freedoms we have left here, we have to remember we are citizens of Heaven before the US. Are we trying to have our cake and eat it too? Or are we trying to preserve “America” for our children? A noble sentiment but we will fail. We would better serve our children by educating them in the true gospel and preparing them for the persecution to come. Jesus gave us two choices; Him or the world. Even if America was perfect (or just like the “good old days”) we still have to decide; the US (with all of its middle class perks) or Him. We can’t have both. We can’t have our cake and eat it too.

  3. Satan has a LOT of influence on the general public. People do morally bankrupt things because they are under his influence. Jesus called him the god of this world. We come out of the darkness, which he started, and into the Light. Satan is running the show and he knows he has a short time left.
    I know there are a lot of things going on that I wish was not. But Christ most assuredly will take care of the likes of the Westboro Baptist Church and other false prophets and teachers and whatever.

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