The Seductiveness of Satan

First let me say that I will probably be attacked for this because Satan surely does not want me to write it. Tough you-know-what. I had written something like it before but took it down. Now more has come to light, which I didn’t know before. I will not mention any real names but give the characters as Mr. M, Miss B and the Poser.

Miss B has had dealings with the dark side years ago and is sensitive and can sense when things just don’t seem right. She is also friends with Mr. M. They are very close and hopefully will get serious one day. Anyway, they both decided to attend a local church. Both Mr. M and Miss B are Christians. At first the church seems friendly enough, although Miss B felt a slight unease which she couldn’t put her finger on. After attending only once, she meets another female, the Poser, and they become friends rather quickly. The Poser writes her long emails and before she knows it, Miss B is confiding in her, even though the Holy Spirit practically yelled in her ear not to. She could not understand why not but eventually she found out why. She suddenly found herself going down a dark corridor with Poser. Her attitude started changing and not for the better. She also noticed that other single women in the church were flocking to Mr. M, even though everyone could see that she and Mr. M were a couple. They would chat with Mr. M and totally ignore Miss B, which Miss B found disconcerting. And they were becoming affectionate in the form of hugs to Mr. M as well.

In the meantime, the Poser began to tell Miss B things that Mr. M was saying which she knew was not true about her and Mr. M. Miss B wondered if Mr. M was saying things that were not true on the days she had not been at church but was home sick. This upset Miss B. The Poser also presented herself as a spiritual adviser to Miss B. This was also unsettling Miss B. Finally, Miss B could not take it anymore and told Mr. M what the Poser had been saying about him. He denied he ever said anything that Poser said he did and none of it was true. Miss B confronted the Poser via email and she howled that she was not a liar, even though the things she said were not true. She then accused Miss B of being used by Satan to hurt her! Never mind what the Poser was doing to Miss B and Mr. M’s relationship.

Miss B did not want to attend that church anymore because the whole thing sickened her. She wrote an email to one of the pastors and told him why. Well all she got back was “good luck on finding a new home.”
In other words, there was nothing about what the Poser had done. There was no mention of anything of the sort. Miss B began to see how seductive the devil was because he first set up Miss B with the Poser to break down the relationship between Miss B and Mr. M, while sending in others to flatter Mr. M with attention and physical affection and ignore Miss B which would widen the breach he was trying to create.

Miss B felt like she has been wrung through the wringer when it was over with. She realized that there was a spirit within that church that was seductive. And yes, it can happen because it did. God was surely not blind to what was going on and you can rest assured He will deal with it. Does it seem far fetched? To some it might. But if God has specific plans for Miss B and Mr. M then you can bet the farm that Satan is going to pull out all stops to make sure that he can break them up. The more he tries the more Miss B is convinced something is afoot.

There were other things that Miss B noticed about the church that just didn’t seem right. Everyone seemed to “have a word from God.” There was no testing of the spirits to find out if they were of God or not. The Poser, according to Miss B, had emotional problems herself, which had come out as well as some psychological ones.

Should pastors hint at sexual fantasies during a sermon? Does not the Bible say we are to be Holy as God is Holy? Does it not say we are to be pure? Would Jesus give a sermon that hinted of sexual fantasies?

We are the Temple of God and we are to conduct ourselves as that Temple and not to defile ourselves. There is nothing wrong with sex between a husband and wife but we don’t need to hear about it. I’m far from being a prude but I know what things have a proper place and when they don’t. Satan does this: have the pastor mention it and since it came from the pastor then its okay. Well for single folks that could be a time bomb because what goes on inside someone’s head can also lead them to sin.

How else does the devil seduce? Intellectual prowess. We can become enamored with someone who has clearly gone to a prestigious college or has worked in a well known ministry or church prior to his current one. If they use it to simply draw attention to themselves; beware.

Stick to what God says in the Bible and stay on the narrow path. Ask God for a discerning spirit so that you can tell when things don’t seem right. Because if your gut is telling you something is wrong, it generally is. Know that the devil knows you very well and he knows ALL your weaknesses and how to use them against you. Above all, stay close to God. We live in very evil times and don’t kid yourself into thinking that every church is purely Christian. God is not above taking down a church. I’ve seen Him do it to a church that had over a hundred thousand members worldwide. They regrouped themselves, although in very diminished numbers, and set themselves on the right path. They were highly legalistic but now are grace filled.

We are in the end times, so expect things to happen you never otherwise would think would happen. Satan is a psychotic, sociopathic being of immense power. He is not the Hollywood type that has been portrayed but also keep in mind that God is way, way more powerful and Christ has already defeated him on the cross. He is going full blast with his plan of destruction and it is evident that he has already begun. Things will accelerate so it is important to stay very close to God at all times. Keep your wicks trimmed and be prepared.


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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