Media Blackout in Radioactive Japan

I just got finished reading this article and followed the links to another site authored by this guy from Japan, Mochizuki, who gives way more information on the increasing levels of dangerous radiation across Japan. Here is the first article:

And here is the webpage from Mochizuki’s site:

If you look toward the right a little ways down the page you will see webcams. One is to TEPCO but I have to install a plug in to see it. I will do that later.

I looked at one of the articles under the Daily News tab on Mochizuki’s site and there was a video on it. Although in Japanese he did put up, in English, the results of the hand held meter in the video that registers radiation. Yeah, you can hear it ticking away. The person recording had another man holding the device. They were registering radiation in the air and on the ground. This was 100km from Fukushima. (62 miles away)There are more articles I have to read on his site. But anyone reading this can go there and look for themselves.

Rivers and lakes 20 miles northeast of Tokyo are heavily contaminated. At that close of a distance we can safely conjecture that Tokyo is pretty well contaminated, too. This makes me wonder about the Philippines and how contaminated they are because of Fukushima.

The entire island should be evacuated and no one should buy Japanese products made after Fukushima. Unfortunately there is nowhere to put all of those people. It really is a horrible travesty which TEPCO and the Japanese government are covering up. As time goes by more and more of the country is becoming radioactive until all of it is. Imagine…an entire country radioactive. What a horrible thought! It’s an apocalyptic nightmare of the worst proportion. And no one is doing anything about it to help those poor people. How on earth can the Japanese government stand by and watch its own people get sick and die and then attribute it to some other cause other than the truth: radiation from Fukushima?

The government of man is totally corrupt through and through. It does not matter which country. They all are corrupt. If such a thing happened in Japan and is getting buried, what do you think would happen in the United States? The same thing. Don’t kid yourself that Washington would not take the same stance. And they probably have already on other issues. The media are their spin doctors.


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