Satan’s Plan

First: I totally support second amendment rights.

Second: The big thrust of Satan’s current plan is to take down the United States and then annihilate Israel. Both nations founded on God. Former founded on the Bible, latter on the Torah; both connected to God. Most of the others evolved from loosely held tribes or were conquered by other nations.

Third: He is anxious to get it on. He wants this final battle between him and God. And he wants it soon. Yeah, that’s right. We don’t have twenty or thirty years. But don’t let me wake you up out of your cupcake life. Go back to sleep!

What made things come together in my mind was a statement out of today’s news on the web about the kidnapping of the six year old boy in Alabama. It’s a quote from Jimmy Lee Dykes’ neighbor: “I believe he wants to rant and rave about politics and government,” Creel said.

When I read those words, it was like being pulled back….way back…to see the picture on the wall. In order to be able to take down the United States, the country has to be disabled. So….

1) Satan wants to discredit any and all Christians by having those, who are not so tightly wrapped and have been positioned in the Body of Christ, do things that would drag God’s name in the mud. (child abuse for one, financial scandals and any other scandal.) Or the latest insanity…mixing Islam with Christianity and calling it Chrislam. Somebody wants a good slap for that one!

2) He will push forward anything that goes directly against the Word of God and attacks it directly. Get rid of anything that has the ten commandments on it and get rid of crosses. Coverup any Christian symbols when a particular government official requests it because of who he is when he is going to speak somewhere the symbols are displayed.

3) Start taking away constitutional and amendment rights. An example of this would be having anything that goes against Satan’s controlled liberalism classified as “hate speech.” Make sure anyone that speaks out and uses the word “sin” is guilty of “hate speech” because they are infringing on the rights of others to totally trash any shred of decency left on this planet. We wouldn’t want to upset the little demonic gremlins in skin suits.

4) Orchestrate horrendous events in which there are mass killings by the mentally unstable (Sandy Hook). Also make sure there are a lot of confusing details (rifle in the car-rifle out of the car-rifle in the car, on and on.) about same event so no one can figure out what the truth is and also label those who question same as raving, government conspiracy nuts. Quickly bury the story so no one hears any more about it so that no further truth can be revealed. Satan just uses the event of 26 people (20 of them children) slaughtered to further his agenda.

5) Have more random and meaningless killings and make sure it hits the front page so it draws a lot of attention. No one stops to question what is going on and where it is headed. They believe whatever the news tells them and question nothing. I wonder if Hitler used this same tactic.

6) Have a child who needs medication kidnapped by lunatic who wants to rant about the government and who is also a vet so that now the sheeple, who can’t think worth a darn and have to be breast fed from Satan’s news network, will now attack gun owners even more, plus vets and anyone who says anything about the corrupt government. Because now they equate gun owners + vets + outspoken citizens = conspiracy nuts that have to be dealt with. Satan wants them disarmed. He has people fighting with each other in the comments section under news articles while he is laughing hysterically at them all. Soon they will be fighting each other in the streets. He’s whipping up the country into a heated frenzy and no one knows what is really going on or why.

Anyone who rants about the government will be looked upon suspiciously. The beginnings a Nazi-fascist type state. People will spy on each other and turn others in on a whim. There is no way to defend yourself because the bleeding heart liberals will be seen as in the right. Fear will rule the day.

7) Satan has his antichrist now stoked to carry out his wishes.

The ones that do his bidding are not kidnapped against their wills and held prisoner. They are willing participants.

Going to church does NOT make a person a Christian any more than walking into a hospital makes a person a surgeon.

Once guns are eliminated or the right to have them strictly curtailed or regulated, then he is in a position to do the next thing. That’s to start getting rid of whoever stands in his way. (starting with Christians and then go on to other folks.) Take complete control of everything. Freedom and rights go out the window. No one can defend themselves. Those who won’t give up their guns (in spite of the fact that they are sane individuals, who never hurt anyone in their lives and who hate tyranny) will be hunted down. There will be camps where those who resist will be taken.  A new type of civil war or revolution breaks out. No, I’m not kidding. There have been rumblings of this for a long time.

If the United States is drastically weakened or just taken out of the picture, then annihilating Israel is a piece of cake because there is no one who will come to its aid. The other countries are too small and not as powerful. So Satan’s next step is to whip up Iran, North Korea and all those of like mind to surround Israel, ready to conquer. (Actually he’s been whipping them up for a long time. They’re like a pack of vicious dogs, starved to death and waiting for a chance to be let off the chain.) Another possibility would be to have that demonic country of North Korea send some nuclear missiles our way and blow up the west coast. Satan could have Iran and its goombas launch an attack on Israel. War on two fronts. Hmm….sounds vaguely familiar.

I don’t have a lot of detail. These are generalizations on a theory about what most likely will happen to get you to see who is really behind all this current and flagrant insanity and where it is heading. It’s actually going to be much worse than we can possibly imagine. What I have written is only a smattering of how it begins.

Because once Israel is surrounded….guess WHO is coming?

About warrriorforchrist

I am an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, whom I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it. I am fiercely devoted to Jesus Christ and don't care what lukewarm cupcakes have to say. Don't care what the world thinks and says, either.
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2 Responses to Satan’s Plan

  1. W says:

    Well said. Most people (sheeple) would probably not take this seriously. I don’t belong to the NRA. I don’t own a gun, nor do I plan on getting one. The weapons of our warfare are spiritual. And only God can ultimately defend the followers of Jesus no matter how well, or how ill-armed they are. But I will say this, even if you want to remove God from the equation and just look at this from a human perspective. Gun laws ultimately only serve two purposes; they make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns. And they make the left-wing, bleeding hearts feel good so they can pat eachother on the back as if they actually accomplished something worthwhile. Oh, they accomplish one more thing; they make it easier for criminals to get guns, and to commit their crimes because they no longer have to fear reprisal (and I would put the current administration in the criminal category…)

  2. Yes, I agree. God will protect us whether any Christian owns a gun or not. (some might actually be hunting with their rifles.) I wrote this because the incidents of shootings being reported has gone up since Sandy Hook and they are less than truthful. Certain points are highlighted in the reported to get the desired effect from the public. Chicago has always had gang-related gun violence and they always will. It’s a gangster city going way back. Criminals don’t give a hoot about gun laws because they don’t acquire their guns legally, anyway. This whole gun brouhaha is about other agendas that satan has which is filtered down to the governmental individuals that he controls.

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