Dreaming of God

So…what does one say when one has been to Heaven? In a dream, of course! Good grief, I was not literally there. Well that would be something to write about. It’s not the first time and I don’t know anyone else who has but that’s nothing new since my social circle is rather small. I still have not gone back to church. I’m vacillating on that one. I think because I find rejection more than acceptance, I think…why bother?

But yes, I did dream I was there. This morning in fact. When I woke up, I was startled that it had occurred. It was funny in a way. The dream was very short and yes, there was no doubt of where I was. I was sad…sad because I was waiting for Jesus to come and speak to me and He was taking a long time. I didn’t know where He was. Angels were flying around and I was thinking to myself that they were probably wondering why I was sad, too. I mean, after all, I was in HEAVEN! I didn’t see them close up. They were a short distance away, and I vaguely remember the wings and something red. They had something red on but it was not a lot of red. Something like a piece of cloth wrapped around near their shoulders and they were dressed in white robes, I think. I didn’t have time to study them. They were flying one behind the other along what appeared to be a white wall. I think there was some kind of trees on the other side of them that had white flowers but it’s fuzzy now. Now what appeared to be a wall might not have been because that was not in clear focus. Then…. and here’s where my son, David, just howled with laughter when I told him…. I looked at my hand and in it was a piece of chicken. It was odd looking chicken and I was peeling off pieces of it and eating it, while wondering why I was doing that because I’m a vegetarian. (more roars of laughter from David. His fiance, Virginia, was laughing too but not quite a hard as David was.) I also think my hand was no longer flesh. I think it was white. NO, not Caucasian white! But WHITE-WHITE!  And before you say it was because I was dead, let me tell you dead people don’t turn white, they turn gray! Ugly, ugly death-zombie gray! And in Heaven, you are NOT dead! You become another life form in order to be there. Although I am not 100% sure on the color. Now that I think about it, it was sort of hazy, too. And yes, all this vague haziness is tiresome but I didn’t have control over the dream and it was short.  The only things that were concrete were that I was in Heaven, there were angels flying, the tree, the “wall”, my hand and the chicken, even though it was hard to see details. And that I was waiting for Jesus. The best thing I could do in the future is to write it all down as soon as I wake up because if I let hours go by then it becomes fuzzier and fuzzier.

I was quite a peace, otherwise, and then work up startled. (Oh, and I couldn’t taste the chicken. But one doesn’t normally taste food in dreams. Well, I don’t.)

The other time I dreamt of Jesus, I was kneeling before Him and that had to be Heaven, too. I couldn’t look at Him because of His blindingly intense light. But I heard angels singing nearby and they were singing “Amazing Grace”. I began to sing it, too. Then I woke up. Stunned.

So I don’t know what this all means. There is no dream dictionary that would really be able to tell me what it meant. The only Person who can…is currently silent on the matter but He’s very amused I’m writing this. So I banged off an email to a pastor I know of over in Texas, who has the gift of prophecy and asked him. I have not received an answer and I might not receive any because he is very busy. But he did write something about dream interpretation not too long ago which is why I sent the email to him.

Well, just now I almost broke my neck and would have ended UP there! I stopped typing to get a small, snack size bag of Cheetos from the stash my granddaughter, Alex, has in her closet and the blasted cat, who runs like she has jets on her paws at the sound of any crinkling bag, ran up behind me and so when I turned around, I almost stumbled over her! The crinkling bag to her is the sound of a possibility of treats! The only reason she is not a 30 pound cat is from the aerobic exercise she gets running Mach 1 down the stairs to the treat/food cabinet and flying upstairs at the sound of a crinkle. Yes, she eats Cheetos and also likes sour cream and onion potato chips but only teenie bits and not much of that, either. But don’t wave a stick of butter near her or it will be gone in a flash. Anyway, more about her another time.

So back to God. I don’t know and may never know till I see Him face to face what the meaning of the dreams is. I just record them in my journal and wait. Anyways, I would rather dream of waiting for Jesus in Heaven than put up with the crapola on planet Earth any day.


About warrriorforchrist

I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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