More on Fukishima “Flotilla of Death”

Well, it seems that there is another flotilla of death headed for the West Coast of the U.S. Any radiation is not good radiation and that cannot be emphasized enough. Something like this will affect the fishing industry that a lot of coastal businesses depend on. I dread thinking that Sockeye salmon won’t be fit to eat because radiation levels are too high.

Workers at the Fukushima plant were told to cover up radiation readings!  Well, we all know about it now so I guess it wasn’t covered up very well. The only thing we don’t know is what the exact readings were. However, it does not take a giant leap of intellect to figure out that the readings were dangerously high. The United States and Canada have already been dosed with radiation carried by air currents. I don’t know if any has infected Mexico or any Central or South American country but I cannot see how they might remain unaffected since it’s all the same water.

The disaster in Fukushima will continue to unfold and I am sure there will be more to read about.


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I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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