Fringe Part II

I had been debating whether to deal with this subject here or not. But after reading a post on the (in) website, I decided it was time. Fringe Part II deals with those inside the church that have been hurt by other Christians and sometimes in devastating ways. I read how the victims are left deeply scarred by the caustic remarks of another. You wonder whose side are they on. Some realize that they have wronged another and apologize but the relationship might never be the same again. Others never apologize.

The subject I dealt with on my website and am now moving over here is called Tares. I am not saying that those who deliberately hurt other Christians are Tares but it makes you wonder. So here is what I wrote about the subject:


What are Tares? Jesus spoke of tares but no one has really investigated it. If Jesus mentions something then it is important to pay attention.

Tares are also called darnel wheat, depending on the translation. In Matthew 13:25 Jesus tells the story of a man who sowed good seeds in his field and while everyone slept the enemy came along and sowed tares. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads so did the darnel appear. The servants of the man who sowed the good seed asked if he wanted them to pull out the darnel or tares which he said the enemy sowed. He said not to because the good wheat would get pulled out, too.

Jesus’ disciples later ask Jesus to explain the parable. He tells them that the one who sowed the good seed is Himself and the seeds are us, the sons and daughters of the Kingdom. The darnel wheat are the offspring of the evil one. He tells them how His angels are going to sort out the real wheat from the darnel wheat and throw the darnel into the fire.

What is the difference between darnel wheat and real wheat? Darnel wheat is a type of rye. The seed or fruit of the darnel wheat is not like the seed of real wheat. (“You shall know them by their fruit.”) They look exactly alike but only on the inside are they different. On the inside, they are corrupted. When darnel matures, then you see the difference.
In John 8:44 Jesus condemns the religious leaders of the day and tells them, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.” So the religious leaders of the day back in Jesus’ time are an example of darnel wheat.

Okay now we come down to it. If the tares or darnel wheat are growing alongside the chosen of God, then it means that they are right there with us, blending in.

They are there to poison the flock and to defile the Body of Christ. And if one of them is disguised as a “minister of light” all the better because he has the potential to affect many. We live in very dangerous times. Darnel wheat is poisonous, too. It has a soporific poison. Soporific means to cause sleep, much like ten virgins that slept (Matt. 25). What lulled them? What darnel wheat were they partaking of that lulled them to sleep? Five woke up and trimmed their lamps while the others still dozed. Five realized they were in danger and got their act together. We live in extremely dangerous times and I cannot emphasize that enough.

A darnel knows it is not wheat. It knows what it is. Just as much as the Pharisees knew who Jesus really was when He stood tied up in front of them after He was taken prisoner. They KNEW He was the Son of God! They KNEW they were dealing with God incarnate and they hated the fact that He was there disrupting the corrupt lifestyles that they worked so hard to perfect! How demonic is that? How insidious do you think the enemy is going to be in the end times?
“Tares is not wheat but a totally different plant which is sown by the enemy. It is not a part of God’s harvest at all, nor was it sown by God. It will be burned, and there is no chance for it to transform itself to wheat. In short: darnel are not “erring saints”, or unconverted humans, but a totally different species (kind). We must be aware of the fact that there are many deceivers, who are not a part of the wheat of God but of a totally different kind, directly from the enemy, but still look-a-likes which mix with God’s people.” ( Unfortunately this site was disabled but it had such good material. Here is another that I had found: On the second site the author says there are seeds but they are smaller than real wheat. In the first site the author says the heads are hollow, but that turns out not to be the case. Either way…darnel is not good.).

I know this is pretty incredible and unless you have actually seen them, it would be hard to believe. But only the children of God can bear fruits of the Spirit. Darnel cannot.

It brings to mind Ezekiel 8 and what Ezekiel saw in the hole in the wall. The same is going on.


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I am a Christian, a mother and a grandmother. I have two grown sons, who I love dearly, three grandchildren: two boys and one girl by each of my sons. I love design and went to college for it.
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2 Responses to Fringe Part II

  1. W says:

    The things you mention here jive with other teachings I have heard about about tares, or darnell wheat. Something did occur to me recently. We know Jesus said not to pull up the tares, lest some wheat be pulled up with it. I always assumed it was because the tares were hard to distinguish from the wheat. But could it be that some wheat is hard to distinguish from the tares? You said tares are not “erring” saints and perhaps you are right. But some saints do not act very “saintly” at times (and I must include myself in that group). So thank God for his patience and mercy!

  2. I don’t think the saints are tares or they wouldn’t be saints and you definitely are not a tare!!
    This is something else altogether different. It’s a shame that the one site that I had gotten a lot of material from is not up right now. But I did quote from the author of that site.

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