I’m Sick To Death With Carnality

And God hates it too. To be carnally minded is death. (Romans 8:6). I hate it within myself and I do strive to get rid of it. The only way to do that is extended time in prayer which is basically communicating with God. You either are spiritual or carnal. Not both. You have to make the choice because life with God is eternal. Life without Him is hell.

I find it annoying when others make excuses as to why they are not changing. They are finding a reason to convince themselves they are too weak to overcome their carnality, thus making the Power of God null and void. For those who are converted Christians, we have the Power of God within us to overcome any carnal nature and to take down any stronghold that the devil has built within our minds and hearts. And he has built them. If you are still fooling yourself and trying to fool God, the devil already has you and your salvation is in danger. Don’t make God take drastic steps to rescue you from yourself because you are not going to like how He does it. I guarantee He WILL get His point across. If you resist, it’s the same as rebellion and, in case you forgot, He threw the devil and his angels out of Heaven for that. He will prevent you from entering if you continue on your present path.

Time is short. Not because any day can be your last day but because the devil’s attacks and stronghold building will intensify until he drags you down to hell with him. Do not spit on the sacrifice of Christ by continuing to make excuses for your crappy behavior, out of control lusts, compromising with the Word of God because other churches are, and any other sin you can throw in there. Don’t believe the devil’s lie of “oh it’s only a little sin, I’ll repent later”. Or “I can’t control myself, I’m weak, I’m this, I’m that”, yada, yada, yada.

I discovered when I actually spent a long time in prayer and Bible study, I ended up different. So different that it amazed me. You would not see it outwardly, at first, but inwardly there was a change. I liked it. It was like taking a quantum leap into a mere taste of what it would be like to be more spiritually minded than ever before. It was like a taste of Heaven. Things that had previously plagued me and stressed me out were reduced to cinders. I never knew that this sort of thing was possible until I took the leap and stayed in prayer, like close to an hour. So, if it is possible for me, it’s possible for anyone. You can pray anywhere at any time. If you desire God, He will make all things possible. I wanted Him, just Him. Not what He could do for me, but just to be with Him. That made all the difference.

I pray that other Christians get off their backsides and start getting together with our Father and Brother, Jesus Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. Because you don’t have a lot of time.

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Fukushima AGAIN

Natural News just published an article about the continuing pollution of the Pacific Ocean by the Fukushima power plant. More marine animals are washing up on the California coast and, instead of investigating how much radioactive material is in the ocean and in the marine life (seals, dolphins and even whales), scientists are pulling out the old “global warming” tiresome excuse. Why do you think that is? Because if they became serious about it, then they would have to acknowledge that our ocean is polluted with radiation and so is the fish we consume.

Well known anti-nuclear doctor, Helen Caldicott, had this to say: “Every day, four hundred tons of highly radioactive water pours into the Pacific and heads towards the U.S.,” renowned physician and anti-nuclear advocate Helen Caldicott warned in September 2014. “Because the radiation accumulates in fish, we get that too. The U.S. government is not testing the water, not testing the fish, and not testing the ambient air. Also, people in Japan are eating radiation every day.” Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050844_Fukushima_radiation_marine_life.html#ixzz3jI5kRl38

Four hundred tons over how many years since this all began? Since 2011. The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of the planet. That’s a lot of area. We don’t hear anything about it because main stream media has swept it under the rug, as if it is going to go away if no one looks at it. So how many marine animals have washed up on the California coast? Thousands. I guess people are going to wait till they have serious radioactive poisoning and have tumors all over their body or there are more cancer cases (particularly thyroid cancer because radiation loves to make its home there!) or start glowing in the dark before the light bulb goes on and they realize death is at the door.

And those scientists who are stumped by the large quantities of deaths of marine life and wonder why the ocean seems to be warmer might ask themselves if the massive amount of radiation that has been flooding the Pacific Ocean might be making things nice and warm and cozy out there, while also killing the animals at the same time.

I think radiation is far more dangerous for the planet than whether or not one is leaving a “carbon footprint” by not unplugging electrical items used in one’s home.

We are also not hearing how many incidents of thyroid cancer are occurring in Japanese children anymore. There is a media blackout on that, too. And we don’t know how many of us having been breathing in contaminated air, as well. I am sure there will be more on this in the future.

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I Ended The Detox

When I got to day 4 I was so sick of smoothies that I could not even drink another one after I forced the breakfast one down. Plus…I woke up at 4 AM and nearly lost my mind that I had another bad night of little sleep. I felt delusional all day and disoriented and dizzy. Finally at some point in the late morning I decided I had enough! This was way too insane for me. I basically blew the whole week without accomplishing anything. So I ordered Chinese food delivered and scarfed down sesame chicken, pork fried rice, steamed dumplings and two spring rolls. It tasted good.

The Bullet got packed up and I took it back to Kohl’s the following day. I actually had a sense of relief once I made the decision to stop the insanity. This sort of detox is not for everyone. I was told that many succeeded and that others dropped out. I just could not stand to drink another smoothie no matter what the promise. They were awful and I hated the texture of them. Blech! I think also the combination of a vegetable with a lot of fruits was a bit much for my system. I did not lose an ounce during that time but was told that if I stuck it out the weight would have come off and great things would have happened. I can’t even explain adequately how awful I felt. There are other ways of detoxing that does not put one in a warp speed downward spiral.

So now back to my normal life.

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Detox Day 3

I was going to combine 3 and 4 but felt I needed to deal with this day separately. When I went to sleep on Tuesday night I had no idea what I was in store for. I had trouble falling asleep. When I finally did sometime after 10:30 but can’t remember exactly, I was asleep a short time and woke up at 1:45. From that point forward it was hell. I had severe detox symptoms. I could not fall asleep again. I had wild, irrational thoughts flying around in my head that I couldn’t stop. I was hungry. All I could think about was food and the smoothies were not among that. I finally got up and went downstairs and ate about a tablespoon of peanut butter because I could not stand it anymore. This wild delirium state of mind was akin to severe withdrawal. I came back upstairs and had a little wine hoping to fall asleep. I didn’t.

The sun came up and finally I got up and did my laundry. I was still out of it but made another smoothie. I started hated smoothies. I did manage to sleep a little after I put the second load in the dryer and that was around 7:30. I woke up at 9:30. Two hours. That was it. I was still messed up and could not function. I wanted to just return the Bullet to Kohl’s and stop the insanity but kept going. Haley encouraged and prayed for me that I would hang in there.

I still have not slept and it is 10:10. I am going to go to bed soon. What I discovered was that I am not the type of person who can eat or drink one type of meal all week long. After awhile I had to force myself to drink another smoothie. I highly doubt that I will have another smoothie for the rest of my life.

On top of which, I had things I had to get done this week and it all got shoved to the wayside because I was too out of sorts to do anything. I could not concentrate on anything nor could I read anything of any length. Zero attention span. Just totally muddled and foggy mind.

As of right now, I feel like crap and nothing has changed. But I was told that this will change soon. We’ll see.

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Detox Day 1 and 2

Day one was not so bad. I had smoothies that consisted of spinach plus different fruits. Bananas are used a lot to make the smoothie thick and smooth. Dinner smoothie consisted of tomatoes, spinach, garlic, half an avocado and water to blend it all. I did start to get a headache and took some generic Excedrin migraine after putting up with it for a couple of hours. I started having aches and pains by late afternoon and it was so bad that I found it difficult to walk into the grocery store.

Haley emailed me to see how I was doing and I gave her updates and she gave me lots of encouragement.

Day two: Well, I had slept for 11 hours and woke up still tired! Here is where it got rough. Still had some aches and pains but I was soooooo tired, I ended up falling asleep during the day. This was after I had gone to the doctor for a blood test (thyroid) and stopped at Sprouts Marketplace for more veg and some fruit for the smoothies since our fridge is small. The cravings are intense. All I could think of was pizza and could I put it in the Bullet Rx and have a smoothie that way. Pizza occupied my mind. A nice cheese and pepperoni pizza with a slice of white pizza on the side. Yum! I think it was just solid food that I wanted but pizza was on the top of the list. And I still have FIVE more days to go! Hot dogs and Chinese food came in second on the craving list.

I hope it gets better soon as I have too much invested in this.

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7 Day Intense Detox

The Detox

Genesis 1:29- Then God said, “I give you ever seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”

Starting July 13th and ending July 19th I will be on a nutritional cleansing detox. I get newsletters from a website called Living Raw by Grace. The blogger on that site, Haley Cloud, has totally transformed herself and her health by going raw vegan. She started out in her young life besieged by illnesses and weight gain. She was taking a lot of medications. She managed to free herself of all the medications and lost a lot of weight by changing her diet drastically. She read this book by Victoria Boutenko which was a 12 step program to going raw. She said she went through the most difficult detox in her life by going raw overnight. But she succeeded. Now she offers help to others. P Here is the link to her site: http://www.livingrawbygrace.com/

Periodically she has week long detoxes in which the participants drink nothing but green based smoothies all week long and no solid food. I had seen this over and over again during the course of a year or more. Suddenly, I wanted to do this. I think because I had tried everything else and have been sick and tired of being sick. I had been vegetarian and vegan for three years but it never improved my health. I could not understand why others felt better but I never did. Well something was missing. Through reading up on Boutenko I discovered some of my mistakes. I can’t tolerate gluten or dairy and will start coughing, sneezing like crazy until I take an over the counter allergy pill to stop it. So I switched to gluten free products. The only thing with those products is they will cause you to gain weight because they are often made of flours from high glucemic sources like rice and potato starch.

I decided to see if there was anything to this week long detox. So I jumped in and signed up. I began to try making green based smoothies on my own while corresponding with Haley to prep my body for the detox. I would put green leafy vegetables into the blender along with two cups of water and fruit. What I discovered is that my little Black and Decker cheap blender could not break down the greens and I still had to chew. Going on Haley’s advice, I put the greens and water in first, then blended the daylights out of the greens and then added the fruit. It worked better but not 100% broken down. Anyway, on Saturday morning I had it with the blender. It would not lock into the base and in one instance water came pouring out of the blender jar. ARRGGG! I had only 1 hour of sleep the night before because of a bad pain in my left leg. I had no patience for the blender. I could not afford the Cadillac of all blenders, the Vitamix, because the cost is stratospheric for me right now. SO…seeing that Kohl’s had the Bullet Rx blender on sale for $179.99 from $249.99 and I had two Kohl’s coupons I could use, I decided to put a Bullet on my Kohl’s charge even though I have a small credit line. I had read reviews on the Bullet and there were some complaints like one person said that the gasket ended up inside the blender jar and he had bits of gasket in his smoothie. Well, when I got the Bullet home and read the instructions, I discovered that the customer did not follow the instructions accurately and messed up his blender. So I put the Bullet together and after washing the parts I was going to use, I tried it out. NO problem whatsoever. The 2.3 HP motor whipped those greens and anything else i put in there to a nice smoothie with no particles in it. Now I have a blender that worked and I saved a total of $110 in the process. Yay!

Even though I am not on the full blown detox until tomorrow morning, I have already experienced improvements in a short time and even though I was eating cooked foods and meat. Yes I stopped being vegan about two years ago but still tried to take care of myself by juicing. And if it was not for the pain in my leg this weekend, I’d be in better shape and not feeling like death. I got a total of 4 hours sleep this weekend. I did take naps but my body needs some serious recovery time.

Anyway, I am going to chronicle the detox here as I progress in it starting tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to some amazing results. Like more energy for starters.

I do have Victoria Boutenko’s book which I am reading and I was stunned by the improvements in her family’s health. Her son who had diabetes no longer has it. He had it so bad, that he was told he was going to go blind. But that never happened thanks to Victoria’s relentless persistence in finding a way to help her son and her husband, daughter and herself.

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So I Asked God To Make Me More Loving….

Because the rest of the people on the planet need to see it with all of us. And it is not that I am not loving now. I am. But need to be more so. I am not perfect. No Christian is. We are all a work in progress but we are willing to be molded into the image of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

No one sees the good works Christians do because the anti-Christ news media does not report it. No one saw a group of us rolling 500 burritos in the wee hours of June 20, 2015 to go out and feed the homeless. We loaded up a van with a big cooler that housed the burritos and with cases of water, clothing and Bibles we set out to find the homeless. Two other biker church ministries joined us and they rounded up the homeless and sent them to the parking lot in various places we stopped to get fed. We don’t ask what the politics are of the homeless, nor their background nor if they are straight or gay. We were there to feed them and give them water and let them pick out clothes to wear and a Bible to read. One of our group took her socks off and gave it to a homeless man who had no shoes. We didn’t have shoes among the boxes of things to give out. So she gave her socks to him. So we were out there in the blistering heat to do what Jesus wanted us to do; care for the poor. This is what we do. No one else sees us but God sees us. We gave away all those burritos. This was not the first time we did it and it won’t be the last.

There was another group of us at St. Vincent de Paul who gave out bags filled with personal care items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, soap, etc. They were cleaned out pretty quickly and joined us at one of the parks to help hand out food and water, clothing and Bibles.

No one reported on how the Billy Graham foundation went out with their Rapid Response Team to help those in Ferguson, MO, either. And all the other times that the Rapid Response Team went out to help those in dire need in other disaster-struck regions.

We would like to one day have a “port in the storm” house for them. A place the homeless can go to if the shelters are closed on the weekend. We are trying to raise money for that. We are a very small church. http://www.gofundme.com/redeemed-delivered

It breaks my heart to see so many homeless in a country that is so wealthy. And you’d be surprised to discover that a lot of them are vets. Yes, men and women who have fought for this country and are abandoned by it. Very heart breaking.

So what is to be done? We just continue to plod on and plan for the next outreach and pray that one day we can have a place for them to go that is safe and not on the streets. Compassion for our fellow man is sorely lacking in today’s self indulgent and entitlement society.

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