Glory To God In The Highest

I was led by the Holy Spirit to launch a channel I subscribe to in YouTube. DappyTKeys Piano Worship: I wanted to listen to this very gifted man while I was doing Bible study. God had other plans. Right after the music began to play and I sat in my prayer chair with my Bible, I felt a sensation radiating from the center of my chest (my heart) outwards. It was overwhelming. I could not speak because the Spirit was doing all the talking to God, the Father. This was a small example of the feeling I had felt in a dream I had not too long ago where I was sitting at my desk, as I am now, when I felt the Presence of God entering my room through the open door. I turned but did not see Him. I felt Him. It was so strong that it overcame me and I raised my arms upward as a child would to be picked up by their parent. Then I woke up. I haven’t a clue as to the meaning of that dream but God knows.

DappyTKeys features various Bible verses that appear on the screen. This one began with John 17. So I took my Bible and turned to it. We have no idea nor cannot begin to comprehend this side of heaven the intensity of the relationship between Jesus and His Father. I read John 17 and began to feel a smattering of it. Tears fell from my eyes. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us was a deeply personal thing between Jesus and the Father. Something way beyond our meager human comprehension but one day we will, in full, know and understand it.

God sings to us. He sings over us. Zephaniah 3:17. There is a lot of singing mentioned in the Bible. Singing is important to God. Universe = one song. We sing praises to Him. We worship in song. Why is that? Is it because it is a special language between God and His creation? Do Jesus and the Father and Holy Spirit sing to each other? Didn’t Paul, when he was in prison, sing psalms?

The Holy Spirit is so powerful that sometimes we have tears falling from our eyes as an outlet. I once read an account of a pastor who took some of his flock to Israel. They were walking in the old section of Jerusalem when they suddenly stopped and began to weep. The pastor was convinced that Jesus stood on that spot (among many others) and left an imprint of Himself in the stone so that when a Christian comes upon it, they are overwhelmed with His presence and weep. In my mind’s eye, I pictured Jesus walking through Jerusalem and stopping at certain spots and touching the stone wall of a building and then moving on like He was leaving an imprint of Himself for future followers.

So in this horrid time that we live in, I wanted to redirect all of you to the One who will give us peace that surpasses all understanding. To invite you to draw near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

Bless you all. He is Coming!

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I’m so TIRED of all This….

I’m tired of the wild exaggerations and fear mongering over and over again. Every time I boot up my computer there is some new virus aberration. The CV has morphed into 50 other variations and soon we can expect Sigourney Weaver to arrive on the scene to deal with the aliens that will burst out of our chests as the virus has evolved into something new. AND it will be with us till the stars burn out. (Nevermind that other viruses have come and gone and humanity is still here. Hey did you ever wonder why the upper 1% has not gotten any virus. Like Bill Gates and that creature from the black lagoon, Soros.)

People are getting fed up with being inside. How do we know if what is reported is even remotely true? Do you realize that if they keep churning the fear with more fearful scenarios, people will remain paranoid and fearful. [Thankfully, God says not to be afraid. So I’m not. But those without Him are afraid.] Then people will go along with whatever the “experts” or those in charge say, even if it makes no sense and is totally insane. So, here is what I think of all this crap. The picture says it all. (Download picture so you can blow it up and see all the interesting details.)

I know some believe that there is no virus. I think it exists but I am wondering about how much of what is being thrown at us is true. It is an engineered bio-weapon. I keep thinking of the series Fringe. People are acting irrational. Darkness will continue to spread as satan’s demons further whip people into a frenzy. Soon it will be only dark and light. No gray. Those in the Light will stand out among those in the dark.

It makes me angry. Angry that the whole world has been turned upside down. More intrusions into our civil liberties and the taking away of our rights. An EMT was shot to death in her home by SWAT officers that burst in without knocking and without identifying themselves. That is how it was first reported. (Then I saw back-peddling reports that they did knock but the first report they had a “no-knock” warrant.) Her boyfriend woke up and thought thieves had broken into their apartment so he fired a gun and was shot to death by the cops. Her family is up in arms and they should be. They won’t let this rest until they get justice for her. The cops had the wrong address, by the way. But that seems to be nothing new with them.

Nonetheless, it only illustrates how insane people are getting and you can’t trust anyone. Except God. Or family members that are trustworthy. Because now I heard rumors that neighbors were urged to report on people they suspect as having the virus. I’m really sick of it all.

Stay close to God. Pray always. You can talk to Him in your head any time of the day or night. He is always there. I don’t know where this is all leading to but I am so thankful I have Him. I’d really be a basket case or dead.

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I Feel Like This Was Concocted By A Drunken Script Writer Of Bad Plays

I spend most of my time indoors and not just because of Corona Virus. I normally don’t go out especially when the temperatures are soaring into the triple digits like they are right now in Arizona. But I do go out to do the food shopping. I can’t do much else. No Ulta, Sephora or Barnes and Noble. Everything is closed except grocery stores and Walmart, Cosco and Sam’s club. Plus medical facilities and our small church. We are pretty small. No one is sick.

But when I do go out to the store it all seems surreal. Everything is normal inside the house but once I step outside it’s like stepping into the Twilight Zone. Lots of people wearing masks, taped off areas in grocery stores and now meat is rationed. That was a new one at Sprouts today. We can only buy two packages of meat, two of chicken, two of pork and four of stuff like bacon and hot dogs. I looked online and found out that you can freeze bacon for 6 months. So I got three extra packs of bacon which are now in our freezer. I have turned one of our book cases in our living room into the overflow pantry because the kitchen in this town house was designed by someone on crack. In order to open the refrigerator door all the way, I have to open the back door. I’m not kidding. Cabinet space is very limited.

I stopped at Safeway for a few things and was shocked out of my socks when Walter found toilet paper on their shelves. But it was only the store brand and limited one per customer. I didn’t care. It was toilet paper; like finding gold where you least expect it. We also got pizza for dinner. Our favorite place has take-out service only and that was fine with us. It was New York pizza, which to us is real pizza.

You are supposed to maintain the six feet distance when in the store and sometimes that’s impossible. I had masks with me in case it suddenly became a requirement to enter a store but I didn’t put it on. I wasn’t afraid. There is always an employee armed with disinfectant and paper towels standing by the carts. All carts are disinfected once they enter the store and they have some ready and waiting for the customers. I think that’s pretty nice. We saw that at Safeway and Sprouts. I assume Walmart does the same but only Walter went to Walmart. I had to use the ladies’ room and after I was done there and had to wash my hands, I did so but when I dried them I kept one paper towel to open the door to leave and tossed that into a trash can not too far away. I was actually doing that way before corona came along because not everyone washes their hands. The fact that you have to tell people to wash their hands means that a lot of them are pigs if they have to be told. I can’t even grow my fingernails because I am constantly washing my hands even though I take Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen at least once, maybe twice a day. I’m always washing my hands when I am cooking. If I drop something on the floor and pick it up to throw away, I wash my hands. If I scratch my face, I wash my hands. If I am breaking down a large pack of chicken into small serving sizes to freeze in zip lock bags, I wash my hands then, too. To me it’s just food safety. Anyone that eats at my house is not going to catch anything.

It’s just so surreal and doesn’t seem real to me. I read stuff online and watch videos which have reports not seen in the mainstream news but once I step out into it, it all seems strange. I don’t know if anyone else feels that way. I pray it ends soon. I know they are predicting this is going to be the never ending story but they are not God and He can stop it in a New York minute if He decides to do that. I pray for those who are suffering because of this, for my fellow Christian who might be sick and I pray my family is protected among a bunch of other things.

I don’t know if we will ever find out the truth about this because there is so much fear mongering in the press and so many lies, you don’t know what the truth is. I just know everyone wants their lives to go back to something that resembled normal. I pray that God ends this so that farmers can go back to growing crops instead of destroying them and livestock won’t face mass slaughter because the processing plants are closed and ranchers are losing their shirts over this. And that the small business owner can begin again, if possible.

I don’t know what is coming next. But I do know my God is in control and that’s fine with me because mankind has made a right hash of it all and is an utter failure.

Be blessed, stay safe.

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This Is A RANT and I don’t care who gets ticked off!!

I’ve gotten totally sick of the beer virus and the lies and excessive media hype. They’re all in the pay of the devil. I’m quite sick of it all. I’m not politically correct and if you don’t like that, shove it where the sun does not shine and never will.

Because of the excessive greed in this country and the absolute egocentric bottom feeders that have made their wealth from everyone else, we have a “virus” that no one can handle. Or so they say. It’s the 21st century and you’d think we were back in the 1400s. Most of our antibiotics are made in China, a country that hates us and calls us the enemy. That’s because of capital greed. Some hard core preppers that were former military are all expecting a war with China. They see the handwriting on the wall. And don’t think this was all not orchestrated by the most demonic people walking the face of the earth. Yeah, that’s you Soros, for one. Other demonic forces want us all vaccinated with some poison that probably contains aborted fetus cells as well as a tiny microchip. Well they can shove that, too. There is a lot of things going on behind the scenes that mainstream media will not report but there are some that are speaking out on various channels. Yep, a war with China, the same country that produced Sun Tzu. They have no moral compass and think nothing of sacrificing millions of their own people. If they go to war it will be all or nothing. You better start preparing if you have not already done so. And enough with this stupid toilet paper shortage!! We manufacture it right here in this country.

This country has defied God and NO ONE should be surprised if His fist comes down like a ten ton safe on everyone. He has NOT changed. As much as the mealy-mouthed, watered down preachers like to change God, it’s not happening. If He says it is a sin to do whatever you are doing, then it is what He says. NO He is not all sentimental and wishy-washy and is not going to change one iota of His Word because the jerk of a minister wants the adoration of the masses instead of the approval of God. Satan sees jerks like this and moves right in. After all, he can masquerade as God since he spent a good amount of time in his previous job as the covering angel behind the throne. Moron that he is, he traded it all for desolation because he was so enamored with his despicable self and he took a bunch of his goombas with him. If God threw him and his buddies out of heaven don’t even think He is going to let some idiots in who think, like the devil, they know more than God about what is right or wrong. You’re going to get what you deserve and I don’t feel sorry for you.

This country would rather put a sexual predator (touchy-feely Joe) in office because he will go along with whatever crap the sinning public wants instead of a righteous man. Well, seriously, there is no such thing as a righteous politician. Well, don’t be surprised at what is coming your way. This society is going to go down like the Titanic and the world is rushing headlong at warp speed to its own demise.

There’s a lot of very angry people and it would not take much for them to all unite and revolt. A lot of people are fed up to the teeth with that has been going on and eventually the truth will come out and the cow chips will seriously hit the fan.

Thankfully, we have a very powerful Savior who is going to sort everyone out. Many will die for standing up for Jesus but we don’t care. He will resurface the planet anyway, once He is done ordering His angels to take out the trash. I can’t wait for it to be all over with. I’m sick of this world.

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What The Heck Is This Crap!!

I just got this video and now certain aisles will be blocked off and you can NOT buy those items. That includes clothing! Take a look at this video and see what is blocked off that makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I can tell by the way the aisle is laid out it is Walmart. More profound evil is headed our way and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT BLASTED VIRUS! They are using it as an excuse to take away our freedoms. A vile evil agenda of demonic origins has been unleashed. Soon we won’t be able to buy or sell and those that do will have the mark of the beast.


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When You Didn’t Think It Could Get Any Worse….It Has.

I’ve been seeing unbelievable stories of deliberate attempts at creating a food shortage when there is no real shortage. First it was the state of Vermont not allowing for the sale of seeds. Yes, seeds to grow vegetables and fruit. Humans are not allowed to eat anymore. Now, cattle ranchers can’t get their cattle to get processed because the meat processing plants have been shut down. Dairy farmers told to dump their milk. The whole world has gone stark raving, barking mad!

Food banks are being drained because of the amount of people out of work and NO income coming in. It’s getting to the point where I wake up in the morning and wonder what new, insane devilry is going to greet my eyes when I turn my computer on.

Here is a video that covers various points I’ve mentioned:

There is NO reason for not allowing people to buy seeds so they can grow their own food. NO REASON. This is part of some diabolical plan that will end in violence. Hungry people will get desperate and I can’t even imagine what we are going to have to deal with down the road.

Here is the Silver Report Uncut which also talks about seeds not being allowed to sell. And this guy even mentions that where he lives the supermarket has limited the sale of meat to only two packages per week per family and only one dozen eggs. He has five kids plus his wife and himself.

“Robocops” on the street enforcing lockdowns: And here is another

Things are going to get dark. Very dark. Everybody better be practicing Ephesians 6:10-18! This is no time to slack off. Y’all better realize we are in the 10 virgins timeline and you better not fall asleep. The whole planet is on the verge of collapse of our present day society no matter what country you live in. It’s not going back to the way it was because things have gone way too far and you better wake up!! This is beyond COVID 19.

Above all: Don’t be afraid. Put your armor on and be ready for battle. We have the Holy Spirit. Stand firm. Trust the Lord.

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Watch This Video From ER Doctor In Chicago

It’s only just over 5 minutes but rather chilling:

Read on the news that Putin is shipping supplies to the United States to help with this virus.

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