Praise Jesus!!! The Women and Children Will Be Helped!

It’s amazing! The original goal to rescue those poor women and children from the evil of ISIS in Iraq was $150,000. In the first 24 hours $355,000 was raised! Now, today, I read that over $500,000 has been raised and it is still climbing!! The women and children will be taken out of the shipping containers where they have sought refuge and put into proper dwellings. The women will be taught to read and write and given money to start their own businesses in Northern Iraq. And the children will be safe and will be going to school. Over 20,000 of them. Probably a lot more since more money has come in. They will be fed and housed and will receive medical help, as well.

It shows that the love of Christ can overcome the darkness. I have been listening to Ann Voskamp on a live webcast and another man, Jeremy Courtney,who along with his wife, is in Iraq to help those people. He has been there since the middle of the last Iraqi war. He works with various groups in Iraq, mosques, etc. to get the work done in Jesus’ name. He and his team pour out the love of God to all who are created in the image of God.

So the women who had been living hopeless lives in fear and extreme poverty, who have lost everything including their husbands who had been killed by ISIS, will see the Love of Christ being poured out onto them and their children. This is a powerful witness to all of the Love of Jesus Christ.

Ann Voskamp was totally blown away by the response. She had gone over to Iraq because she felt she was being led by God when ISIS was a mere 40 miles away. Her family was, at first, frantic over the idea but then came to accept it. She was well protected by God on her journey over there, first stopping in Israel and then going to Iraq to gather the stories of these broken women and the horrendous horrors they face. She brought those stories home and have shared it with all of us so that we can be the hands of God and help them. Those who were created in the Image of God.

This is what happens when we surrender ourselves to God and allow ourselves to be poured out for Him. What has Christ also commanded us to do? Love our enemies. AH! Not so easy when you read about atrocities such as what happened to those 9 year old girls. Pure evil. That’s kind of hard for me to accept. So while there is clearly a heavy demonic presence in ISIS, I will pray for the misguided ones from the 90 other nations who have joined ISIS; who were brainwashed by aggressive recruiters to join. May God have mercy on their souls.

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There Are Not Enough Hells for ISIS

I got a blog post from Ann Voskamp that enraged me so much that I think ISIS should be bombed out of existence…all of them, every single one, with NO mercy.

There is a scarcity of 9 year old girls in Iraq because they are being sold naked on an open slave market by ISIS to do with whatever the scumbag bastard that buys them wants to. (sorry I could not think of another word for bastard right now. Though I can think of worse words to use. There is no nicey-nice phraseology to use to describe ISIS other than out-right demonic, which is what they are) Then the girl’s vagina is surgically repaired so she can be a “virgin” for the next scumbag who needs to be roasted alive after his penis is cut off. And I don’t want to hear anything from some bleeding heart liberal who I would not wipe my feet on who thinks no one should go and save these girls. But you know, if the almighty dollar is not behind it, then no one cares.

I could not wrap my head around what is going on over there, but hey, don’t let me stop you from watching the Khardashians and what is going on with he/she Bruce. All children’s lives matter. ALL. No matter what country they are from. Just thinking about this makes me foam at the mouth. (And by the way, we contributed to Preemptive Love Coalition and you should, too. Give up a week’s worth of lattes at Starbucks and do it.)

What is going on over there is a real horror that is beyond comprehension. I wish I could win a lottery so I could save them all. But I haven’t. I can only do my small part. But you know, if everyone does a small part it adds up to a big part. In the meantime all I can do is pray that somehow they get rescued.

Also keep in mind that there are American and British guys going over to join ISIS. Traitors all. They should be shot on sight, no mercy, no trial.

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All This Stuff Doesn’t Even Matter

Anything that distracts me from God does not even matter. I allowed myself to get hijacked and bogged down in stupid, mindless, twaddle crap that does not even matter. I’m also tired of the negativity and don’t want it in my life anymore. Does it matter all that much whether there is money for this or that and what will happen months from now? No, actually it does not matter because, quite frankly, it is out of my realm anyway since God controls what happens to me from second to second. I think it is time for some spring cleaning. These are the days counting down toward the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yep, time to get that leaven out of my life for good.

I suddenly realized I am not even living. I’m existing and I can tell you that no way does God want me in this position. So…I have to change it. And from now on I don’t give a rat’s backside what else is going on, I’m sticking with Jesus and hanging out with Him and my DAD. (the one Jesus calls Our Father.)

I want to be free, truly free and that is exactly what Jesus came to do…set me free. The cage door is open…I just have to fly through it.

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So…Cornell University Would Allow An ISIS Terrorist To Hold A Training Camp On Its Campus

For those who don’t know, Cornell University is located in New York. I got a newsletter from Natural News about this and after reading that article I went to the source which is Project Veritas. Project Truth. I scrolled down till I found the video where the assistant dean of students, Dean Scaffido, actually says it would be okay to have a member of ISIS come in and host a training camp for students and compared it to a coach training a sports team!! I often thought nothing could surprise me but this did. Here is the link to the actual site: Yep, just come on in and talk to over a thousand students and maybe recruit a good portion of them for the cause.

The part in the Natural News article about vaccinations was not mentioned in the video with the dean of students but Mike Adam’s might have gotten that from another source. Here is the Natural News article:

The Veritas reporter went in to talk to Scaffido posing as a student and asked Scaffido questions about having ISIS come and speak on the campus, maybe starting a humanitarian project for ISIS, like sending food and other stuff overseas. Hamas would be allowed to join in, too.The Veritas reporter does NOT support ISIS but went in there to do the interview as if he was. This was all on camera and so Scaffido knew he was being videoed. It is shocking to say the least but this is where liberal America is headed. And with our Failure-in-Chief in the White House doing nothing, I am sure that ISIS will take root here, too. Kiss your freedom goodbye.

P.S. I thought about this post some time after I wrote it. Having some experience with Adobe products I know it is very possible to put two entirely different videos together and make it seem like it is one video. It’s a very clever trick. I thought about this because I found it hard to believe that Scaffido is that dumb. We don’t see the interviewer. Just the interviewee. It taught me a lesson to let a post sit for awhile in the draft form and think about it before I post it. Of course, there is no way to prove anything really. Also, I highly doubt that Cornell University would hold any training camp for ISIS without the Feds appearing on their doorstep in a New York Minute.

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Ghidorah and Rodan Will Be Joining the Mix

The latest as reported by Yahoo is that nearly all the fuel rods have melted to the bottom of the first reactor. Three reactors were heavily damaged. TEPCO does not have any way of seeing the exact location of the molten fuel due to the stratospheric levels of radiation. They said they will have to build robots to do the job since it is impossible for any human to get remotely near it. TEPCO claims it will take 30-40 years to clean up. Really? U-238 has a half-life of 4.5 million years. By the time TEPCO gets its act together the entire planet will be glowing and a new Olympic event will be added to the next Olympics, which will be hosted by Japan. Godzilla, Mothra, Ghidorah and Rodan will be duking it out.

So while TEPCO is going through the motions over the next four decades to “clean this up”, radiation will have traveled around the world several times. We don’t know how many people have died in Japan over the last four years from this. We don’t know how many children have thyroid cancer and how many others are gravely ill and dying. You see the problem is no one has ever planned for a disaster of this magnitude which is getting progressively worse. So they don’t know how to handle it. They are storing vast amounts of radioactive water in huge tanks by the crippled reactors. The radioactive soil and debris has been stuffed into big black plastic bags (like lawn and leaf bags) and tied up and left in piles numbering in the hundreds on a beach in Japan, probably near Fukushima. Yes, it is right by the water. Okay so what happens if there is a storm and those bags with radioactive debris gets carted out to the sea? And not everything is back to “normal” in Japan. You are only shown areas that have been cleaned up and the wreckage carted away. There are still areas that are a mess. They have no place to put it all. (There was a slide show on the web recently on the anniversary of Fukushima that showed all this.)

We don’t know what the effect will be on those of us who live in the United States. We don’t know what the effects will be on the countries nearest to Japan. A lot of the truth is hidden from us. And I don’t know how this event will play into other events in the future, but it is there and it’s smoldering away. And I surely don’t know what will happen if another major earthquake hits Japan in the same area.

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U.S Navy Sailors Exposed At Fukushima Are Disappearing

Now you see them. Now you don’t. I read an article today on Natural News’ website about the sailors who have been sick from the radiation exposure at Fukushima when they went on a rescue mission. And the government, not wanting to disappoint us, had some talking head tell the sailors they didn’t get sick from the massive radiation at the Fukushima meltdown.
Since the sailors cannot sue the Navy, they are suing TEPCO, Toshiba, Hitachi,Ebasco and General Electric. They are also afraid of being seen as un-American. How like the government that would be, to diminish and attack the sick service men by saying they are un-American because they want to sue for being dangerously exposed to excessive radiation. They were mocked by atomic energy experts on CNN. It’s bad enough that they are dying from radiation and not receiving any help at all but to be mocked on top of that belays the callousness and cold-heartedness of so-called experts.

One case in particular involved a Navy lieutenant named Steve Simmons. He was a triathlete but after Fukushima he became gravely ill; suffering hair loss, muscle deterioration, discoloration of his fingers, etc. He was never given a formal diagnosis of his illness, but was told it was better if he didn’t know. I will copy and paste a section here which is rather informative.
Disturbingly, Spiegel Online reported:

Early on, [Simmons] was in a military hospital in Washington DC together with three other men who had similar symptoms, he says. They had served on nuclear-powered submarines, but they disappeared from one day to the next, and when he asked what happened to them, everyone acted as though they had never been there in the first place

Learn more:

Now you see them. Now you don’t. Can one assume that the sailors on board the Ronald Reagan are also disappearing? I think so because what took place at Fukushima is far worse than the radiation on a nuclear sub. USS Ronald Reagan’s commander, Thom Burke, won’t speak out because he hopes to become an admiral. This was the ship the sailors were on that are now sick. Personal interests supersede doing the right thing.

What the public is not told is astounding. While living in New York, I had no idea that Brookhaven National Laboratory was conducting nuclear experiments and that tritium had leaked out of the plant into the ground water and there were numerous cases of cancer in certain areas of Long Island; like the town of Shirley. There were cases of illness in every household on one block. I found this out by watching a documentary on Netflix called The Atomic States of America. Of course the amount of lying that was going on by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was just as astronomical as the leakage of radioactivity into the ground water. AND they are not the only ones. There are more nuclear power plants across the United States that have leakage problems. But we are not told unless a major meltdown occurs like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, or Fukushima. Fukushima being the worst of them all because it is still ongoing.

The government, I heard recently, is going to start a new war on cancer. That’s funny. They would have to beam up all the nuclear waste to another planet along with the plants, and throw Monsanto on board, too, for good measure. Maybe if mankind will stop poisoning the planet, things might start to change. But mankind is not capable of doing that because big business is really in the business of greed. Self centered mankind is on a rapid downward spiral and its only hope is Divine Intervention. And it’s coming.

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The Celebrity Christian

This has been rolling around in the back of my mind but something which happened recently brought it to the front and I decided to write about it. I do not have anything against most celebrity Christians. Those are Christians who are out in the public eye like Max Lucado, Ann Voskamp, Bonnie Gray, Margaret Feinberg, Beth Moore, Rick Warren, Billy and Franklin Graham and many others. I have a lot of respect for the Grahams and I really like Max Lucado because he is so uplifting. I like Roy Lessin, the founder of Dayspring and Ann Voskamp, too, and Bonnie Gray. I have some of Beth Moore’s books, too. So many are doing wonderful things to help their fellow Christian and non-Christian.

However, some I do wonder about. I came across something recently in which during a particular Bible study the celebrity Christian interjected something into the study that I found questionable and it was based on someone else’s conjecture. (like Heaven being some “intermediate or interim place and we’re really looking forward to the life after life or the new heaven and new earth as stated in Revelations. I guess the author of that thought never pondered where God the Father and Jesus are. Neither of them thinks of Heaven as some intermediate place. What hogwash!!)The problem I see with celebrity Christians is that oftentimes they have a stronger following than Jesus Christ. Just try bringing up an opposing point of view and see how many of the followers will descend on you. I am not saying it happened in this case but it has in others. The followers will defend the celebrity without even a thought as to what you were trying to say. And it may not have been a really bad objection but more of a disagreement of concepts or points of view. After all no where does it state in the Bible that we have to follow the celebrity Christian blindly without checking the Bible to see if what they are saying is true. BUT…they have no problem compromising the truth of Jesus and what He said as our Lord and Savior in the Bible. They will cherry pick which scriptures they want to obey and ignore the ones that out rightly go against their pet beliefs because what the Bible says is not politically correct!

Another problem is that the celebrity Christian can have such a huge following that they can lead hundreds, if not thousands, astray with some “new enlightenment” or “new truth” which ends up being false. No one thinks for themselves anymore but relies on others to do the thinking for them. This is true in the Christian world as in the non-Christian world. People in the world are so blind they divide things by political party instead of right and wrong.

My son, David, only reads the Bible and his Oswald Chambers devotional right now. He says everything else is a distraction and he’s right. Because if you don’t know that book back to front and front to back then it leaves you wide open for anyone to come along with whatever pet theory or “new truth” and you will fall into the trap and believe them and down the rabbit hole you go. Remember the Bible does admonish us to test the spirits to see if they are from God or not, especially in this end time. I John 4:1

So what is a Christian to do? First and foremost, stay close to God and study your Bible. Go to God with any doubts you have and He will steer you in the right direction. YOU are responsible for what you believe. Believe God because He is truly the only authority that is necessary. Yes, the Bible studies others put out are nice and so are some of the books they write. But not all of them. Be wary and be careful and rely on the Holy Spirit to lead you in the right direction. If something makes you feel ill at ease, stop and talk to God. It may be a prompt from the Holy Spirit not to go in that direction. Be warned. Be safe.

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