God Is THE Judge

We are instructed in Romans 12:18-“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” And in Mark 7:3 and Luke 6:41 it says- “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

Lately I have seen and read about churches pointing the fingers at other churches and members criticizing other members for a variety of reasons and most of the time it is doctrinal. Some are leaving churches because the pastor does not address current event issues enough. I actually read that in the news. Jesus never said to do that. And realize that the church is the Body of Christ. HE is the Head of the church. Yes, there are cults out there masquerading as Christian; heretical ones that don’t even preach the gospel of Christ and we should stay away from them. But be careful what you say. Even if the person is not doing what you think they should be doing doctrinally, be careful not to pass harsh judgement on that individual or on the entire church. Because you do not know when that person might repent. And you might not even hear about it. So here you go, keeping your judgement passing, resentment and, in some cases, outright hostility against another while they have completely changed and have been forgiven by God but you won’t know it. So, this puts you in a lot of danger because God will judge you just as harshly as you did that individual. If you don’t like that person now, what are you going to do when you find out they are in Heaven or have been changed in the blink of an eye when Jesus returns? [Keep in mind if you refuse to repent you might not be there at all.] Yes, if a brother is committing a grievous sin we are to go to him, humbly with gentleness and bring it to his attention because you might help him to stop sinning and thus saved him. Matt 18:15-“Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.”

We are COMMANDED to love one another. It was not a suggestion Jesus made depending on your personal beliefs or whims. He died for EVERYONE, not a chosen few. If you are harboring resentment and hostility you are clearly not loving. This can fester and lead to a greater sin: hate. And that can quench the Spirit. Well any sin grieves the Holy Spirit.

And you can’t do this by yourself. You first must take your unholy attitude to God and repent of it and ask Him to help you to love all others and see them as He does. This does NOT mean we embrace things that are clearly an abomination to God. If He says it is wrong, it is wrong. No amount of howling from our current abominable and heathen society, which wants Christians to be conformed to them, not Christ, will change that. And we must stand firm on that.

When you see strife, the devil has made his way onto the scene. There should be NO strife. It’s not going to exist in the Kingdom of God so why should it exist in any of us? Satan wants nothing more than to destroy the church and he will work on individuals to make sure it gets done. He knows you all too well and has studied you a long time. He knows exactly what traps to lay to ensnare you. He knows what appeals to your ego.

I have learned recently that even if I personally don’t agree with a particular doctrine of a particular church, I am to love them anyway and harbor NO ill feelings or judgement against them. Who am I to judge? God does not have a problem with laying my own sins bare and He will have no problem doing it to you. Anne Graham Lotz had a Bible study not too long ago on the Book of Daniel. In the back of the workbook that went along with the videos, she listed a whole bunch of sins that we need to take a look at. I even wrote about it in one of my posts and listed them, too. She did it because God would NOT go forward with her on a job she had to do UNTIL she did as He requested and took a look at her sins. When she began to write them down, she realized (with the Holy Spirit telling her which ones they were) how many she had to repent of. We need to do the same. We need to do a “Spring Cleaning” of ourselves, especially with the Holy Day coming upon us which celebrates Jesus Christ’s sacrifice upon the cross for all of mankind and His resurrection which has enabled us to be called sons/daughters of God. John 3:16

I have come to really love peace. I love God’s way of living and feel bad for those who reject Him. I hate strife. It does no one any good under any circumstances and does more damage than good. It is definitely NOT approved of by God. You do not want to be guilty of doing irreparable damage or bringing dishonor to another. I learned that from Beth Moore’s study on the Patriarchs. She asked, at one point, about bad experiences we have had and to write about it as long as it did not bring dishonor to another. That really stayed with me and I learned a lot from her that had nothing to do with the actual study. (I’m now going through her study on the Book of Daniel.) How often do we bring dishonor on another in our judgement passing and finger pointing? What does God think of all that? I may not know His exact thoughts but I can tell you He would see us as immature and wrong in our attitude.

You do NOT want to face God with a lot of garbage and sin on your heart that you have been harboring. I have a healthy fear of the Lord and don’t want to do anything that displeases Him and saddens Him.

So let us take our calling seriously and get rid of all the garbage we’ve been dragging around. Go to our Father, confess your sins and be forgiven. Start fresh and free of the crippling burden of sin. Have a joyous Resurrection Sunday! Be blessed in all you do.

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I never had a relationship with anyone like I do with Him. We have been through a lot together over the years. He’s seen me through a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes I think it was more down than up but that’s from my perspective, not His. I don’t think anyone has consumed me like He does or has captured my heart like He has. There is no one who loves like He does. There is none like Him. I am still learning about Him and will probably never really know Him completely until we stand face-to-face.

I have not been without fear, worry or apprehension in my life; those things that rob the soul of joy and happiness. After all, I am still human and have to live in this shell until it is time for me to go home or Jesus returns. If anyone has seen the movie “The Polar Express” (which I had taken my granddaughter to when she was younger.) you will be familiar with this one scene. The train is flying across an icy lake and heading toward a mountain. The little boy is at the very front of the outside of the train, flattened against it by the speed of the train. His eyes are wide and he is clearly terrified but behind him is the conductor who is perfectly calm and smiling. I think the ice was cracking, as well. When I saw that I immediately saw myself as the little boy and the conductor as God. I totally identified with that one scene. [Note: I may be a little sketchy on the details of the movie since its been a long time since I’ve seen it.]

I had to be told to accept God’s love for me. Mainly because I grew up in a loveless and abusive household. I had no idea what it was like to have a loving family because mine was far from it. God separated me from them for thirty years in order to save me from them. When I saw them again, they were even more unloving than I remember. So, it happened when I was going to college and had taken an art class. One of the women in the class worked at a Christian retreat. Out of the blue, before class had started, she came up to me and said, “You have to accept God’s love”. I was floored. I knew she was delivering a message from Him and it was not the last time she delivered one, either. I wish I had the sense to get to know that woman at that time. It was right after that she said she had something for me. I went over to where she was sitting and she took a cross out of her handbag and gave it to me. It was a cross made of two nails. I had seen “The Passion of the Christ” when it had come out and had bought online a single nail on a leather cord. When that woman gave me the cross I took the nail off and intertwined the two pieces together and put it around my neck. My art teacher had asked me to take pictures of some of her work out in the parking lot and so off I went to do that. It was not until after I had finished taking those pictures that I realized what I had around my neck. All three nails.

Another time a church I was attending planned on going to a weekend retreat at the very same place that the woman worked. I had mentioned it to her one night in class. She looked at me and said quite seriously “God wants you there.” Again, I was taken aback. Yes, I did go and the church had to pay for me because I was too poor to afford it myself. So why did I have to be there? It was the weekend of Pentecost. Although nothing was remarkably learned from the pastor, (who later I discovered had some serious spiritual problems) there was something that happened that was very subtle. When I had gotten up on that Sunday morning (and after breakfast I had gone for a walk) I suddenly felt very different. I felt as if my entire past had been wiped clean and this was the beginning of something new. I didn’t appreciate it as fully as I do now but there was definitely a change.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time alone with God. I had driven up the mountain to be alone with Him off this logging trail. I would take my Bible, water and some food with me and sit on the tailgate of my truck and read. Then I would walk around among the towering pines and talk out loud to Him as if He was walking alongside me. I miss those times dearly as the mountain is now farther away. Or I would go to a nearby park and spend time with Him there. All those are precious memories to me now and the flowers and leaves I had picked are pressed into the back of a journal I used at the time.

I would say to anyone who feels they are too busy to talk to God (prayer) that you are missing out on one of the most important things you could possibly do. Nothing should come in the way of talking to Him and you will only get to know Him by spending time with Him. If you plan on spending eternity in Heaven, you need to be with the One who loved you so much He died for you. So what’s your excuse?

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Is There Hope?

I haven’t written in a while. Well, I think last year was my last post. I had intentions of starting off the new year with a post about God. But things got in the way and time flew by…. and here I am.
Things have certainly spiraled out of control recently as everyone who has a pulse knows. The shooting in Florida was horrendous, but what makes it even more horrific are two things: 1) The FBI and the local law enforcement had been repeatedly warned about this guy who did the shooting. REPEATEDLY. Local law enforcement had received 23 phone calls about him with the warning he was dangerous and could possibly shoot up a school! What does it take for those who are supposed to uphold the law to finally act on it? 2) Maybe we should ask the FOUR deputies who were outside the school while students were being slaughtered. Maybe we should ask them why they did NOTHING. If I was a parent of one of the kids that was shot, I’d be launching a protest rally in front of the police department and demand answers and also the local FBI field office. All of them should be fired. It just makes my blood boil to think they stood by and did nothing. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/after-parkland-a-flood-of-new-threats-tips-and-false-alarms/ar-BBJzqSA?li=BBnb7Kz

Chicago has the strictest gun laws but it is still a battle field because criminals don’t get their guns through legal channels. If every gun was confiscated from those who have licenses to carry, there would still be shootings.

The world being out of control is proof enough that man cannot govern himself. He never could and never will. He’s an epic failure. But there is One who is really good at governing man and that is the One the world rejects. But have no fear, He is returning. Things are going to get worse. The Bible states it will be so bad that no other time in history will compare to it. None. That includes the holocaust. Satan is ramming his agenda down everyone’s throat and if you do not have the Spirit of God, you will be held captive by him. While the army of darkness is marching across the planet there are those who are trying to tell people there is hope. There is a bright future but it’s not run by man…or satan. It’s run by the One who created the entire universe and everything in it.

People have no idea what life would really be like under Christ’s rule. They don’t know what real freedom is. They don’t know what real peace is. They can’t imagine a world where there is no fighting, no strife, no hunger, greed, poverty and all the other vile things we live with today. They can’t imagine it because they don’t know God. They haven’t a clue as to Who He is. Or What He is. He’s not a guy. He is a Being that is a self-sustaining life source the likes of which you can never imagine. He is Life. He is Power. He is magnificent and He is pure love. All the false gods of this world cannot compare to Him. It is ridiculous to compare a stone statue to Someone like Him. When He returns, people will FREAK OUT because they have never seen anything like this.(Plus He is returning with ALL His angels, too. It will be quite a sight, I promise you that!) They have no idea that Someone of this magnitude is headed their way. Jesus is not some skinny, long-haired guy. Look in the Book of Revelation for a description or even the first chapter of Ezekiel. Any of the prophets that encountered Him immediately fainted and had to be revived. Some could not even talk, like Ezekiel who was speechless for seven days afterwards. I think I’d be speechless, too. My mind would go into vapor lock and I’d probably faint, too, if He suddenly appeared right behind me while I was typing this. (When He really does return, I’d be changed in the blink of an eye into the same life form He is. Pure Spirit. Pure everything. I can’t wait.) I’m so sick of this world. Fed up with the whole lot.

On March 31st, 2018 Christians are going to go out in-mass soul winning across the globe to try and get people to see there is hope, that they have a chance of a new life with Jesus Christ and that they can live in a world the likes of which is beyond everyone’s imagination. Christians will be going out to tell others that God is extending to them a personal invitation and that Jesus paid for all their sins on the cross. They can be free, truly free. And they can experience a relationship with The One and Only who has my heart.

Remember this: He loves you. Satan doesn’t.

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I am still formulating my next post in my head but this occurred today which needs to be mentioned. The FCC has repealed net neutrality. What that means is that now ISPs can block you from streaming content on YouTube or Netflix. It also means that you can get charged for wanting to watch certain videos. It also means that Netflix and YouTube can be charged more to make sure they stream at the same speed, which means the cost will be passed onto the consumer. I am only mentioning Netflix because it is mentioned in the article as well as YouTube.

ISPs can block access to certain sites. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/analysis-fcc-repealed-net-neutrality-%E2%80%94-heres-what-that-means-for-you/ar-BBGI9jB?li=BBnb7Kz

What does that mean to you and me? Well my very first thought was that eventually access to Christian sites will be blocked, my pastor might not be able to upload his sermon videos and Satan is going to make sure that the Word of God is silenced as far as what is on the Internet is concerned. He is, after all, the prince of the power of the air. I am not even going to begin to imagine what is going to be allowed. It is causing quite a bit of uproar and people are rallying and protesting.

Although there is a lot of sinful trash on the web and even a deep, dark web out there, the Word of God must go on. Needless to say, none of this has caught God by surprise and He will make sure His Word gets out there no matter what Satan tries to pull. It will, I hopefully pray, invigorate Christians to become more invested in Jesus Christ than ever before. Let us all rise up like the mighty army of God that we are!

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Is Anyone Else Out There Experiencing Spiritual Attacks From The Devil?

I know that’s a wild thing to ask but I am curious because I have been experiencing spiritual attacks since I wrote the last two posts. In addition, I have had physical ailments flare up really bad and so far two bizarre incidents have happened that I have no explanation for. So I am curious if anyone else is having a rough time. Please comment below this post and let me know.

Things have gotten beyond crazy in the world and it’s escalating. President Trump’s announcement to move the U.S Embassy to Jerusalem made me think that Luke 21:20 is on the horizon in the not too distant future. If anyone thinks we have a lot of time left, they better think again. The world has gone totally barking mad. Satan has made large inroads in some of the churches and in some cases he is firmly planted.

No one wants to think of the bad things and hope they are not really happening but they are. It’s horrifying to think of what lays ahead and the Christians in this country will experience persecution in the most strongest sense. Christians in the rest of the world are being brutally and savagely killed so don’t think you are going to escape, cupcake, just because you’re an American. Don’t think you’re going to lift off the earth in some rapture while the rest of the Christians on the planet are being slaughtered. Persecution has already begun here and will continue to escalate.

I know a lot are stressed out about the holidays with shopping, gift giving, parties and being with relatives they can’t stand. That all needs to be put aside and to soldier-up. Speaking of that…. You know in the Book of Revelation where the two witnesses are killed and left in the street for three and a half days? (Rev. 11:10) And the people give gifts to each other? Well…back then when the Apostle John was recording those visions, there were NO Christmas. I conjecture that the time of the year when those people would be giving gifts to each other is Christmas. Something to think about. People normally don’t give each other gifts when their perceived enemy is killed.

I know my posts are not all hearts and flowers. In fact, I write some depressing things. But the light at the end of the tunnel is Jesus Christ. I don’t want anyone to be blindsided by what is going to come upon them swiftly. Our hearts have to be made ready. I just feel this urgency to call out to all my brothers and sisters to stay vigilant and stay close to God.

People’s behavior is going to become more irrational because of demonic influence. I dread thinking of it when the Bible says that it will be the worst time in human history that there ever was. That means it will be much worse than the Holocaust, if you can even imagine that! I’ve seen enough documentaries on it to make my hair stand on end, thinking of what lies ahead. The sinfulness of man will increase exponentially. I had heard that now in Australia pedophiles will join LGBT community to demand their rights. How sick is that?! Since when is it okay to sexually abuse children? Sick, sick, sick. And in France there is a debate about lowering the age of consent to 12!! The article made me sick to my stomach. So when Jesus returns He is coming back furious and rightfully so. He is going to turn this planet upside down and wipe it clean as one would a plate.

I have an idea for my next post and it will be about God. Something positive for a change, right?

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Spiritual Preppers Part II

As loathe as I am to draw any type of attention to this creature, he has to be addressed if we are to be prepared for what lays ahead as well as what is on our plates right now. I am referring to the prince of darkness; Satan. Like General Patton, we must know our enemy. General Patton (WWII) read Field Marshall Rommel’s book on tank warfare and thus drew insight into how his enemy thought. Although the devil doesn’t really have a play book we can apply the same principal here.

Realize that the devil was once the “covering angel” which means he probably was standing behind the throne of God with his wings spread. Ezekiel 25: 14- “Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.” Verse 15- “Thou was perfect in they ways from the day thou was created, till iniquity was found in thee.” God goes on to speak of how Lucifer became enamored with himself because of his great beauty. Lucifer got one-third of the angels to rebel and was thus cast out of heaven, along with the angels that conspired with him.

If we look at Isaiah 14 we see that God is referring first to having mercy on Jacob and then to Israel. But in verse 12 He takes a sudden departure and begins to talk about Lucifer. “How are thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how are thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”
Verse 13: “For thou hast said in thine heart I will ascend into the heavens, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north. Verse 14: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the most High.”

What you have to see here is a highly intelligent creature who is also very organized. He was the covering cherub and he learned a lot just by being so close to God. (And we don’t know how long it was before he rebelled, either.) So when scripture says he can pass himself off as an angel of light and deceive many, it is because he one time was an angel of light and he knows a lot about God to do so. So, it puts him in prime form to inhabit a man who is the Antichrist, which means he will be masquerading as Jesus Christ. Not the demon with horns from the pit, Hollywood style.

He has studied mankind very closely for a very, very long time so he knows exactly how to deceive you. He and his army have a laser focus upon us; to bring us down and destroy us. He will even use others disguised as Christians, (Matt. 13:24) but are not, to lead you astray. This is especially true if you are not close to God and have no ability to discern or ” Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1). It is so crucial to our relationship and safety to stay close to God and I know how things get in the way. We must be discerning and be aware of the fact we all have targets on our backs. BUT, at the same time, know completely that what is in us (Jesus Christ) is greater than what is in the world: Satan. Hence, “Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might” (Ephesians 6:10). Many of you have been experiencing his hatred toward you already and maybe you are constantly out on the battlefield. Some days it seems relentless but don’t give up. Have faith and go to our Father.

I know there is much to the story we don’t know right now and we will eventually know all of it once Christ returns and we are changed in the twinkling of an eye. I know I personally have a lot of questions about it all. In the meantime, we have to be as gentle as doves but as wise as foxes. We have been admonished in scripture to be vigilant because our enemy is prowling like a lion, seeing who he can devour. Take out your sword and give him a good lashing. Remember always that Jesus has already defeated Satan on the cross. Satan has already lost the war.

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Christians Need To Be Spiritual Preppers

First, let me tell you where I am right now in my life. I will tell you this not because I want your sympathy but because someone out there might need to hear this. So don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t. It is what it is. Okay, physically I am a train wreck. I have bursitis in my left hip, bad left knee that will go out at any given moment and sometimes make it difficult for me to walk, lower back pain of which I have no idea why, kinked up neck which was just taken care of by my chiropractor (and when I got home, got out of the truck and looked to my right for whatever reason that I can’t remember now, my neck went out again and I can’t turn my head all the way to the right!), some unknown allergic reaction that has manifested itself as eczema or hives on both hands, rash on my eyelids and what seems to be the return of very painful gastritis which is probably caused by too much stress and having my stomach torn up by continual use of Advil for the other pains. All of this at the same time.

Spiritually, I feel like what Bilbo Baggins said in the Lord of the Rings: “like butter scraped over too much bread.” Oh, I forgot the insomnia which is caused by any one of the painful things listed above or no reason at all. Faced with all this, how does one retain one’s sanity? I haven’t quite figured it out yet. But the usual platitudes don’t work. How many times have you had someone quote scripture to you and it had no meaning at all while you are suffering? Today I thought that there must be something that people who are suffering need besides some pat answer because the other person can’t think of anything better to say. The answer to that came to me as I was half-way through thinking the first thought. In other words I had not yet finished the question in my mind when the answer came. Well guess WHO supplied the answer? He said, “They just want someone to listen to them.” (Wow, He was actually listening to everything I was thinking then as He is now. It was like He was standing over my shoulder. Jesus, that is.)

And it’s true. Oftentimes when you are confiding in someone, they are not listening but formulating their own tales of woe in their minds that they want to talk about. In other words, you feel like what you had to say is meaningless because their tale of woe is worse (or not at all) in their mind. All you wanted was someone who would care enough to listen, not blather on about their own crap. Maybe all you want is someone to just BE THERE!

A lot don’t know how to listen or if they do, they don’t know how to respond or they don’t care. They really don’t know what to do. They haven’t gotten outside their own heads to find out how to respond. Not only is the person suffering need someone to be present and to listen to them but to also respond in an appropriate way that is not idiotic.

Now what does this have to do with spiritual preppers? A lot. Because, unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, things are getting way worse than ever before. I know I’ve mentioned before about putting on the armor of God but I didn’t say HOW. The most important thing, the one thing that makes all the difference in the world, is direct contact with God. I know this sounds simplistic but He is truly the ONLY one who knows how to respond and no matter what Jobian trial you are going through, He loves you and He is right there with you. He WILL listen to you no matter where you are or in what condition you are in. The contact is so vital and so important that the piece of crap angel, whose throat I want to kick in and whose eyes I want to gouge out, is working overtime to throw up roadblocks. Because the very last thing he wants to see is the battered Christian get up and take up his or her sword and fight back. Because what dwells in us is greater than his sorry backside.

Sometimes we get hit with multiple things that take us down. It’s hard, I know, but you got to, must, keep moving forward…even if it is only in your mind; on your knees. All this means there is a spiritual battle taking place that you cannot see. (In other words, angels are battling over you much the same as in Daniel 10 where the demon was trying to keep the angel from delivery an important message to Daniel and he had to call upon another, the angel Michael, to sort things out.) Same with my son, David, who is suffering so much right now, it’s a miracle he is still with us and I am so grateful for that. But there is a spiritual battle going on around him that he doesn’t see. He keeps moving forward. Today David told me to praise God. To praise God takes us out of ourselves and puts our minds on eternity, which is where it belongs. But sometimes it is hard to do when we’re in a pit. Do it anyway.

It’s important to listen to each other because we need each other. We cannot allow that devil to get a foothold in anyone’s life. Things will get so rough, you’ll get plowed under if you are not prepared.

Don’t allow petty distractions to get in the way of your time with God, no matter what it is. If you have a long to-do list, cut it down because none of it means anything if it stands in the way of your time with God. I don’t care what someone else thinks. Oftentimes people load themselves up just to prove to others that they are doing something of worth, to get someone else’s approval because everyone else is doing it. Well, maybe that’s NOT what God wants you to do. And you realize all too late you’ve been spinning your wheels in the sand.

I think this prepper post has to continue on to part II because I don’t want to make this too long. Plus there are so many facets to this, I can’t cover it all in one post. As for the armor, go to Him. He puts His armor on you. Since when did we ever do anything apart from God?

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