That Ye May Be Able Stand Against The Wiles Of The devil.” Ephesians 6: 11 KJV

“Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His Might.” Verse 10

Be fearless, be courageous, intrepid, stand firm. You have the Holy Spirit of God Almighty. If the whole world is against you and you have God standing on your side, you are in the majority.

“Be strong and of good courage.” Joshua 1:5 Put on the whole armor of God and DON’T TAKE IT OFF. satan likes to instill fear. Be fearless. Look at the world and how afraid it is because those in charge are perpetuating that fear. Why? Because they are AFRAID. satan perpetuates fear…why? Because he is afraid. He is afraid of God. He is afraid of you and me.

John Wayne, the actor, once said, “Courage is being afraid and saddling up anyway.” We are not to be afraid. Why? Because God said so. He is on our side always, forever. He is relentless in His devotion and love toward us. His love is as relentless as the waves in the ocean. RELENTLESS.

If you look at the first chapter of Joshua, God repeats His admonition to Joshua to be strong and courageous four times in Joshua 1 to instill it into Joshua’s mind that He is with him and not to be afraid. God comes out and says in verse 9: “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersover thou goest.” If you need proof of God’s power, look into the night’s sky and tell yourself that not only did He create every star in the universe, which He also created, but He named them. Stars you can’t even see He named. That’s enormous power…way beyond anything we can possibly imagine. I’m flabbergasted when I think of it and the fact that He even chose me stuns me.

So put on your armor and stand up! Be courageous and be strong. You are a soldier in the Army of Almighty God. Drawer your sword. Be not afraid.

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Where To Begin…..

Okay, I guess it is best to jump right in and do it. I’ve mentioned things before along this vein but this time I’m going into a little more detail.

The problems you see that are raging on the entire planet and especially in the United States and in Europe is not the result of politicial parties. They are just a tool. And it’s not the deep state or whatever you want to call it. It is flat out good against evil. Evil being satanic. It is satan who is calling all the shots and using his minions to do his bidding. The people you think are out of their minds (and I am sure a number of them come to mind) are under the direct influence of satan, or, in some cases, flat out possessed. Good are all things of God. Man has rejected God and is now suffering the consequences of that rejection.

Possession does not have to be of the Hollywood rendition of heads spinning like they were on ball bearings or raving lunatics possessed by a legion and flailing wildly amoung the rocky ground somewhere. Though there were incidents of that in the Bible and Jesus rebuked the demons. No, satan is very intelligent and deeply evil beyond what you can imagine. Cold blooded evil; so deep, so dark that it is a bottomless pit of evil blackness. The things that are happening in the world have been planned a long time ago. He has had many millennia to study mankind and know how to manipulate man or woman and possess if necessary. His agenda is to destroy mankind and everything God stands for: like the family, like male and female identities, like anything good and wholesome, anything that we have valued. What he has instilled in its place is the exact opposite and what God refers to as an abomination. Like pedophiles that kidnap and rape children and pass them around amongst themselves. They will be roasting in hell when Jesus returns along with a bunch of others. All the crazy, bizarre stuff and reprobates that practice them all are on a one-way journey to hell.

Don’t be decieved into believing satan is occupying just one politicial party. He can use anyone in any party and most times they go along willingly. (like some stupid evangelicals that support political figures that stand for all things that are the exact opposite of God) Absolute chaos is the result which we are all seeing now. This is now becoming hell on earth and satan’s primary target is every single Christian or anyone who won’t go along with his insanity. Those doing good are punished. Those who have never done any overt evil are now being labeled as terrorists by those who are under satan’s control or outright possessed by one of his demons. Just flat out lies.

You may not agree with this or even believe it. But I can assure you that you eventually will. Evil will escalate to unbeliveable porportions. This will remove all doubts from your mind that when God’s wrath is poured out it will be well deserved by those under satan’s control. Those who hate God and all He stands for and all those He loves. Satan has little time left which is why you see lunacy escalating to such a degree that it is now. The return of Jesus Christ is on the horizon. Even if satan kills every Christian, Christ is still returning and we will be with Him.

This planet is temporary. God will change everything. We were never meant to live here forever. We were meant for the Kingdom of God our permanent and eternal home. Man will no longer rule anything because he has obviously made a mess of everything and cannot rule himself. He doesn’t want to follow any rules. Oh, and I deliberately did not capitalize the “s” in satan’s name because he does not deserve any distinction. And…by the way…satan is already defeated. Jesus did that when He died for our sins and rose from the dead. satan is a has-been, a useless bag of filthy rubbish that will be dealt with permanently. And he knows it. And all of us who have the Spirit of God have the power to put that trash in his place. In Jesus’ Name he has to obey. In Jesus’ Name he has to kneel before the Lord God Almighty.


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The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the Nut House

When you get close to God, He changes your way of thinking and seeing things. You begin to see things through His eyes instead of your old worldly eyes and boy is it different. This world, and especially my own country, seems to be even more bizarre. The things people do and what they say and think are just too weird. Totally illogical, never making any sense and all this ridiculous fighting between political parties. I think I stated in a previous video that I am basically not interested in politics because I find it ridiculous. Those hurting other people for the sake of having some kind of false power over them in beyond belief in my eyes. Mistreating those who do not think like they do and impose censorship on them. I truly feel like a stranger in a strange land. They will answer for ther actions and stand before a very strict Judge.

The Kingdom of God is so radically different than anything we have known or could imagine. It is purity in its purest form. No sin exists there. Just God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, lots and lots of angels, the twenty four elders (whoever they are) and all of us will be there. We will never remember this world. There is no reason to. I could shout praises to God from the roof tops and I am so amazed that He called me. I’m stunned, in fact. He is so wonderful and I desperately want to be with Him for all eternity.

To get away from the insanity, I have been watching videos of this Swedish woman, Jonna Jinton and her husband Johan. The J is pronounced like a Y. They live in northern Sweden in a small village of less than 100 people. Their home is remote, nestled in the forest. Jonna is an artist and a very good photographer and her filming of the natural beauty is amazing. Johan sells his jewelry and I’d love to buy a piece one day, but I’d really have to save up for it. I will write more about them at a later date. In the meantime, if you are interested, here is the link to her channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JonnaJinton/videos

What is going on in this country and the world is beyond insanity. God says in Hosea 13:2 “And now they sin more and more, and have made them molten images of their silver, and idols according to their own understanding, all of it the work of the craftsmen; they say of them. Let the men that sacrifice kiss the calves.” Now if you don’t think the world is that bad, you need to watch this video that was passed onto me by one of my sisters-in-Christ: https://www.outofshadows.org/ You will have to scroll down till you get to the full length video. But don’t wait because there are those who do not want this video to be shown. They want to keep their filth hidden from the world while innocents suffer irreparable damage. The wrath of God is a terrible thing to behold and when it comes His elect won’t be standing on this planet anymore. We will be with Him. Jeremiah 5:22-“Fear ye not me? saith the Lord: will ye not tremble at my presence…” In Ezekiel 8:7 it says, “And He brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. *: Then said He unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I digged in the wall, behold a door. 9: And He said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.” You see, nothing is hidden from the Lord. He sees it all. I don’t think I could handle all that He sees. It would be too much for me. Let me tell you, these people who scoff at the Lord have no idea what is coming their way. No idea. Which is why they will be screaming for mountains to fall on them. Revelation 6:16

So what is the Mad Hatter’s Tea party in the Nut House. It’s the country I live in. I have never seen such pure derangement as I have in the recent months. Understand that satan is in control of it all and his ego is huge. He loves to flaunt his evil and he will eventually come out of the shadows so everyone could see him, the revolting scum of all creation. But the tea party is going to extend to the entire planet. There will be no safe place. Already conservative Christians are now seen as the enemy. We know that we will probably be killed one way or another. But even if they killed every Christian on the planet, that will NOT stop Jesus from returning. And let me tell you, He is VERY ANGRY.

I would strongly urge everyone to give their lives to the Lord and be saved. Life with the Lord is for all eternity. Life here on this sewage of a planet is very, very temporary. So we all must be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Ephesians 6:10 “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” We are warriors for Christ. He is our Commander-in-Chief. And as soldiers it is duty first. Duty to our Lord. We are not struggling. We are fighting in a battle, equipped by God to fight the devil, who not only hates us but…is afraid of us. Don’t let that scum-bag tell you any different. Psalm 18:34- “He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.” 2 Samuel 22:35- “He teacheth my hands to war; so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.”

Exodus 15:3- “The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is His name.” You don’t fool around with a Being that can create a universe by speaking it into existence and has numbered and named ALL the stars out there. Blessed is the Name of the Lord; my King and my Best Friend.

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I Think I Woke Up On Another Planet

First, let me tell you I have only voted once in my entire life and that was for George W. Bush. I never had the slightest interest in politics and was happier for it. I didn’t vote in this last election because I was not feeling well that day as I am suffering from various maladies. I did register to vote as an independent because I didn’t feel connected to either party.

What transpired since Election Day is nothing short of bizarre and surreal. I am not going into all the details as everyone knows them already. The suppression of free speech is happening rapidly and even some calling for those who do not think like they do to be killed. Total aberrant behavior and out of control. What I want to emphasize is that we must remember who we are and WHO we belong to. God is well aware of what has been going on for a long, long time and it feels like He ripped the veil from our eyes so we can see it almost full blast. I say almost because there are many horrors He is shielding us from. Although, the kidnapping and rape of young children is the most horrendous thing in my mind. Those who do that will be thrown straight into hell. And it is rampant and wide spread.

We must in this end time stick close to our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. He will get us through this. Many have lost their lives already in other countries and I guess it’s our turn to suffer persecution. Satan and his demons know they have little time left. It’s so bad that many are being influenced by him and his demonic hoard as well as outright possessed. Demons in a skin suit. You’ll know them. They’re completely unhinged.

This world is dying and Jesus will soon be here. Then our real life will begin and all this will be forgotten because there is no reason to remember it when you are living for all eternity with the Lord. His world is so radically different than this hell hole that there are no words to describe it. We cannot imagine it as Jesus even said so because we have no frame of reference for what we will one day soon see with our own eyes.

So the devil and all his minions have a short time to do their evil before all are cast into a fiery lake forever. And we will live in a world that is completely free of sin and evil. Come Lord Jesus, come!!

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I Feel Like Pinocchio

Waiting to start my real life because this is so fake. Sometimes I feel like I’m being tossed around like a marionette in a wind storm. My real life in our Father’s Kingdom is so unlike what we are experiencing here that there is no barometer of comparison. It’s on a whole different level. Not even a level. It is WAY beyond all that.

Nothing has brought this out more than the insanity raging full blast in this country over the election and all the fraud that is taking place. What this has shown me is how vile and evil some really are (and have been all along). They don’t even care how they appear when they flaunt their evil. They’re even proud of it. Well, they won’t last. Read Psalm 37. God spells it out for what is coming their way.

The Kingdom of God is not a bunch of puffy clouds. Please don’t insult Him what that kind of stupid, lame thinking. A Being that can create an entire universe by speaking it AND naming ALL the stars won’t have us sitting on some water vapor in a puffy form with a flipping harp in our hands. And there won’t be any little baby cherub angels flying about. No, angels are some fearsome looking creatures. Read Ezekiel 1 to get a picture of them, although they can appear like men, which Daniel can testify to. (You know it really blows my mind when I read about an angel telling Daniel, in Daniel 10, he was bogged down for a few weeks by one of the devil’s goombas and the angel Michael had to come and help him out. Daniel was getting some behind the scenes info and it must have blown his mind for sure. Well, he had a lot of other extraordinary experiences!)

Jesus even told us that the mind has not conceived what the Father has planned. We can’t because it is so alien to what we have here. Well, one thing for sure, I will be so GLAD to get rid of this body once and for all. It’s been giving me nothing but aggrivation.

All the crap we are going through here won’t exist there. In fact, we most likely won’t remember it. Why should we? It’s not like we would be looking back on the “good old days”!! Or even the bad old ones, either. This life will pass like a wisp of wind. If you think we need to have those memories, you’re mistaken. I think the only thing we will remember is our loved ones who are all, hopefully, with us. I know mine will be and it will be very joyous. Imagine, to be full of joy all the time and to be with Jesus, to see Him and talk to Him face to face. How exciting!! Makes all the crap on this planet totally insignificant. This is where your head should be. Whoever rules the country only has it for a short time. What really counts is Heaven. We are citizens of Heaven.

Our God is an awesome God.

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Above All, Remember Who You Are and Who You Belong To

Right now the United States is in such turmoil it is no longer the country I grew up in. It’s become something else; a violent, out of control, environment from hell where lawlessness not only reigns but it is encouraged by people who are in offices of leadership but should really be in jail.

It’s so bad, that I no longer want to watch any video about the election taking place on November 3rd, 2020. It all sickens me. Worse yet, are people who blatantly ignore the truth and would much rather embrace the lie. (This is not even counting the more egregious sins like human trafficking, child molesters and other forms of abberation that are celebrated instead of being condemned. For those who scoff at God, be warned…you’re dead. You have NO IDEA what is coming your way. NO IDEA.)

As a Christian, I must remember who I really am and WHO I really belong to. Because in the end that is all that matters. I am truly a citizen of Heaven; a citizen of the Kingdom of God. I don’t belong to this world even though I am living in it right now. So the rest of you, my brothers and sisters, must also take the same stance in order to keep your sanity and not get sucked down into the cesspool that this world has turned into. It’s going to get worse, much worse. France is already in the highest state of emergency since there are extremists running around cutting off people’s heads, especially in churches.

What all this has brought out is how insanely corrupt the governments of this world are and it is run by corrupt people. Case in point, is this interview with the man who wrote “Lucifer’s Banker Uncensored”. Here is the interview for those who need their eyes blasted open and confirmation to those who already know this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uy6rHRUegs (It’s about 20 monutes long.)

I don’t know what God is going to do next but I trust Him implicitely to do whatever is His will and take care of His children at the same time. You all really need to trim your lamps and realize the time is so very short. We all must stay close to Him because He will direct where we are to go and what we are to do. Whatever you do, do not get caught up in the insanity that is swirling around us. Stand FIRM. Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might. Above all, pray. Pray for all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Have a laser-like focus on our Lord and His Kingdom which is also our kingdom. His Kindgom is the one which lasts all eternity. The kingdom of man is coming to an end.

Our Lord is coming! With the sound of a trumpet and all the host of Heaven…and all of us. HE is coming!

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NETFLIX–Child Molesters Delight

Children’s lives matter! Netflix and the movie “Cuties” has blown up the Internet. There is so much outrage about this and there are sick, bottom feeding trolls defending the movie. Netflix’s stock is crashing. I’m glad. Go to hell, Netflix. If you have been living under a rock here are some YouTube people screaming about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VikFkpxe3sk …and…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GsO9UWHaNY&t=19s

To add to this, we have Tom Hanks and this SICK crap. AND it features HIS DAUGHTER who is 6 years old. People that are okay with this are the worst form of scum that are slithering around on this planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56U6t5yAdXo&t=621s

Oregon and Washington have gone down the toilet by lessening the penalties for disgusting pedophiles feasting on innocent children.

How much longer are we going to allow these sick, pieces of s*** to have free reign and feast on innocent children, terrorizing them by raping them and then trading them off among other vile, evil, demonic pedos? Mind you, the elected officials of those states: California, Washington and Oregon are going along with this since they signed lenient bills. They are also in favor of burning their cities to the ground by continuing to allow PAID domestic terrorists (Soros, you are going straight to hell, you revolting, ugly, piece of vomit) mislabeled as protesters to destroy the lives and businesses of the cities in those states including people of the same color as they are!! How stupid and sick is that? But I digress…

They should be rounded up, have their private parts extracted from their bodies (no anesthesia) and hung like a string of Christmas lights off the Golden Gate Bridge! But don’t worry, God has better plans. His revenge is going to be stark terrifying in ways you cannot imagine. Pedos will gladly jump into the fires of hell where the devil will be waiting for them and laughing all the time. And for those of you jerks out there that think He doesn’t exist…just wait…your turn is coming. There are not enough Depends to contain the crap that is going to be flowing out of your body.

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Communist Revolution USA


PRAY PRAY PRAY. We must ask for God’s Divine Intervention on this. We are citizens of Heaven. The children of Light; the sons and daughters of Almighty God.

Then watch this: Can the Left lead a country they hate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64GgCVqRLzU

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We are Citizens of Heaven

Once we gave our lives over to Jesus Christ we became citizens of Heaven. Although I live in the United States and was born here, my first allegiance will always be to God and I only bow to Him. Never to any man. We are citizens of Heaven making our way through here, not working our way to Heaven. We were already granted that upon conversion. Christians, real Christians, have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which marks them, seals them for eternity. No man can take that away. God is supreme over all and His authority is absolute.

A lot of people don’t like that which is why they changed the Bible and, in some cases, butchered it to suit their liberal agenda. God hasn’t changed, not one iota. There’s going to be a lot of dead Christians in the future in this country because they will take a stand for God.

So what does a citizen of Heaven look like? Probably not remarkable. In fact, with the exception of some, look quite ordinary. But it is our character which radiates the character of God that distinguishes us. Let me tell you that is no easy job to do, to deny oneself so that Christ may come forward. That is why we need the Holy Spirit because we cannot do it on our own. We have to uphold everything God says. We must think, speak and act according to His will not our own.

Why? Because His kingdom is so vastly different, so foreign to what we know on earth that in order to exist there we must become like Him. He who is without sin, and is so pure we cannot imagine. We know nothing of the divine Holiness. We can imagine someone who is exemplary in character and raise that to the highest point in our minds but still fall drastically short of the Holiness of God, which is unapproachable. But you have to understand that we don’t do the work, the Holy Spirit does, which is why we can never boast of the change within ourselves.

We don’t understand how selfless God is or how humble. He is in direct opposition to human nature which is so self-centered and egotistical. We don’t understand how much He loves us so much so that He sent His only son, the Darling of Heaven, Jesus, to die for us because neither He, the Father, nor Jesus could live without us.

Now more than ever, we Christians have to soldier-up and put one the full armor of God because it is going to get rough very fast. Jesus must be returning soon because the devil is moving lightning fast with his evil agenda and going full blast at it.

Being a citizen of Heaven can give one a different perspective of things that has not occurred before conversion. Because this is not really our home. We are children and ambassadors of the Creator of the universe, God Almighty. The Holy Spirit changes us from the inside out. As the end draws near, more than ever we must remain in contact with our Father and Jesus through the Holy Spirit. I pray that all of you can stand up when the time comes because if you don’t, you will stand for nothing at all.

I often think about His world and suddenly being changed into another life form. Yes, another life form. Human flesh is temporary. It does freak me out a little bit because I only know what it is like to live in this carcass I drag around. I have zero idea what an eternal body radiating light is like. I think I will be stunned when I see it. No more muscles, beating heart or lungs needing oxygen, (Sorry Max Lucado, you got it all wrong.) but a self sustaining life force with a form. I think we’ll all be stunned staring at each other while Jesus is laughing. Then He might say to all of us, “Come. You’re real life has begun.”


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Listen Up! I Digressed A Bit From What I Originally Planned

I’m not going to even write about this. Just click on the link and watch this 23:11 video and take it seriously.

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