Sorry, Been on Hiatus…My Life Has Been Crazy

I know it’s been some time since I’ve posted. Things sometimes get to be too consuming. My own health issues plus my cat is seriously not doing well. She is 16 years old and has thyroid problems, kidney problems, severe arthritis in her hip and she can’t even walk normally. She pees wherever and I spend half of my time mopping the floor, shampooing spots on the carpet, more mopping and just going nuts. I even slipped on a puddle of urine in the dining room area and wrenched my right knee so bad, I was useless for weeks. She goes to the vet again this Saturday and I am afraid of what the vet is going to say. I take great care to maintain a clean home and doing this much work is driving me crazy.

Aside from that, the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. There are so many things all happening at the same time, it only reinforces the fact we are truly in the end times. Satan has already marched his army of darkness across the planet and has swayed the mind of many. God has NOT changed. He is the same and so is His word. But satan has convinced publishers who want to make money by altering the original text of the Bible or just deleting scriptures. I think you have to change the Bible ten times in order to publish it under a “different” translation. So sin abounds in all forms.

You know, there is so much going on that I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t emphasize enough to stay close to God and exactly what He says in the Bible because many will come to try and pollute you and drag you away with their vain imaginations, foolish talk and darkened minds. (Romans 1:21b paraphrased) Sexual confusion where young children want to be something other than their natural gender. It’s wrong and I don’t give a crap if I offend anyone. There is just so much vile evil engulfing the planet and it will get much worse. It will get to the point where you begin to doubt your sanity and also doubt God.

You MUST realize that the real Creator of the universe and everything in it is coming back to establish a new world that will be completely under His domain. The devil has a very, very short time and he knows it. So he is trying out of wild desperation to take down as many as possible. If he can convert a pastor to his way of thinking, then the pastor takes down the whole congregation unless there are those who are AWAKE.

People that are carrying out the devil’s agenda will lie through their teeth and accuse true believers to get rid of them. Just the name of Jesus Christ is hated above all others. Soon you will be arrested for hate speech for just mentioning His name. Pedophiles will be given equal rights. And that sort of satanic perversion is on the rise. Epstein was taken out because he would have revealed the names of all who were demonic filth and hurting children. Epstein is rotting in hell where he belongs. God make will sure all the others are punished. No one will escape.

Technology has advanced to the point where a video of you can be captured and placed in a compromising situation and they can manipulate your mouth and have an actual voice recording of your voice saying some pretty horrible things. You can scream you are innocent and say it’s not you but those accusers will say “pictures (or videos) don’t lie”!!

Human behavior is going to become very vile. You’re going to see things your eyes won’t believe. No one knows when Jesus is going to return but He will. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God will continue. If the devil killed every single one of us, Jesus will still return.

Be very careful. Trust no one unless you are a million percent sure of that person you are trusting. Trust God. He is faithful. Don’t be swayed by stupid people and that includes ones that masquerade as Christians.

I know this is all rambling right now, but I have to say something. There is just so much happening right now to even mentioning them all or this post will be so long that no one will read it because it will be too overwhelming. Something big is in the wind and others are feeling it, not just me. People have reported seeing the military training for disasters right in their cities. Today I heard that police are training (using actors who will portray injured victims laying on the city streets) how to handle extreme attacks where fake chemical gases and poisons are released to the crowd. There will be a mock attack of someone driving into a crowd, too. I think this is happening in Cincinnati. It seems there are multiple of these types of events being planned so the police are prepared. Prepared for what?

Be safe, be strong, stay close to God!

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The Truth About The USS LIBERTY

This made my blood boil when I watched these two videos. I am sharing it here because the TRUTH NEEDS TO BE TOLD about what happened to the Liberty as told by the survivors, who are still suffering from it.

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If You Are Not Prepared You Better Do It NOW!!

This country is headed in a downward spiral. If you are not into food storage you better change your mind fast! Here is a financial analyst’s report you need to pay attention to:

I’m going to feature Survival Prepping For Normal People again because this guy is really smart and gets into the historical aspect of the situation, as well.

There are videos on the web on how to properly store dry goods and the supplies you will need. It’s not just having a lot of bags of rice or beans. You have to store it for the long haul and even adding things that deter insects from roosting in your supplies like bay leave, dried chili peppers and oxygen absorbing packets. Check out any Mormons who might be in your area as they are really good at prepping and you might be able to buy supplies off of them. I know Amazon has stuff, as well, including gamma seal lids for 5 gallon buckets and mylar bags. There are also sites you can go to if you want MRE. That’s meals ready to eat. I know Survival Prepping For Normal People has featured that on his older videos. You can see the boxes behind him. I have to go back and look to see who the manufacturer is as I cannot remember right now.

Don’t forget other supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning and personal care items. But food is the most important along with water.

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You Better Wake Up NOW!

I’m not a fear mongering alarmist but I have seen enough to shout out a warning. We really do NOT have much time left. Last post I just threw in some links. I’m going to do that again. These videos are not long and try to watch them because they are very informative. These guys say it better than I can so I will give them the credit for their work by giving you the links to their channels.

First of all, there is a lot of very strange weather patterns in the U.S. and outright dangerous weather across the part of the country known as the bread basket. Think about the effects on food production.

This guy makes a lot of sense and I’ve been watching him for a short time. I’ve watched some of his past videos, too. Pay attention.

I found this guy from Survival Prepping for Normal People. Another eye opener! Okay don’t take this at face value. Meaning the title tells you everything because it doesn’t. Just watch the short video.

The 2020 election is going to be a flaming nightmare. Be prepared to be bamboozled and confused. Stay real close to God because He is the ONLY one who is going to get you through anything. And if you are still clinging onto your sins that have formed a stronghold in your mind that nothing short of divine dynamite is going to loosen it, you better get on your knees because God’s Kingdom is the ONLY KINGDOM that is going to be around in the end. If you still have the demonic stronghold, satan will use that to further drag you away from God. Choose your side or have it chosen for you.


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Things Moving Faster Than I Expected

I’m just going to include the links and you judge for yourself. It’s time for all Christians to “soldier up” and be ready. The devil has stepped up his game. Some politicians have been studying Hitler’s play book and improvising. The second video really sounds like Nazi Germany and the first one does, too. Back then even kids ratted out their parents so they could kiss butt with their Nazi superiors. The big test will be how many Christians will buckle under and go along with the tide? (I can think of some rather well known celebrity Christians who will.) How many will stand their ground? Jesus is watching.

5G Network:

Minions of satan:

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For Those Who Don’t Believe The Devil Is Real…..

Watch this video. This is what is running amok in our world and not all of them act as overt as this abortion doctor. Some are subtle but they all like attention. I’ve seen demon possessed and yes, it is real.

The devil has placed his army all over to occupy every conceivable office or position in life. He will whip up deceived humans into a frenzy to fulfill his agenda. Yes, they stand before Christ and are deathly afraid of Him. The closer we get to Jesus’ return, the more overt and outspoken they will become. It will come down to them… and us before Christ whisks us away before He pours out His wrath on this planet which so richly deserves it.

And for those who are stupid enough to still support pro-choice, watch this:

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And The Insanity Continues On….

In this issue, I’m going to throw out a few things I’ve been observing. First, to go back to previous post: get a load of this Catholic Cardinal who does not have the testicular fortitude and cannot stand up and fully condemn Cuomo, who is a Catholic, on the issue of that horrid abortion law verses whether Cuomo should be excommunicated or be denied the sacrament at mass. He hedges around the questions of excommunication and being denied the sacraments while blundering out a stupid answer. Cuomo has a lot more to worry about than some wafer and a goblet of wine on Sunday. Wait till the Lord gets a hold of him. Here is the news clip: I couldn’t even watch the entire video because I was so disgusted.

There is more wild stuff flying around and the world really looks crazier than ever when you stand back at observe from a distance. Natural News ran an article about prolific demon possession:

Very strange occurrences in other parts of the world like this one about dead fish clogging a harbor in Germany minus their heads and bladders. Not all the internal organs you would think would be gone if fishermen gutted the fish; only head and bladder.
And I apologize for any bizarre ad you might have to endure before the YouTube videos load. Some are real ghastly. Some are okay.

People are going to exhibit more irrational behavior which is, in my opinion, demonic in origin.

Jesus warned us that many things were going to take place at the end including earthquakes. While following Mary Greeley’s channel on the Yellowstone caldera, I discovered this guy who shows you all the earthquakes going on in the world that you never hear about. He has some software that shows them all at one time. The ones that appear high above the earth indicate that those are deep quakes. There are a lot of them as the earth is very active. Here is his channel:

And here is one of the recent Mary Greeley ones on the Yellowstone caldera recharging:

Then this one caught my attention. It brought to mind the “Star Wars” weapon that was supposed to be launched into space many years ago. It makes you wonder what’s really going on. You’ll see why.

There are many channels out there for those who are preppers and I’ve seen a few. Men are stockpiling food, supplies, water and munitions and also hiding the same in various places to be prepared when everything goes south. They expect full-on lawlessness and anarchy to reign on earth and believe they can ride it out by hunkering down or bugging out. They are expecting a big event like Armageddon to occur or a massive EMP attack. They are fully prepared to defend their turf and have banded together with other preppers so they form little communities. They say the ones that don’t prep will be killed off or die in some fashion right away. I prefer to leave that decision to God who can protect His own no matter what goes on in the world. If He wants me and my family to run, He’ll let us know. It would not be the first time I heard an audible voice say, “GET OUT!” when He didn’t want me somewhere. And let me tell you, my eyeballs practically shot out of my head that day. Yes, I got out right away. This guy caught my attention when he mentioned along with food stuffs that he was burying elsewhere, he was including a Bible. He also had a man by the name of Dane Wigington whom he interviewed by phone. Dane Wigington has videos up about geoengineering and what he had to say was very informative. Here is the link:

What the world does not understand is that God and the other spiritual world is not “out there somewhere” while we are here. No, we are in the thick of it. The spirit world surrounds us and a lot of those guys are demons wanting to get rid of God’s children. God has His angels assigned to us to protect us. Because demonic activity is on the rise, you will soon see it for yourself. I’ve seen possessed people and they know who I am. They know I belong to God. So you better be “Strong in the Lord and the Power of His might!” Demons love calling attention to themselves. As we get closer and closer to Jesus’ return, satan will become bolder and bolder and won’t be hiding under some rock or in a dark alley. (I don’t capitalize his name because he does not deserve any honor, even grammatical.) I’ve seen a news clip once of pro-choice women demonstrating against pro-life women yelling, “Hail satan! Hail satan!” Sick!

Here is an interesting one about the Russian “Dead Hand” which refers to an automated weapon system which can launch nuclear weapons without human involvement.
They also have an underwater drone that can cause tsunamis. It’s in this video from Mary Greeley:

There is more and this is only a smattering of what insanity there is in the world which is growing worse. I started out watching Mary Greeley’s channel because I found it fascinating and then was suddenly drawn to view others. Some I dismiss and others I will watch depending on content. I know I have a lot of links in this one. You can pick which ones might interest you to watch.

Till next time, God bless you all.

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