Charles Darwin Was A Racist

I had watched a short introduction (14 minutes) to a Discovery Science movie entitled “The Biology of the Second Reich: Social Darwinism and the Origins of World War 1″. It was quite an eye opener. Here is the gist of it. In events prior to WW1, Charles Darwin enjoyed the fervent support of many of Germany’s leading scientists. In 1868 he said to Wilhelm Preyer, “The support which I receive from Germany is my chief ground for hoping our views will ultimately prevail.” Viral social Darwinism among German leaders and intellectuals had been growing for some time.

In 1914, Belgians faced massive starvation. A biologist by the name of Vernon Kellogg had been in Belgium to help with humanitarian efforts and stayed in the same house as many German officers who would talk long into the night. They were captivated by Neo Darwinism and the theory of Social Darwinism. Kellogg said they were the worst of Neo Darwinism. Another professor of zoology and prominent German biologist spoke with Kellogg about the biological argument for war for the good of the world and that Germans should win this war as they were of a superior race. Bitter, ruthless struggle was the gospel of German intellectuals. The law of natural selection would sift out the weaker to be conquered and eliminated by the stronger, superior ones…the Germans.

Darwin feared humanitarianism would destroy the human race because he believed that superior races should destroy inferior ones based on natural selection. He was appalled by those who were helping the poor and caring for the sick as it opposed his own theories of natural selection as applied to human societies. He said in “The Descent of Man”, “At some future time period, not very distant or measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will most certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.”

Social Darwinism flourished in Germany. Racism and racial extermination was promoted by Charles Darwin and by leading biologists. Using the war of annihilation, weaker nations were destroyed to give way to superior ones. This was espoused by German biologist Heinrich Ziegler in 1893.
Germany put social Darwinism into practice in German South West Africa which is now known as Namibia. They looked upon the natives as baboons and started the genocide of the Herero people in October 1, 1904. An extermination order was put into action: leave or be killed. Women and children were driven into the desert to starve and die. Whoever was left was moved to concentration camps where medical experiments were performed on them and their skulls shipped to Germany for racial studies! 80% of the Herero people were eliminated from German South West Africa.

With the defeat of Germany in World War 1, social Darwinism found a fertile home in an unknown corporal in the Bavarian Army. He would found a more fanatical social Darwinism than his predecessors. Within 20 years he would no longer be unknown and the whole world would know his name. Adolf Hitler.

So….the ground work for the demoniacal rise of the Third Reich had its birth in Social Darwinism and the first World War.

“The law of selection exists in the world, and the stronger and healthier has received from nature the right to live…Woe to anyone who is weak; who does not stand his ground! He may not expect any help from anyone.” –Adolf Hitler

So…I should probably clear something up

I don’t think I have come out and said this and I guess my posts are so varied that unless someone went through them all no one would know what kind of Christian I am. Well, here it is: I’m a conservative Christian. Now if anyone reading that doesn’t like that, they are free not to read anymore. I know people have a variety of beliefs and opinions and, like them, I am entitled to mine. So, there you have it.
Since I’ve written a lot of posts it might be hard to find out what I believe but it’s there. Yeah, there is a lot on nuclear disasters and Auschwitz and Zyklon B. And I will probably be writing more on the nuclear stuff since it affects everyone, especially after watching a documentary on Russian submarines and discovering since the fall of the Soviet Union, most of their nuclear subs are rusting in a northern sea area. That means nuclear material is leaking. They have been containing each of the reactors that were on the subs but it takes a long time to do that and then move it to another location where they all just sit on a concrete platform.
Anyway more on that later.

God is not human and He means what He says. You cannot change Him into something of your own design. It’s not happening. He is so far above us that we cannot fathom Him in all His splendor and Holiness. We cannot imagine what Someone who has ALWAYS existed is thinking. For His thoughts are far above our thoughts and His ways far above our ways.

You Know What I Think…I Think God’s Building Himself An Army….

My son, David, has stuck links to my website and probably this WordPress site on Redeemed and Delivered’s Facebook page. Because all of a sudden, I got notices that three more people are following me. This is exciting. Thank you to all who signed up to follow. I will be checking you guys out. I started thinking more about what I had written in the previous post. I began to think about all those on the Fringe. I had previously mentioned the Fringe in a much earlier post. So I went and looked it up. I wrote it back in February of 2012. It has relevance now as it did back then. I am going to reprint it here:


29 Feb 2012  (Fringe is no longer a series on Hulu but I can watch the whole thing on Netflix)

No, not the TV series, although I watch it on and really like it. This is about Christians on the fringe. I once did a web search which revealed that there are a lot of them out there. I don’t remember now who or what I was researching but I was amazed at how many hurt Christians were scattered around. Those who had been hurt by members, pastors or both in whatever church they had attended, so they left, never to return. Wounds sometimes so deep it seems to never heal. Words spoken to them, piercing their hearts and making them bleed. Then the perpetrator just leaves them bleeding by the side of the road and walks away. But they can heal with the love of God.

That although you have been hurt by humans, God still cares deeply about you. You have not been abandoned. I know how you feel because I have been there…several times. Don’t give up hope…there is a place for you and I pray that all my scattered brothers and sisters can feel the love of Jesus around them. That He is always there and will never leave you or desert you.

Jesus is going to gather up all those sheep who are wandering out there in His arms. They are important to Him. He will gather them up and bring them into His kingdom and shower them with love the likes of which they have never experienced. Jesus already promised He will not let any slip from His hands.

Don’t give up hope. Your Redeemer…Your Savior… is coming for you. Our Father is singing for you right now. Do you hear Him?

I think that God is reaching those on the fringe and will continue to do so but they will be gathered up by those who they are most comfortable with, which are others that  have had similar backgrounds but now belong to Christ.  Like the Supreme Commander that He is, Christ knows how to delegate responsibility and jobs. He’s already has His eye on you because He created you for the purpose He is going to use you for now. You were created and born for a time such as this. God wastes nothing. He will use all the crap you’ve been through to further His Kingdom. You are precious and very much loved by Him. I don’t care what anyone else says. I’m telling you what He says and that’s all that should matter.

While Satan has the army of darkness marching across the planet with his vile, evil and perverted agenda, God has been building His. Mind you, God has already won the battle with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. So Satan is already dead meat but most of those he has deceived don’t know it yet because he is controlling them. What God is doing is grabbing the ones Satan has deceived out of his grasp and He will continue to do this through ministries like Redeemed and Delivered Bikers. There are other ministries out there like them. They are all over the place and sooner or later, God is going to gather them all together.

I keep thinking about the part in the Bible where one guy (Elijah) is all alone and is surprised when God announces to him that He has reserved 7,000 for Himself. It’s in 1Kings 19:18 “Yet, I reserved seven thousand in Israel–all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him.” It is repeated again in Romans 11:4. In Romans Paul calls them a remnant chosen by grace.

Jesus is the Good Shepard, who goes after His sheep, even the lost one. Even if there is only one, He will hunt that one down and carry it in His arms. The Bummer sheep. That’s sheep that have been rejected by the mother for whatever reason (runt of the litter??) but not by the Shepard who then picks the sheep up and cares for it. The sheep know their Shepard and will respond ONLY to HIS voice. See this informative post by Sheila Walsh on Ann Voskamp’s site on the sheep:
Sheila also writes this:”The first to run to him are the bummer lambs because they know his voice.
It’s not that they are more loved — it’s just that they believe it.

So all you out there who think you are lost, have faith because you won’t be lost for long. God is building Himself an army and you’re part of it. I’m a Bummer Lamb and proud of it because as Ann Voskamp titled the post “Because When Its A Bummer, It Might Be Perfect.”  So all you Bummers, rise up and be counted.

P.S. to all this. I forgot to mention God whisking all His away suddenly. Most call it the Rapture but I have heard it called by other names. Regardless of the name it is what is stated in Revelation 12 that is important. The protection of His Church from the Antichrist.

Redeemed and Delivered Bikers

My son, David, and his friend Pastor Kenny, have started a new and exciting ministry: Redeemed and Delivered Bikers. It’s currently a small ministry but I know God will bless it because both David and Pastor Kenny want to do God’s will and reach as many as they can out there on the fringe.
Oftentimes people, who want to have a relationship with Christ but don’t know how, are reluctant to go into a mainstream church because they feel like they won’t fit in. So they just hover out there on the fringe waiting for some sign as to where they should go.

Well here is a ministry that welcomes anyone who has a love for Jesus or wants to find out more about God or has been so burdened with crap in their lives they don’t know where to go. God does not turn anyone away who truly seeks Him.

Walter and I are now part of that ministry and want to do our part to help it grow.
Here is their Facebook page:

It’s wonderful to see my son’s love for God just pouring out and he is so excited about his calling. Truly God has blessed him. I’m proud of him and my other son, Derek, who is also a Christian. I will probably be writing more about the ministry as time passes. For those who are curious, go to their Facebook page and check them out. You do not have to be a biker to go. I’m not and neither is Walter. It’s good to see how much they want to help others. Next Sunday, August 10th, they are having a showing of the movie God Is NOT Dead and also a bag drive for kids in need of school supplies.


I’ve been gone. From writing here, that is. Well it all started last year after the last post. I had two ideas I wanted to write about. I could not make up my mind which one to start next, so I wrote nothing. Then life interfered with it all, followed by wanting a new place to live for me and Walter and the two kitties. So that took over and we moved three weeks ago and I am still settling in. Took me forever to unpack because we moved into a smaller place, thus, I had to find a place for all my stuff. Turns out that a lot of it has to be stored.

So I will begin writing again and a lot has happened since last time. Fukushima is still going full blast though we don’t hear a lot about it. Instead, other insidious evils have come to the fore. People don’t know right from wrong anymore. They only know, in the United States that is, Republican, Democrat or Tea Party. (there is also an Independent category.) News articles are followed by comments by people that just insult one another back and forth. I don’t comment. It’s just a waste of time. But it is a good barometer of the mentality out there.

Though I had come across one person who made an interesting comment. He said that he does not belong to any one party because he favors some things that the Republicans do and also favors some things that the Democrats do. I supposed he was striving to achieve a balance, not an extreme. So he really cannot spew hatred as so many do because he sees both the good and evil in both. And you cannot trust the news media because they are biased and tend to lie.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Will be back at it again soon.

Beyond Belief!!

I totally can’t believe that they are allowing food to be grown 60 miles from Fukushima for a popular Japanese fast food restaurant. And everyone thinks that’s okay! That’s because they are all being fed lies. Chernobyl is 221 miles from Belarus and the effects have been catastrophic on everyone in Belarus, especially the children. I read some of the comments on the news article and I’m not surprised at the gross ignorance of many who posted; treating it like some joke. For those who don’t know what happened in Belarus, go here:
A few were harping about radon in our homes. Yet radon is nothing compared to what happened to those children in Belarus. It does not compare to child whose brain is outside of his head and other gross deformities. YET….Japan plows right ahead. The problem is the culture of saving face. Saving face at the expense of millions of people and future generations. It’s an archaic mentality that is doing more harm than good.
When I read things like this, I feel like standing up and screaming In reality,they could not care less. If it is not affecting them directly at this moment, everyone turns a blind eye to it all and the mindless comments after the article prove that. (references to Godzilla, etc. like it was all a big joke)
Here is a link to that article:
There was one commenter from Japan who said, “Well someone has to be the first.” I stared at it in disbelief. Someone has to be the first to grow food on radiation infested land! Oh, the Japanese in charge say that the food will be tested…Oh please, stop lying and telling everyone it is safe!

Here is an eye opening and very informative video that I saw on another blogger’s site. Unfortunately, my computer hosed up and I had to reboot. I lost the URL to the other blogger which I would have posted here. So, I had to search You Tube for the actual video which is on Youtube. So here is the link to that video, given by Steve Starr to the New York Academy of Medicine:

The biggest hair standing article I did read some time ago was that the 2020 Olympics will be held in Japan and it is all safe. Belarus is 221 miles from Chernobyl and the children are severely deformed, one with legs the size of an elephant. So how far away is Tokyo? You know what, blatantly believing the lie and going ahead with this…you get what you ask for.

There are already cases of children in Japan that have been affected by the radiation and no one hears about it because it is all being covered up. People are lulled into a soporific state of complacency; their brains dumbed-down by excessive Face-booking, Pinning and #hashtagging. No one is capable of deep thought anymore because their minds have been truncated by micro-bursts of instant information via the Internet.

There have already been cases of women in the United States that getting thyroid cancer. That’s where radiation hits first. The number of cases has zoomed up over 200%. There have been still births in British Columbia. I wrote about all this in other posts. It’s already here. It’s all being covered up and NOT reported.

I learned from watching videos on You Tube by Dr. Helen Caldicott that children born in Iraq were deformed and she was a witness to this, being a doctor. Why? Because of the nuclear warheads on the U.S. missiles used in the Iraqi war. She also stated that the U.S. servicemen were also experiencing effects from the exposure and their passing this on through their sperm. But you will never hear about it. You actually have to look OUTSIDE the country for news of the truth. I learned that a long time ago.

This kind of insanity is still going on and will not stop until it all implodes. Trust me, it will. Because nothing can be kept hidden forever.

Spiral Slicer and a Dehydrator

Okay I am taking the leap into adding more raw vegan, AGAIN, to my diet, other than salads which I eat a lot of, anyway. This came about after I learned that was adding a whole vegan cooking section this month with some excellent vegan chefs. One of which, Matthew Kenney, has several raw cookbooks out. I bought one from Barnes and Noble that was raw vegan in 30 minutes. Raw Express it was called. SO….in order to make some of the recipes I went to and my friend, Walter, ordered a spiral slicer for me and a dehydrator. Wahoo! The other featured chef is Susan Feniger and I am definitely interested in her recipes but they are not all raw which is fine. I love Asian cuisine so I will, of course, try the Dragon bowls and variations.

So now I can make wonderful raw vegan spaghetti with zucchini. It’s a manual spiral slicer but it works pretty fast with zucchini. I tried using carrots but it will not spiral the carrot because it’s not strong enough. It only cost $35 which was within his budget. However, I can use other veg of similar consistency as zucchini. There was a recipe in the book using butternut squash but I am not sure my slicer will handle it. I will eventually find out. The zucchini dish came out really good. I marinated mushrooms in a little soy sauce, olive oil, garlic powder and a little salt for 30 minutes. I added that to the zucchini with cherry tomatoes and drizzle some more olive oil on it with Italian seasonings. It tasted more delicious that using the pasta version.

My friend, Walter, is a new convert to vegetarian/vegan and seems to like it. It will take time before all the health benefits kick in. My chiropractor said that it took years for me to wreck my body and it will take some time to restore it to health.

I haven’t used the dehydrator yet. The equipment only arrived yesterday. There is a woman who has a website, Living Raw By Grace, who has published books and holds classes to instruct others on the benefits of raw eating. I plan on getting one of her books, too, that has some dehydrated food items in it. Haley was led to a book: 12 Steps to Raw Food: How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food by Victoria Boutenko. She ordered a Vitamix and was then on her way to healing. She lost all the weight she had been carrying and no longer needed 13 meds to survive. She was off those meds after 28 days of going raw. I know this took time but her story is an inspiration for everyone. I would eventually like to try her detoxes when I am brave enough to do it for a whole week.

So now I am going to incorporate raw cuisine into my diet. I still like cooked items and hot soup on a rainy day. Plus grilled cheese sandwiches with vegan cheese is a comfort food for me. The Thrive Forward website also has some delicious recipes you might want to check out. Just sign up as a member and reap the benefits of everything there. And also Living Raw by Grace. If you live in Arizona in the Phoenix area, you can attend one of her classes. Her is her website:

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